Ontario's education workers given go-ahead to legally walk off the job on Nov. 3

  1. And it’s not just the workers who deserve better, it’s the kids! Our kids! Ford’s gov is putting the absolute minimum into these programs and it’s affecting the classrooms at all levels.

  2. The full time workers make good money compared to the private sector, that's why they don't look for another job.

  3. As a teacher, we cannot legally work without a chief custodian present in the building, so if the custodial staff strikes, the school closes.

  4. As an EA who has worked this job for the last five years, I can tell you that part of me regrets going to college for the program that I did. Part of me wishes I went into Accounting or gone straight to government work or something.

  5. Also any programs that rent space in schools in the evenings. We run gymnastics classes out of school gyms and will not be allowed to run.

  6. That’s ok. You won’t need to. Schools can’t be open without these services. This already happened just a few years ago.

  7. We will be closing schools and likely transitioning back to virtual. This is a nightmare. However, Conservatives are happy as can be. Ruining education is their wet dream. Good job boomers and hillbillies, your plot to ruin the world is working.

  8. Have a family member who teaches special needs. They have been on strike before, but often they have EAs working in class for something like the first 8 weeks, strictly work to rule. Most strikes don't last that long, but when they do they will now switch to remote learning. It's a pain in the butt.

  9. Don’t worry the parents won’t be able to work either because I’m guessing just like a couple of years ago they will shut down the entire school and the 3rd party private daycares that pay to use part of the building.

  10. “On Oct. 3, the province’s 50,000 education workers, which include custodians, early childhood educators and school administration staff, voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike.”

  11. Just to add that some teachers' unions, like OSSTF, represent teachers and education workers. This strike is specific to CUPE education workers. Those education workers represented by OSSTF are not affected in this specific action. I'm not sure if the other teachers' unions also represent education workers. I'm only familiar with OSSTF as I am a member of their universities' sector which is not affected by these negotiations at all.

  12. In my part of the woods each class has a shit ton of kids, 1 teacher and 1 ece. If the ece strikes, It’s a big fucking deal. Especially with my kid being Autistic.

  13. These people make a world of difference in my sons development and education. They’re UNDER Paid… this is ridiculous

  14. I support these people especially EAs and ECEs! They do such hard work and aren’t getting what they deserve with regards to wages and appreciation. They need more support from the public.

  15. Schools will be immediately closed. Not just because of custodians but all kindergarten classes will then have an illegal ratio without their ECEs present.

  16. The worst part is that they didn’t even ask for a percentage raise - just $3 raise per hour across the board

  17. Good! And stay out until you bring these assholes to their knees!! Everybody deserves fair wages and be treated with respect, and while my two kids will be out for a little while and it’ll be inconvenient, I fully support the strike. I hope they get what they’re looking for

  18. As a parent, how can anyone not realize how crucial these people are? I support them wholly and hope other parents remember what home school was like. They deserve the 20% and so much more...

  19. Just a point here as a head caretaker we were forced back at the beginingbof covid saying that if we didn't go back we would be deployed in nursing homes where (at the time) covid was rampent we don't WANT to strike no one ever does especially now when thing r tight and it's hard to live on the wages we make imagine trying to live on strike pay

  20. I work as public service worker and our pay increase is also capped at 1%. They wouldn’t even entertain 1.4%. I am praying we strike too. No one should be forced to take 1% pay increase yearly.

  21. I completely support a general strike at this point. It should be all of us against the rich bastards who are profiting from our poverty. We don’t just need wage increases, we need things like better employment standards and better social assistance to ensure that no one is left out and denied basic protections and that no one lives in poverty.

  22. Great. Do it and don’t come back until they pay them more than a fucking bus driver. Teachers and nurses are some of the most important jobs there are. Especially compared to corrupt shitbags in Ford’s government. Why don’t people vote?

  23. It's insane that there's never any money for education or healthcare, but when the cops need a raise, it's not even questioned. We need to get our priorities straight.

  24. They have 3 months off a year, get 11 sick days, and 120 at 90%, good benefits. The union say average salary is 39000 a year, which includes part time, and temporary workers. Most make over $30/ hour not including EI they get during the summer. Do the math, they don't even work 8 hours a day. They are well paid.

  25. It's not like they will come to the table in good faith either way. But you should still show you will stand up for yourselves.

  26. If they legislate them back to work, they will need to get an arbitrator who will likely settle things closer to CUPE's demands that the govt would ever willingly do. That's a win.

