Any “Freedom Convoy” member who claims to actually care about freedom, should be seen on the picket lines on Friday.

  1. Seriously - what the provincial government is (trying... most likely gonna succeed) to do is pretty scary. Legislatively removing a labour union's right to strike. And minimizing every potential challenge, review and check and balance to the legislative process to ram it through. That's very concerning.

  2. There is many rights in the charter that cover the right to strike but our emperor Ford has decided he’s gonna use the nonwithstanding clause to force his contract on them.

  3. The even more cruel part is the fine attached for noncompliance - a fine so disproportionately high that, if actually levied, is easily the largest fine in Canadian history.

  4. This is a way more valid reason to have a freedom convoy over fight for the poor 10% of truckers that wont get vaccinated

  5. Genuine question: How do I help the strikers on Friday? I’m just a childless IT consultant who works from home, but I support their position and want to help them

  6. Oh, im sure theyre already halfway to ottawa with their fuck trudeau flags to demand he fix the mess he made as we speak.

  7. The one I know just grumbled that teachers make too much money as it is and something about entitlement. I can’t waste another afternoon trying to explain simple facts to this guy. He doesn’t listen anyway.

  8. Right? They whined the loudest about school closures because they hate their kids. They don't care if the workers are paid well they just don't want to have to deal with their own children

  9. I've already got some wackjob in a facebook group trying to twist this to be about how aweful the lockdowns were and how they shouldn't have kept our kids out of school. I rolled my eyes so hard I think I saw my brain.

  10. I mean, I would share your position. I was just trying to point out a way that they could be ideologically consistent.

  11. Any member if the "Freedom Convoy" is an idiot and should be hiding in shame. These ignorant, uneducated people only care about themselves. They didn't care about killing you and your familly by spreading covid. They only cared about being inconviniendced for a few months.

  12. Their convoy was very obviously never really about rights being violated or government overreach. This situation is concrete proof of that.

  13. I’m sure there will be a few members of CUPE that were at the freedom convoy. I’m in a component of Nupge and personally know several of our members went and supported the freedom protests.

  14. Yes, I will be supporting CUPE, even though they did not support me. An attack on one person's or groups right is an attack on the rights and freedoms of us all.

  15. I imagine there are going to be picketers. Not sure about protests. I’m sure any CUPE members would appreciate any support you can give.

  16. The convoy was about vaccine mandates and truckers being mad about losing their jobs because of them. That's a pretty different situation to the current one.

  17. Most of the people there were not truckers. They used truckers to cover up what it was really about. I mean the convoy organizers were trying to get Trudeau to step down

  18. And before they say "I don't care about unions or labour rights" right before queuing up for some kind of comment about communism... Quebec just next door used the same law (Notwithstanding) to suspend the individual Section 2 Charter rights of Canadians to intrude into their lives. Notwithstanding can be used to trample all over our Charter rights.

  19. The thing is, is that most of the people that are "truckers" would swallow their pride and not mistreat the other camp if they needed help. Because most were christian.

  20. Anyone who supports CUPE should’ve supported the convoy. This mess we are in now is a direct result of the practices and policies many of you cheered when it was the “others” who suffered. Well now look what y’all did. You cheered government overreach when it wasn’t you. Well now it is. You reap what you sow.

  21. Wouldn’t it work both ways then? If you see a parallel between the situations shouldn’t everyone who is supporting the CUPE also support the convoy?

  22. But they'll be the ones driving by the picket lines in their trucks giving "GREEDY TEACHERS" the finger....

  23. Freedom convoy is Nazi scum and should leave if they don't like it... Why isn't the freedom convoy more vocal in supporting us...

  24. The freedom convoy was about mandates you dumb dumb head. As in freedom of choice. I am sure some of them are also supporting this.

  25. You mean the folks who gave Dougie and the Ottawa mayor a pass, and ignored that they were the ones who asked for the special powers to remove the protesters?

  26. Lol at all the comments that basically say “we want support, just not their support”. I’m pretty sure

  27. Amazing watching people ITT who say they do support both sides gets downvoted simply because people that means they also once supported freedom convoy.

  28. I hope you do realize that your unbridled support of previous draconian actions against others you deemed below you set the stage for this. The rules of the game have changed.

  29. I...don't think that's how that works. That's like saying "Anybody who cares about picketing on Friday, they better have been part of the convoy!".

