Stay classy Dundas

  1. Ask him where in the curriculum it says CRT, no seriously, we have a publicly available province wide document that anyone can fucking read, in PDF form ripe as rain to do a full Ctrl+F on.

  2. Ask him to bring his mother to a rally so she can get up on stage and apologize to all of us for his existence.

  3. Oh don't misunderstand, that is the ENTIRE point of this kind of campaigning, and it's "worked" phenomenally in the US. The way the system actually works doesn't matter. You just get a lot of your people into the system...and then you break it, and "fix" it. These folks would be perfectly happy to have the parents themselves tell the schools what to teach, as long as only the right parents get to do so.

  4. Dundas is as different from Hamilton as it could possibly be. Dundas is the least diverse town I've ever seen, a nice quiet place for rich old white people. Hamilton is REALLY not. Also, most people here will never admit they live in Hamilton...

  5. Hi, this is my Instagram story aka I received this flyer and just moved to Dundas. Coming from Toronto (but having grown up in actual small towns), it certainly does feel like a small town! My proximity to farms and the number of neighbours I have with pickup trucks is vastly different to my friends in Hamilton proper let alone Toronto. Yes I know, amalgamation blah blah. But culturally Dundas feels nothing like a city. And sadly this and a number of the bumper stickers I’ve seen in the past few days are more examples of why. Not saying racists don’t exist in cities, but of course.

  6. So here's the thing. WARD 13 is the village of Dundas (a ward of Hamilton) which is usually very progressive (votes NDP and pro transit projects for example) but it also captures a vast area of rural outskirts which is less progressive.

  7. It's one of the many places "in Hamilton" filled with people that will forever refuse to identify as living "in Hamilton".

  8. Dundas has never had the diversity Hamilton has and had kept minorities out for years (at least in the 80s they did) that’s why it’s such a white suburb. It is totally different from Hamilton.

  9. I went to public school in the 1980-2000 in Dundas and the surrounding area (Flamborough), and can confirm that racism and other bigotry were pretty commonplace. All throughout my schooling, there were maybe 2 kids of west African descent and 1 Indian child. Yes, they were bullied (not by me) for being different and their cultures were mocked. As a gay male, there is NO WAY in hell I could have come out of the closet while enrolled in school there or while living in that town. Mind you, back in that time saying "gay" was a commonplace insult to anything and everything. We were in such proximity to Hamilton, which had a very ethnically diverse population, but it was a large divide. Eventually, our town got amalgamated. I'm sure it's a much different reality today--or at least I would hope it's improved.

  10. In this leaflet's case, It's a political euphemism trigger word for adults who really don't like the awkward parts of history.

  11. Its a doctorate or advanced degree level class that uses conceptual frame works studying how race and society intersect. It is also almost exclusively taught in the USA.

  12. Hi! This was my Instagram story and I’m trying to share the back of the flyer but I don’t know how to Reddit. It’s more BS about how schools are teaching kids to deny their biological gender and about victimhood.

  13. Imagine Larry attending his first school board meeting and learning the board primarily oversees the business of running a school board and has zero input on curriculum.

  14. Catherine Kronas is equally horrific and running for ward 15. She runs an “anti woke” website and is pushing for more “aligned” folks to run for trustees across the province. It’s a coordinated effort which unfortunately has seen a lot of alt right / conspiracy theory candidates appearing.

  15. This shit is so fucking stupid, I’m positive that 100% of people complaining about CRT have zero clue what it is or who is learning it. I took a CRT course in university and we examined historical and institutional racism and their implications, while focusing on people’s lived experiences of racism.

  16. Well then. I now know the appropriate email account to spam with late night drunken conspiracy theories and my ever-evolving thoughts on ancient aliens. Thanks, flyer!

  17. Every parent should ask their children what they learn in school, daily. Take interest in your childrens lives, and if you are truly worries about “brainwashing”, counter it with your own.

  18. The fact that so many people in this comments section seem to sincerely believe that CRT (and intersectionality in general) should ever be considered something acceptable to be taught in schools just tells me that reddit was a mistake.

  19. The word "Woke" (capitalized no less) being used in a serious context is hilarious to me. What does that even mean? We need to fight back against...not being racist?

  20. If Woke is "being aware of racism in society" they seem to be pushing to not teach kids that racism exists/has historically existed.

