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  1. I also emailed him to ask him to expand on some of these things (admittedly snarky but i am a public servant as well and don’t have much time for these types). His response

  2. This is how Joshua responds to David Lightman in Wargames' Russian copy after losing tic-tac-toe to itself a thousand times.

  3. It’s awesome how their “agenda” falls apart when you start asking simple questions. Always the sign that something is total bullshit

  4. It is bullshit, but it's important to understand what's happening. "Facts" don't matter, conservatives are waging a culture war, and through the process of negative integration they're building a faction that will ultimately use the same narratives they're using now to justify violence against minorities

  5. If they're the same "webloc" files, they're basically just text files with a URL. You can try opening them in Notepad (or another text editor) to extract the URLs.

  6. Really trying to understand what their purpose is. To me it's just like "do this thing", "what thing?" "I don't know, just do it".

  7. Can anyone pass this to someone in local media who is covering the candidates? I feel like the people who need to see this aren't on Reddit.

  8. I feel like these days, with how things have been going in the world, a lot of us have incorporated woeness into our lives.

  9. The thing is that these jerks want to blame all of the above on wokeness, or brown people, or gay people or whoever isnt them. Its easier than re evaluating your worldview and maybe understanding you have been played for a sucker.

  10. Add Health care to that list. You’re exactly right there are a few real issues that we need to deal with.

  11. So are we for or against CRT? I was under the impression that once LCDs became mainstream that they became obsolete. But apparently they still have a cult following in vintage gaming communities.

  12. Someone should print this exchange out and start distributing it in Dundas, let people see how this person has nothing to back up their absurd flyer.

  13. I swear to god after two years of these stupid fucks I’ve become triggered by the phrase “do your research”. I hear it now and I know I’m a month away from writing that person off as a moron and distancing myself from them.

  14. You mean that incredible metal headbanger about the badass cowboys at Ram Ranch? The one about strong, hard, powerful men with the courage to take back their God-given freedoms? That song kicks ass!

  15. There's an old Jordan Peterson clip where he's bemoaning the fact that he cannot argue with "crazy women" since violence is off the table. He argues that with men, if an argument comes to a head, then it concludes in violence, but he's at a disadvantage because it's socially unacceptable for him to strike a woman. Ignore the fact that Jordan Peterson becomes violently ill if he accidentally ingests a single olive, and would be thoroughly trounced in a fight with my five year old because I would poison him by replacing his soft and gentle Perrier with the brutal carbonation of club soda.

  16. Kids these days can't even handle them because of the high pitched hiss. They were everywhere in our day so we were used to them plus now we're older so we don't notice it as much. We turned on the CRT tv for my little cousins and they were covering their ears in agony.

  17. I always think it’s more like - don’t ever realize it is the wealthy and corporations that are probably responsible for your misery. Keep misdirecting your anger onto this other thing/group and accomplishing nothing to better your life or community.

  18. So basically he wants us to teach the kids how nice and wonderful the Europeans were to the indigenous people here when they came over and totally lie about the Japanese interment camps, Chinese head tax, Africville, residential schools, MS St Louis, Komagata Maru, etc?

  19. Unfun fact! My hometown in BC uses an old Japanese internment camp as a fucking vacation rental. Want to sleep where some 100 soldiers were concentrated?

  20. He doesn't want them to lie about those things, because he has no idea they even happened. But if he DID have even a basic understanding of Canada's history... Yes. He would want them to lie.

  21. Ah yes, the far right trying to control what is being taught in school because it might encourage people to question their agenda. I believe that’s called fascism

  22. I got one of these yesterday, I'm a trans person and my gender as a child would have been so easier to understand if I was taught it at some point in my health/sexual education class instead of being shown how to use a condom and told sex was bad and the same as gender.

  23. Nothing makes my blood boil more than idiots spreading nonsense of which they know nothing. CRT or critical race theory is an American construct. However, it is an approach that encourages students to be thinkers. Not to just memorize facts but understand concepts thoroughly. Isn’t that what we want from our schools. Teaching our children to be thinkers and to use a critical eye/ear when disseminating information? I do!

  24. No, they don't want them to be critical thinkers so that they're more likely to believe conspiracy theories and follow them blindly.