  30. Oh you’re one of those “my life sucks and I’m not willing to do anything about it, so everyone’s life has to suck too”. Well don’t worry, if the conservatives effectively end the right to strike, this whole province is going to be even further in the shitter.

  31. With an attitude like that no one will hire you anywhere. I’d vote for whatever party gives out government cheese. You’re clearly unemployable.

  32. Yes tell that to the teachers union ! And why come to a free country if you don't like it when people stand up for their own freedom? Just because other countries suck doesn't mean we should lower our standards or should become complacent when the government tramples on our rights

  33. So you claim they were Nazis and fascists but in order to be in your good graces they need to stand beside you....riiiiiiiiight...this post is stupid as F...they stood up for nurses losing their jobs and what did you do? Fucking nothing. These support workers deserve a raise no doubt but you burnt the bridge a long time ago for people banding together for a common reason

  34. Didn't you guys chase them out of town and ridicule them at every chance. Now you want them to show up and rally for your cause when you told them rallying for their cause was deplorable and called them freedumb...would not even hear out reasonable people who were supporting that cause for valid reasons. The reality is there are "freedumb" people supporting the CUPE. Call me one of them. But acting like discourse in this country is possible or advocating for yourself in this polarized shitshow of a country is possible is a joke. The reality is making a post like this only aims to antagonize people who supported that movement more instead of focusing on positively supporting the CUPE movement without more divisive rhettoric

  35. dung ford went off the mf deepend. cant wait til the next elections bc my ass is getting out there if im still here by then

  36. If the government really wants to do things this way, CUPE should have a mass resignation letter on the governments desk by Monday. There is no point in having this job or a union with no power.

  37. I already see facebook posts about how this is 'totally different' and how Ford is just invoking the NWSC to 'make sure kids to go school' and 'teachers unions do this all the time' and 'stop trying to use the kids as shields.'

  38. Given how warm and welcoming this community has been to them for their protest, I don’t think anyone here should expect reciprocity. Reddit Canadians have demonized the convoy protestors in an abhorrent way, and frankly, you are doing so again. You know they won’t show up in masses (many were from AB) and you are trying to discredit them even now by suggesting their absence defines their protest as weak.

  39. I get the sentiment of the post’s title. But please don’t encourage convoy members to attach their cart to this horse… they’ll cover it in signs and agendas which will delegitimize this strike. I know you’re being somewhat sarcastic, but remember who you’re dealing with.

  40. Please. They won't show up. Any of them. From their perspective, this is a lefty-commie-crybaby-meeting-of-coddled-libs.Those ignorant, racist, fascist fucks won't be anywhere near this. The irony of 'freedom protesters' doing nothing while actual freedoms are taken away is thick.

  41. Maybe when we all get that fat 10+% raise, unheard of in that industry and many others. Wages rarely increase by that much for the average worker, after they already undermined medium wage workers by raising minimum

  42. Not really a true statement. What if they care about freedom but dislike unions? those things are not automatically linked.

  43. I guarantee most of them are against the striking workers. Also you probably don't want to ally yourselves with that rabble.

  44. What if it doesn’t affect their freedoms. Same way you didn’t defend peoples freedoms when they were forced locked down and had their businesses shut down because you didn’t care about those stuff.

  45. Black Bloc may come out to try & start shit so Ford/Lecce can justify any crackdowns and pushing public support against us. Don’t take their bait.

  46. I’m not a freedom convoy supporter but by that logic, every one who supports the CUPE strikers should have been at the demonstrations in Ottawa.

  47. OR the vaccine mandates (or whatever it is the freedom convoy was protesting) weren’t actually a volatile of charter rights - unlike what Ford is doing to edu workers in Ontario.

  48. Why do we need to bargin so hard for raises? Who and why, printed all this money to cause the inflation? Fk off with the guilt trips. It's as if saying," hey you made a difference for your causes", now come do the same for us even though we treating you like terrorists for protesting. Just fking wow.

  49. Cupe strikes every time they re bargain? I was in durham region when there were no school sports, music drama clubs, any kind of activities for 4 years time (entirety of highschool) when the teachers were on a protest strike. I havent been able to drum up much if any sympathy for them since then. Just seems the rest of us are held hostage again and again because they cant figure their shit out at the bargainning table

  50. Cry me a river. These people are fighting for a living wage and here you are complaining you couldn't play sports. The audacity.

  51. I’m not going to picket but I support anyone who wants to walk out. If they all walk out and refuse to come back then the government has no choice but to negotiate despite the not withstanding clause.

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