Why does this still happening?

  1. That absolute idiot holding an Iranian monarchy flag like this crap compares in any way with what Iranians are going through.

  2. When I lived in Calgary just after highschool I met a few racist skinheads at a party and my dumbass thought it was a good idea to go talk to them about their beliefs. I was non-confrontational and one of them actually engaged in a pretty productive conversation with me.

  3. This is their identity, their purpose in life. And, it reinforces their feeling of being the victim. Any unhappiness in their lives is the fault of someone else.

  4. Yep it’s this. And people who have specific plans to make this life in country drastically worse are courting them to bring their bullshit to municipal elections.

  5. The people who accused others of making covid their entire personalities have, unsurprisingly, made covid their entire personalities.

  6. They’ve become very cultish, they finally feel they belong somewhere and are part of something. There will be docs about this years from now

  7. I think its all the memes created by the Conservatives and posted to Facebook etc. These people don’t realize how much they are being manipulated, don’t even suspect it, because these memes play on their fears, hate and ignorance. Something needs to be said about how these affect all of us moving forward.

  8. Absolutely…once the Ottawa occupation kicked off, they showed the country that it wasn’t about masks or Covid mandates, they want Ontario/Trudope to stop dictating laws and policy for the country.

  9. The wildest part to me is how well misinformed some of them are. Like I tried to have a logical conversation with an old colleague and he had arguments for literally everything and it was all disproven/ very obviously wrong

  10. This is right. They've found like minded people who think they're part of a similar struggle. With the collapse of churches and community service clubs people need to find ways to connect.

  11. The only folks still hung up on it are the folks who want to milk the “I’m so oppressed” vibe to it’s absolute limit.

  12. You defined it perfectly. It's an opportunity for these guys to get together and rant about how much they hate about Canada while weirdly draping themselves in flag regalia and calling themselves 'patriots'.

  13. Maybe this movement became their whole personality now that their movement has become obsolete, I think their grasping at straws for some reason stay relevant. I don’t even think they know what they’re still out there for.

  14. It's shameful, this people don't see what actually happens in Russia, or Iran currently, they should go there and fight for real freedom.

  15. Governments have literally mowed down protesters by the thousands, crushed the bodies with tanks, and hosed the bloody viscera into the sewer. Then, made it illegal to ever speak about such events. Without a doubt, they’d make it illegal to think about if they could.

  16. But but but it’s different!!!! Canadas already like that!!!! (As said by idiots who tried to tell me the convoy was just when I told them to go to Ukraine if they want to know what it’s like to have your “FrEeDoMs” taken away)

  17. Crazy because like everyone has moved on with their lives after getting their vaccines. They’re mentally stuck in pandemic purgatory and they were the ones who wanted out the fastest.

  18. Can someone please tell me why everyone who drives a large pick up truck wants to have sex with the Prime Minister?

  19. I've seen a bunch of trucks in Calgary that have "I'm tryna" stickers placed above the "F*ck Trudeau" stickers

  20. The guy in the second picture with the sign looks like someone who might need to read his own sign and maybe understand some science first

  21. What fucking “freedoms” are even left to give? Do they even know what they want at this point or are they just that deep in the koolaid? Ridiculous.

  22. Don’t pay attention to those idiots… but the fact that they have the Iranian flag (or is that the old flag of Persia mabye) and trying to associate their own self induced plight with people are atucally fighting for their freedom, life or death is sickening

  23. These people will fly the flag of anyone else in the world that's experiencing injustice in order to give credibility to their own movement. The reality is that they don't actually care about other people. They're just opportunists. To me it seems similar to stolen valour.

  24. All the people I know who support these wing nuts are hella Islamophobic. I'd almost unblock them to experience the cognitive dissonance

  25. wait isnt the mask mandate off, what are they protesting, the past, do they want the government to make a time machine and stop people from getting vaccinated or smthn?

  26. Because unfortunately there are a small but very damn annoyingly loud percentage of Canadians who are gullible suckers.

  27. I love going grocery shopping while wearing my Canada hat and a face mask. I've seen some confused expressions. I just want to take back the flag and the Maple Leaf.

  28. Because some neo-nazi in another country told them to in a Facebook group, and they are too dumb to actually stop and think for themselves

  29. Because it’s their legal right to do so, and as long as they do so legally, we all unfortunately have to bare witness to their lunacy.

  30. It would be funny to just have counter protesters in higher numbers that integrate into their marches and flood it with their signs so there is a sea of joke signs or intentionally stupid ones so people can't tell which is real and which is ironic counter protesters

  31. Is it though? Where is the line? When you're holding a sign saying "Trudeau Must Go" and walking down the middle of the road, you're being a menace and not protesting anything...is someone stopping them from voting in the next election? No.

  32. “Trudeau must go” Then build a platform and support a candidate that will actually get the popular vote. It ain’t that hard, most Canadians think you’re bat shit crazy so no, he’s not just gonna leave

  33. Saw that legalize humanity guy a couple months ago in a different random march. Got a chuckle out of the sign then, but so proud to see he’s made it all the way to reddit.