  27. They will milk it for as long as they think it helps them. The second it no longer plays well in the media or with their base they will be legislated back to work.

  28. This is a long time coming and I for one am not surprised it is happening. With so many lines of work crying for better wages on deaf ears, the only answer the idiots at the top get is not having the staff to do their jobs. It sucks for everyone else but it has to happen so these people finally feel their tower shake at the foundation.

  29. Good. I hope they strike for as long as possible until every single one of their demands are met or at the very least close to it. Make an example for every other industry that piss poor pay and conditions will not stand. If the German staff at Lufthansa can do it, why can't Canadians?

  30. And another day for Ontario parents to shove a screen in their kids' face and continue to ignore them as usual.

  31. Carpenters and crane operators who were already well paid went on strike, literally shutting down the construction industry in Ontario at a time when we absolutely are most desperate for homes and new construction, they got 8 percent and higher raises. People keeping our kids in schools and working with disabled students making poverty raises get offered less then 2 percent and people are surprised they want to strike. It will take a while for me to stop laughing.

  32. My GF's mother is an EA for special needs kids. They certainly deserve a lot more money, and honestly, even hazard pay depending on which kids they are assigned. Some of these children are so mentally gone they should be in an institution but, instead are placed in a public school. These children are dangerous, they hit, scream, bite, attack, stab (scissors/pencils), spit, etc.

  33. My son goes to daycare at a YMCA ran facility attached to a Catholic Elementary school. Will this affect him going to daycare?

  34. I would assume yes. As others mentioned, the building can't have kids in it for insurance reasons without a chief custodian overseeing the machines. With no custodians, the building is shut down.

  35. hm I wonder. the cleaning is contracted out (not cupe custodians) and the staff aren't in the union, but the building itself has no head caretaker for maintenance. could go either way

  36. Who knows, if you're really concerned, write to Doug, Steve milk and your local MP that they should be getting paid a decent wage if you really care

  37. I’m in this union and this is how I found out the order finally went through… my stomach dropped. I knew it would happen but I was really hoping not.

  38. Not 100% sure. I’ve been a CUPE education worker for a decade and we haven’t gone on strike in that time. We did work to rule once, but it was ridiculous things like not photocopying for teachers and not filling out communication logs (which we aren’t supposed to do anyway). We almost went on strike in 2019 but reached a deal the day before we were set to walk out.

  39. Good! They should. Carpenters went on strike. Walked off commercial jobs got a raise. Lost about $6000 in pensionable wages that’ll never be made up again.

  40. Honestly if school’s close for a week or two over this (the most I could imagine it would be) it would be a blip on my child’s radar - and I imagine most children. It would be more an inconvenience to the parents, honestly.

  41. When I was in high school, the custodians went on strike and a bunch of parents volunteered to come in and clean everything for free.

  42. I’ll tell you what will happen. Your child’s services will improve if we pay the folks providing them a decent god damn wage.

  43. The article says they are asking for a $3.25/h pay raise (11.7% increase) so that works out to a $27.78 hourly pay. So they are making about $54k average per year currently.

  44. So after two and half years without proper schooling, now again restricted school because of the walk-off. No wonder Canada is falling back in the competitive chart and politicians are clueless.

  45. You do realize everyone went through hell for the last 2 years, and it wasn't because of the teachers, Jesus Christ, maybe you kids NEED to be put in school

  46. How do people think that the only work education workers do is when students are in the building? They are preparing for students, doing professional development and in terms of caretakers they are doing the deep cleaning that can't be done when a school is full. When do the hallways and classrooms get stripped and rewaxed? They have to remove every desk, chair etc. from the entire room.

  47. You do know how much a good private school cost right? St mikes, st Andrews are around 20-30k a year most can’t afford that except the 1%ers .

  48. They only get paid when they are working. They have some holiday days paid (like most workers anywhere) when it’s a holiday. They are forced to use them on specific days. There is no pay for the March break and there are only 7 PD days, used for professional development, decided by the province or the school board…not a free day like people think. If they have it so good, please join them. Every school is short staffed right now. Those people make below the average salary in Ontario while doing one of the most violent and dirty jobs. All Ford can offer is a 2% increase for the lower tiers. Over the past 5 years they are only behind inflation by about 20%. Same with all other education unions, they have a right to strike. They fought for that right and they also don’t take the kids hostage, they hate doing it. Teachers only got 1% over the past 3 years, like the nurses. Two female dominated professions. Compare that to police (12%) and firefighters (15%), weird that they are male dominated professions no?

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