Is this not weird?

  1. But if they went through with it, the price is a little high, so they will make money until they are forced to reduce the amount of toppings

  2. Can I lock in for 25 years so that in 2047 I’m still paying 2022 prices for a pizza despite it being hand delivered to me by George Jetson in a hovercraft?

  3. I think it's a decent attempt at marketing. Those are hot button issues and the pizza slice for those like me that don't give a rats ass about inflation

  4. If we all opt into this promotion, order nothing, and then short their stock, they will badly miss their next forecast earnings and we will be richer than the king of England.

  5. I think it's weird people still order from Pizza Pizza. Only had it once and that was worst Pizza I have ever had.

  6. The dollar is worth less than ever, the places that take your money adjust ten times faster than the places that give you money, people will be homeless and/or starving as a result of this crisis if it continues at this pace for even another year, ha ha ha! This is an appropriate source of levity

  7. Not so fun story, first time I ordered off Uber eats I thought I finished the transaction. I get an email like 20minutes after my food got to me that there’s a “price adjustment” and I’m getting charged an extra like $3, last time I used Uber eats

  8. I wouldn’t have even bothered taking a second look at it since it’s pizza pizza which means it’s pure garbage and unfit for human consumption.

  9. It was great in uni, open when bars close and cheap ish. But now that I’m an adult with income, I just can’t. The actual pizza is so gross. Plenty of chain restaurants that are just way better like Pizza Nova or Pizza Hut, or if you’ve got a local real Italian place even better.

  10. Its a decent marketing attempt. I would never eat pizza pizza so i'm just looking at it from a pure marketing standpoint

  11. Pizza pizza suits think they’re hilarious in their huge pizza mansions and pizza Lamborghinis. I’ve got news for you. These are the same people driving life sized hot dogs on the road, only now it’s a slice of pizza. Is this how you want to live life?

  12. That’s a funny little thing pizza pizza did. I’m selling my most prized possessions to pay for a few months more of rent.

  13. I know times are bad, but I’ll shell out more money for a better pizza. The Pizzaville down the street from me has an ongoing pickup special of XL, 3 toppings, for $18.99.

  14. I recently discovered that my local Sobeys sells the exact same creamy garlic dipping sauce Pizza Pizza uses. Not sure if it's all of them or just the one store but take a look near the fresh pre-made pizzas.

  15. They’re telling you they’re about to drop their quality to the floor, which is saying something for Pizza Pizza.

  16. I can't tell if this is supposed to be comedy or some kind of subliminal message. Is it really a coincidence that some goofy goober at Pizza Pizza came up with this at the same time as prices and corporate profits are skyrocketing? Mentioning pineapple pizza seems like it was just there to keep it on brand, for plausible deniability.

  17. I hate to say it, but yes. I've seen the cheapest grocery store in my city double to triple its prices in the past 10 years alone. Use to get bread for like 1.29, now's it's 2.99. I just came back the other day from grabbing groceries, 4L of oil use to be 8.99, it's now 3L for 12.99, I got a head of lettuce, a stock of celery, 2 onions, 3 peppers, 1 bunch of green onions, 300g's of spinach, 2 tubs of yogurt at 25% off, and 1 bottle of a vinaigrette at the same price of the yogourt, came to just under 50 fucking dollars. I'm lucky AF to find a brand that still sells a great amount of food for a decent price (

  18. I guess you could get behind this if you enjoy several dozen seagulls simultaneously taking a dump in your mouth. That's the nearest equivalent of eating a slice of Pizza Pizza.

  19. I must have a weird sense of humor because this is hilarious to me along with the website. A few yuks during an otherwise scary economic outlook.

  20. This could prove that inflation is being driven by corporate greed (while making record profits) and not real market forces.

  21. I'm not sure what Pizza pizza stands to gain. If Pizza Pizza can show their vendors that they have locked in a certain percentage of sales via a fixed rate contract they might be able to hold their vendors to tighter increases.

  22. Reminds me of ~2006 when door-to-door electricity resellers were everywhere like a plague of locusts, trying to get everyone on a fixed-rate multi-year electricity plan by scaring people into believing that prices were about to increase dramatically. They never did...

  23. Pizza Pizza has my award for shittiest pizza in Ontario. I'd literally rather go to every other pizza place anywhere in this province before I'd order from them.

  24. It’s not weird it’s over priced!!! Pizza pizza is not even worth talking about, they may have it twice in their name but I don’t think they can actually make a decent pizza

  25. If they were offering some kind of fixed-rate term pizza subscription plan, then yeah that'd be a little weird. Though ngl I'd check it out.

  26. I am absolutely convinced Pizza Pizza marketing is run by conservatives. They posted something really smooth brained on twitter recently, can't find it now so I assume it was deleted. But it was something only a regular rebel news watching Jordan Peterson type would say.

  27. Once I discovered that you can request thick crust, homemade italian sauce and 4 cheese blend, it changed my views on that place. It's the only way I'll order from there. But most times I just order from Milanos

  28. Advertising often tries to take advantage of people's frustrations or anxieties. Welcome to marketing. You're probably going to start seeing this pattern in a lot more unrelated ads now.

  29. I saw a post the other day about some pizza place giving you the option to finance a pizza. Some future we're living in.

  30. Oh no not the R word!!! 😮 I used that word in another sub the other and my message got deleted because it's a "sensitive" word.. lmao people these days I tell ya.

  31. Well, I’m not sure why they needed to advertise it like that. Their prices go up every year anyway. They could just raise prices silently like they always do. Instead now they’re advertising “hey, the price of our shitty pizza will go up next year!” Kind of stupid if you ask me.

  32. If you work minimum wage inflation really is that bad - I don’t for reference but know many who are really struggling, inflation will eat its way up the class ladder if we can’t get our spending under control

  33. I thought the point was that the price wouldn't be affected by the choice of toppings so long as you order a 16" XL whereas normally some toppings would have cost more than others

  34. We're ok commodifying our basic needs until we're the ones that start to feel it's effect. Housing and food are needed by all

  35. I think it's brilliant to be honest... food prices keep going up and we know prices never go down at these fast food have nothing to lose.. why not lock down your pizza price...

  36. Inflation is not understood well. Monetary policy and printing new debt is not understood well. People will learn from the school of hard knocks… The same hard lessons learned over and over again through history. This time it’s the entire globalized world will experience the consequences of printing billions and/or trillions of new dollars, Euro, Pound, Yen…. Imagine you could just keep expanding your credit card limit, and maxing out your card, and expanding, over and over again? That’s what they think they can do with our currency 💴. And historically this has been done since Forever! Roman Government would clip/snip a piece each of their gold coins and mint new ones out of a bunch of pinches. The people began to notice that many coins had a small flat side… and that was one of the earliest documented counterfeiting/devaluing of an empire/nations currency. It never ends well

  37. There's no slice on that pie to represent people who aren't concerned about any of those things. I feel unrepresented now.

  38. So I was like what the hell I'll sign up for fixed rate pizza and it brought me to the ordering screen for a pizza not a pizza subscription to fix the rate of my fucking pizza for one year!

  39. Depends on you view on the price of pizza pizza pizza for the next year. If you think that labour costs and ingredient costs will rise then lock in the price now. You probably have to pay for this so you need to evaluate the volatility in the price of pizza considering the contract premium on top of the price for each pizza. It also does not say is there are any limits so read the fine print.

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