Longtime CTV News anchor Lisa LaFlamme 'blindsided' after being fired by Bell Media

  1. I watch her every weeknight for my nightly newscap before bed. I will miss her, she was always very professional and talented.

  2. I remember at least 25 years ago my dad was watching the 6pm news and pointed to her and said "watch that women, shes going to be going places" or something along those lines. Pretty sure she went national a few years before he died. He had a eye for those sorts of things and wasnt often wrong

  3. When I was a kid in girl guides I got the chance to meet her when we did a tour of the old CTV station (the one that burned down). I was super excited when she even gave us a shoutout, because we got to watch them do the 6 o’clock news and after sharing an animal related story she mentioned that our girl guide unit was there and really liked that animal story. Will miss seeing her face.

  4. Being from KW she’s been delivering the news for most of my life. I was sad to see her leave the KW station but I still had her delivering the national news so still comforting. I feel lost…..lol

  5. Stupid move for the broadcasters as the anchors have a loyal following. I will no longer be watching the CTV national news.

  6. She's such a class act. What a ridiculous decision. She's the only CTV anchor who can get through a show without messing up.

  7. What a scummy way to do it. Give her a secret golden handshake and not even give her the grace to let her colleagues know or say goodbye.

  8. And ill be making a "business decision" to stop listening to CTV news. What an awful way to let someone go, especially from a business that claims mental health is important to them.

  9. Ah yes, a "business decision", Bell... The business decided that they didn't want to pay her the money she would have rightfully commanded.

  10. Terrible decision by Bell, Lisa was the only reason I watched CTV News. She will be better somewhere else and I will chose another station plus cancel my Bell services

  11. That's a lie, you won't cancel your bell services because it's a pain in the ass. And in a week you will have moved on

  12. I have immense respect for her. When we were in Afghanistan she would do long periods in the field embedded. Suffered alongside us without complaint. I wouldn’t say this of many reporters but her and Christie Blatchford were solid.

  13. Bell has fired a lot of well liked people since taking over a lot of news outlets over the past decade, so in other words Bell just being Bell doing dumb Bell things.

  14. Peoples, consider this just one of many warnings. Once you hit your 50s, your employer will be looking to ditch you, and not many employers will be looking to take you on. Prepare as best you can.

  15. First they let Tom and Anwar go from the weather; now Lisa LaFlamme, too? They're nuts, letting the personalities go who people know and respond to. Very bad decision.

  16. He could’ve done that some other time when she was ready to go. That being said, it makes sense they’d put him in for the moment but I would not trust they would keep him. They had to realize there would be pushback and probably expected he would absorb the public anger about this.

  17. This is what companies have been doing by releasing long time staff and replacing them with the newbies. A sad tale we’ve witnessed time and time again.

  18. It’s got to be a pay thing? Bell, Global, and the CBC aren’t making bank anymore. They are getting by. Once you create a star, the pay expectations go up and the business just isn’t like it was. They can make a new star for less and they will.

  19. Never could stand Bell Global Media, CTV or any of their heinous beat-a-jingle-into-the-fucking-ground overplayed marketing or beyond lame milquetoast programming. Everything BGM touches is suddenly drained of any cultural import or credibility. She should be glad to be away from that purveyor of barely-palatable garbage.

  20. I've stopped watching all ctv media. They cleaned shop on many radio shows I listened to. The newstalk 1010 "the drive" breakup was the final straw.

  21. Me too, I stopped watching CBC and CTV as they are biased. I try to stick to globe and mail. These stations are in someone’s pocket.

  22. I like Omar, but I like Lisa as well. Bell probably is saving some money again by ousting the staff with higher seniority. Bell continues to be ruthless... no surprise I guess, as it seems to be their track record.

  23. Sorry to hear that. Age-ism at work? It sucks companies give no loyalty to time served but expect employee loyalty.

  24. Yup, she's been with CTV for at least three decades going back to being a reporter on the local Kitchener Waterloo station, she was costing them too much.

  25. Ever since the pandemic Bell's media arms has been firing people left right and center. Talk radio got big cuts and then they fired half of their sports radio personnel in one day, some hosts were fired in the middle of their shows (they went to commercial and just had reruns playing after).

  26. My lasting memory of Lisa was at the London Olympics opening ceremony. Whenever a small country was introduced she would say the name of the country then add "Not a medal favourite".

  27. You realize that probably was scripted right? They have fact gathering and writers. She’s a journalist but that requires a team of journalists.

  28. Started in 1997, but somehow has 35 years in according to the article’s headline. This is what passes for journalism these days.

  29. They said she started at News Net in 1997 as an anchor. She worked for CKCO in Kitchener before that.

  30. I like the change. When she replaced Lloyd we went from a mild mannered trusted news anchor to Lisa who I always found aggressive in her approach. When she first started and well into her time she looked like she was going to jump over her desk. Omar is more in line with what Lloyd was like. I for one will enjoy the change.

  31. C’mon CTV. This is a shitty way to handle it. She deserved better for her effort towards the networks success. Up the class to earn me back.

  32. Sad to hear about Lisa LaFlamme leaving. I am a long-time viewer of CTV News and am very disillusioned at the changes to content over the past year or so. I assume new management? Very heavy on American news, much more bias rather than objective reporting. CTV news has felt much more sexist in my opinion in its portrayal of women in news stories.

  33. She was probably contractually paid more than she was worth. Who the fuck watches CTV except old people on worthless pensions with no extra money? Broadcast television is over. It's been over for nearly 20 years.

  34. Okay grandpa that's enough internet for you today. Yes I know, mainstream media is lying, whatever you say. How about a nice puzzle and some jello?

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