  34. I actually think they are trying to infiltrate our political system. We have one of these losers with ties to the proud boys giving the “ok” salute in photos running for SCHOOL BOARD TRUSTEE in my daughter’s school division. It’s terrifying.

  35. I have spoke with a couple of those and I seriously have no I what their point was, I doubt they know either.

  36. Now that the ArriveCan app is no longer needed there’s really nothing to logically protest anymore. It’s about Trudeau. We can only hope these “protests” stop when we get a new PM. I don’t love Trudeau either but I’m aware that he hasn’t single-handedly “destroyed” Canada. These groups are destroying Canada a lot more, I would say, with their divisive stance disguised as a fight for “our rights”. They seem to be Ignorant and misinformed and some of them not highly educated.

  37. I love you, lmfao! That was so well said. What they're doing is absolutely fucking disgusting. They've turned our beautiful flag into a symbol of hate that I cringe at every time I see it nowadays. It's honestly so sad.

  38. Your life must be pretty empty and pathetic to think this nonsense is an actual cause. These people don’t have the slightest clue what living under real tyranny is like. They’ve lived a privileged life in a free country their entire existence. At the end of the day It’s just embarrassing that so many have fallen through the cracks of our educational system. To have zero critical thinking skills and be caught up in the countless internet conspiracies and Nigerian money scams must take a toll after a while. I feel sorry for them and their families.

  39. Literally the same people. I follow caryma on Instagram and every Saturday she is at the protest in the park and there are all the regulars. Rod stewart, meme guy, Doug ford look alike, guy with clip board who tries to run everything and angry wheelchair lady

  40. Yep. I had one of these guys I tried calmly engaging with over SM but couldn’t keep at it. He’s had a far tougher live than I have so I sympathize but it was better for both of us if I unfollowed him.

  41. This is so sad, it's like any large scale cult, and as they run out of options to sustain themselves, all I can see this leading to is a truly grim outcome.

  42. Why? Coz they loved throwing tantrums as kids and their parents allowed it for so long, then when they actually joined a normal society, they were told “you could no longer throw tantrums coz adults don’t”! But then, an orange clown from south of the border made it seem like it was cool again to throw tantrums even if they were no longer needed, just to be seen and paid attention to, because that is all they knew about how to appear cool and matter! My other working theory they are just bullies that finally found a new outlet after they thought they could no longer relive their high school years glories

  43. I believe these people peaked in High School. If you ask them ….what was the best time in their lives….they would say High School. One thing about HS….there never was any real consequences for bad behaviour….now that they are adults….they are angry that there are consequences for bad behaviour.

  44. Probably got fired the first time they skipped work to be sh*t-disturbers and now they don’t have anything better to do

  45. I think they got paid in advance by the brainless trucker far right Kkkonvoy to go out and demonstrate until the end of 2022. My middle finger gets exercised every time I see them.

  46. I think that they lost a lot of friends and family during COVID due to their “beliefs” and now they’ve found their “people” and don’t want to let that go. I don’t know why they can’t just go bowling together or something and call it a day. It’s over, it’s done, get over it.

  47. The thing is they all look like idiots, so even if they had a good message no one would take them serious, they look like a bunch of outcasts looking for a way to have something in common, and be social rather than just being the weird guy in the Jean jacket, jeans and army boots

  48. Because you can't legally remove all of the idiots from society? Just be glad they can't open-carry, like the do in the States...

  49. They are trying to regain that good feeling they got when people paid attention to them. Before this the biggest thing in their lives was coupon day a Safeway then all of a sudden they were being interviewed on Fox by Tuckums KKKarlson. Now that they are redundant and obsolete they just get together and look for something to hate.

  50. It takes like 10 years for far right people to update their software, we're all going to be hearing about mandating freedom for a long time.

  51. There were two sets above bridges on the 401 this afternoon around Pickering and North York - with signs and flags

  52. These people have nothing better to do on the weekends for real. Hell nothing to do on the weekdays either cuz they probably unemployed

  53. It’s still happening because once someone digs themselves in deep enough.. it becomes their entire identity; it’s just who they are now whether they think it’s right or wrong, they don’t know how to be any different. Sad really..

  54. One of most important things I think is where these people get all of their understanding of the world. They don’t follow “mainstream media” they follow social media which has now been weaponized by countries like Russia to have them believe practically whatever they want them to believe. They are constantly fed narratives and memes and it feeds into their self-validation.

  55. They are just crazy people. Just like the nut jobs you see talking to themselves on the street, these people are just a different crazy.

  56. Because if they actually had to say they're into the Christian Nationalist/Racist movement then they'd really not have much support so for now it remains a 'freedom' thing wink wink. Eventually they'll drop the gloves and just come out with it, just like is going on in the US right now.

  57. This is what happens what you have nothing going for you so being anti-Covid is you’re entire personality. Now that Covid and the vaccines are behind us, you literally have nothing else in your life so you keep fighting a ghost. Also it’s an excuse to hang out with your racist friends

  58. Because never before have people with certain specific mental health problems had the chance to effectively unite like this. Everyone knows one of these people by first or second relation.

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