  21. It's essentially used as a noun to describe the obsession with progressive left wing politics that is sometimes seen in the western world. I think it's a really stupid word because it just screams "I have no actual intelligence, I just don't like this thing".

  22. Remember to research who is running where you live and vote in municipal elections! A lot of people don't bother because they feel it doesn't matter or essentially "everyone else will take care of it," or "what's one vote," or they assume because they haven't seen a news article about a local candidate then they must not be ascribing to some fringe ideology because "surely it would've come out." I know because I thought this, but nonetheless I researched who is running in my ward and surprisingly one of the candidates has posted some... interesting things to Facebook. So I reiterate, DO YOUR RESEARCH AND VOTE!

  23. Who’s in Hamilton this October? We can show up and protest this crap. Show him that his Qanon conspiracy crap doesn’t belong in Hamilton, and show their constituents that their bubble isn’t as true as they think it is

  24. Hamilton (yes, Dundas is Hamilton, amalgamation was 25 years ago) has several backwards, racist, moronic politicians. This doesn't speak for the entire city.

  25. The irony of someone claiming to be against gender identity, woke ideology (whatever the fuck that is), indoctrination, and discrimination. Discrimination sounds mandatory for that platform.

  26. When Larry is defeated, he will attribute it to the citizens of the ward being brainwashed by the liberal commie media. Wonder what his kids and family think about him (if he has them)

  27. We shouldn't be teaching kids that gender and racism exist? This just in: Every child is a gray genderless blob

  28. The "gender identity " bit is a dog whistle for transphobia. These far right nutters don't want people to teach children to be accepting and tolerant of trans people. They want LGTBQ folks to disappear, go back into the closet by in large.

  29. Not to any more significant degree than "The Canadian Government screwed over Natives for a couple generations, this has lead to special legal privileges/rights so as to rectify it".

  30. I am begging, BEGGING, this dumb fucks to stop using the word woke. It doesn’t even SOUND right when you say “Stop Woke” ffs

  31. I thought to be racist you actually had to like, y'know say it do racist shit. Now it turns out that even disagreement with left wing ideological theories is racist. Smh you guys really think Reddit is real life

  32. Conservatives are really effective at taking a term or word and repeating the same misinformation so many times that their base no longer understands what they are against, only that they are.

  33. Idiots throwing around terms they dont even know what they mean. CRT is an American term for teaching historical racism and not anything about gender. These people are just so desperate to be American they couldnt even bother to figure out what the Ontario school board calls it. (Probably just history).

  34. Had an amazing conversation with a man from Atlanta yesterday at the Burlington GO when waiting for the bus back to StC. He said every aspect of life is better in Canada and that every last single person he has talked to has been beyond helpful, polite and always smiled, and he'd give anything to move here. So can 'we' please stop trying to emulate the absolute worst of the US, because that is what this is.

  35. I want to know how the school board forced the children to accept discrimination. Does this mean that the kids are ok with discrimination and that must be stopped?? Or that the kids “accept” there is discrimination and that it’s bad but then this guy wants to stop that??? I’m confused

  36. Be very, very, VERY careful of these candidates - school boards are often stepping stones to bigger power for the racist, fascist alt-right and it's happening all over the US. These candidates are funded by far-right wing money. They will make working on the school board so unpleasant for the other trustees that they will quit, opening up spaces for other far-right QAnon trustees. Wards 13 and 15 need to be on the lookout here.

  37. Racism is definitely still in your face in rural Ontario. When I bought my house 6 years ago the real estate agent told me one of the advantages of living in this small town is that all the kids in the local school are white. Which isn’t even true, and also I don’t have kids, and also wtf? I was floored having never heard such blatant racism said so casually out loud.

  38. Wow, what the fuck! I've lived in Dundas, on and off, for about 20 years. I've never seen this before. What an asshole

  39. Critical race theory is not and has not ever been a part of elementary school curriculums in any school in North America as far as I know. It is a part of some classes you can take at some colleges, nothing more. Nobody is "indoctrinating" anybody with CRT.

  40. Larry Masters, really advertising why you should never vote for, hire, do business with, associate with him. I mean really he’s making it easier for all of us to know what a gigantic piece of human trash he is by putting out his flyers so I appreciate them.

  41. Indoctornation with the guise of unindoctornation... Is Meta the right word for this? I wasn't around for 2012 Reddit...