  25. I read the critical race theory blog at slow to write and it's a Christian political thought piece that says the left are the real racists. Don't bother reading

  26. Nobody heard about it at a grade school or secondary school level until the right wing started screaming it from the rooftops. False flag bullshit.

  27. Man I can barely afford to live and this fool is wasting his hard effort on this shit. I wish we could harness stupid for a positive purpose for once..

  28. I don’t know but if I had to guessed based on what the post is and what reddiquette is, sharing personal information, asking/encouraging people to troll/harassment and trolling.

  29. Went to school near here, in a particular terrible Christian college… this doesn’t surprise me. Those small towns around Hamilton are crazy racist. Old white people getting shitty about people “not speaking english” was a regular occurrence everywhere I went.

  30. The CRT (cathode ray tube) is a vacuum tube containing one or more electron guns, which emit electron beams that are manipulated to display images on a phosphorescent screen. The images may represent electrical waveforms (oscilloscope), pictures (television set, computer monitor), radar targets, or other phenomena. A CRT on a television set is commonly called a picture tube. CRTs have also been used as memory devices, in which case the screen is not intended to be visible to an observer. The term cathode ray was used to describe electron beams when they were first discovered, before it was understood that what was emitted from the cathode was a beam of electrons.

  31. I dunno- incorporating “woeness” into curriculum isn’t necessarily bad. If you teach kids to be “woeful”, it could teach them to be empathetic and compassionate, which would decrease bullying, mental health crises, and suicidal ideations in students. That seems like a positive.

  32. Anybody who even uses the term "woke" instantly identifies themselves as a fucking dipshit that I won't even bother engaging with. Especially since it's become synonymous with "ethical stuff I don't agree with because I'm a prick".

  33. Fucking love you, OP. These fucksocks need to be stopped in their tracks. Good old fashion sarcasm always works. If they had employed this more effectively 20 or 30 years ago in the US it wouldn't be such a bonfire of mouthbreathers.

  34. Regardless Dundas is still a lovely town full a good people. I have ran into some loud older bigots but in general especially parents everyone and the community is supportive and caring.

  35. It’s so funny he always replies to you in one sentences at a time. He’s typing like he’s in a chat instead of an email correspondence lmao

  36. "Dear flyer poster, I also agree that CRT should be left to the annals of history. They are very energy inefficient, and have many hazardous by products when disposed of. The government should in fact help with finding to have all of them replaced with more efficient LED televisions, for the sake of our children's futures."

  37. People like this need to immediately be removed from any position of power. Not just because of this garbage they are pushing but because they are so fucking dumb they believe it to begin with

  38. Thanks for doing this OP. It really does just demonstrate how little pushback it takes for these people to utterly reveal themselves as completely cluesless

  39. I’m going to guess this persons vehicle is covered in Canadian flags. He wants to be a school board trustee but can’t even cite his sources and is running on a platform “issue” he admits doesn’t even exist here.

  40. Cathode Ray Tubes are kinda out of date and I don't think my kid needs to learn about them. Maybe if they take an electronics class when she finally reaches high school.

  41. CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube. These are the tubes that were used for years in most TVs and monitors. They may emit harmful electromagnetic radiation, so keeping this information from toddlers will ensure that we'll all be safe for at least one more generation (until the lizard people find a workaround, that is).

  42. The school should invite him in, hold an assembly, and give home the microphone for an extended Q&A period. Schooled by 10 year olds

  43. I am from Dundas and I applaud your efforts! There’s always a few crazies who raise a stink about anything non-cis/white. My GSA was petitioned against 10 years ago too.

  44. How are these idiots even allowed to run for whatever they’re running? Like how did they get this far? It’s actually scary what’s permissible lmao

  45. As someone that went on to university for history, you are so right. I learn far more about the world through seeing history more clearly.

  46. Just sounds like censorship with extra steps. Or I guess no steps because this is just some guy with a lot of time on his hands and no tangible ideas.

  47. I hate wokeness. Talking about actual issues and acceptance is t wokeness, it's just plain common sense.

  48. CRT is an American problem that we don’t need to import. It’s their issue, let them deal with it and leave us out of it.

  49. had a elementary school teacher in my city arrested few months ago for bringing the kids to pole dances lessons instead of tennis like the parents signed up to :') she used to make posts on twitter about CRT and how important it is

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