  42. How can kids be taught discrimination whilst being taught to be woke? Something tells me Larry ate white paint chips and grew up when leaded gasoline was still a thing. Or a horse really didn't like him

  43. Something tells me Larry Masters typed this up on Canva while watching Fox News and doesn’t actually know what critical race theory is.

  44. CRT if simply a way of researching the topic of race with a critical lense. Nothing magic or sinister. Guaranteed the dumb fuck that distributed those has not even the faintest idea what he's fighting against

  45. What is “woke ideology”? Several years ago people used it to say kind of “I open your eyes to what’s happening” kind of a term if I’m not mistaken? It got a bit silly but wtf is woke ideology…

  46. "Woke ideology" doesn't really exist outside of American politics. It's Senators twerking for votes, and pushing ineffective "social justice". In most cases outside the US however, the term is used as a buzzword that essentially means "those against fascism".

  47. It's a buzzword the hard right uses to demonize social equality. Essentially, they would like to see an end to social equality being taught in schools.

  48. I was like “how is this news, this is so common” then I realized this is a Canadian sub and I live in Tennessee

  49. Expect a lot of this. The republican strategies in the US are being imported, and since school trustee elections are largely unexciting they have been taking over school boards and filling them with stupid.

  50. My immediate family lives in Dundas and I grew up there. This is bullshit. Both my nieces are LGBTQ and I very much hope they don't even have to see this garbage let alone deal with it when they return to school.

  51. That's awesome, I want to move where you are. It seems like people are pretty woke to the leftwing mind virus there! It's time to go back in time to the 90s where we didnt worry about race and gender so much.

  52. You could've told me absolutely nothing about where you got this and I would've automatically assumed it was from Dundas.

  53. I’ve lived here for 10 days, and in addition to receiving this flyer, I also learned that our elected city counsellor is attempting to side with residents who want to block a daycare from adding space at a local school that has been there for over 100 years because the residents don’t like the sound of kids

  54. Before the right co-opted the term, on the left it means to be aware of and acknowledge the social issues effecting marginalized groups of people.

  55. It’s funny how if the term “woke” gets used nowadays you know 100% for sure it’s by someone with far right politics. It’s like the linguistic equivalent of having 6 Canadian flags on your vehicle.

  56. The great news is that, according to the municipal elections website, there is another candidate for Ward 13 trustee, Paul Tut, and he is the incumbent, and seems to be an excellent alternative. Go vote, people!

  57. This is pure Fox News, US rhetoric. I thought proud Canadians resisted being used as instruments for the United States' culture wars.

  58. The Economist's Checks and Balances podcast did an interesting series on CRT. They argue its a tool for American conservatives to open the debate on "school choice" (a.k.a undermine the public school system, bring more religion into schools).

  59. Wikipedia does a pretty good job describing what CRT actually is and everyone should read it. Not surprisingly it doesn't resemble in any way what conservatives say or believe it is, or is even something that would ever be taught outside of post-secondary environments. For conservatives 'CRT' is code for any social studies or teaching of history that includes references to racism, racist policies or racist behavior. Conservatism wants to rewrite history and so do not want kids learning about the realities if racism. 'Woke' is code for anyone who stands in the way. If a conservative calls you 'woke' it means you must be a decent person with empathy and compassion.

  60. LOL fucking classic Dundas thinking it's not Hamilton. Get your head out ur ass bud you live in a city.

  61. I really hate Canada for allowing retarded fox news talking points to permeate the minds of OUR mentally challenged and helpless citizens

  62. Wait aren’t 3 out of the 4 already being taught in conservative circles? I have no idea what Woke ideology even is but I’m pretty sure the “right” already have there own versions of the other three.

  63. This is what Qanon has sent a lot of people to do, try to get into positions of power so they can influence things on the local level. Time and time again the grifters involved have been yelling for this, and they've listened.

  64. I work just outside dundas. A scary amount of people in the area are full Qanon republicans. Worries me for the future of politics.

  65. I actually agree with this flyer. My daughter is in kindergarten and they were reading a book to the class about a bunch of white girls making fun of a brown girl. She came home and said "daddy why are we so mean!". I had to tell her we aren't mean. That one girl was mean. The catch is my daughter is one of two white girls in the class. Now the other brown girls will see her as a bad guy when in the mean time she has done nothing wrong. Critical race theory is bullshit.

  66. When you say "that one girl was mean", are you referring to the "brown girl" being made fun of? Also, do you have the name of the book you took issue with?

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