Can anyone tell me what its like to get an ADHD assesment ad an adult?

  1. I went a few months after I turned 40. Took me about 3 months the to get diagnoses. And I'm at about 3 months now and I think I've found some medication in a dose that works. It's night and day, with and without the meds. Always thought I was dumb because I had to read a page 4 times to obsorb any info, never knew the answer whenever a teacher asked me a question and was so anxious because I could never Remember anything so I always worried I was forgetting something. Takes about 45 mins for the meds to kick in and I feel like a new person. They wear off in the evening just in time for me to wind down and relax. Don't let anyone tell you other than your doctor what works for you, adhd brains are wired differently so stimulants organize thoughts in a manageable way. My mind still wanders all the time so I had to get some strategies to help with that. Go see a doc. Even at 40 it changed my daily life.

  2. If you already have a doctor, write down all your symptoms (or print this post) and give it to them. Tell them you need help and that your work and social life are suffering. They may send you home with some forms to fill out, describing your symptoms, and they may want to try you on an SSRI or anti-anxiety med even if adhd is the diagnosis. But the first step is vocalizing this to someone who can at least point you in the right direction. Next suggestion would be to contact the local mental health organization in your area - possibly Canadian Mental Health Association. Or Google the town/city/municipality you live in and their website may have links. They can get you linked up with other organizations for help with dental work, medication, etc. You can self-refer, last time I looked anyway. Step one: make a doctor’s appointment.

  3. Thaks this comment has been the most informative so far. Ive talked to my doctor about it but he seems to ignore me. Maybe hes more concerned with my phsyical problems idk. Ill continue to look for a different family doctor i guess.

  4. There's a clinic in Oakville that'll do it for a reasonable price. When I got diagnosed about a year ago, it cost me about $800.

  5. This is a very reasonable price OP, i paid about 2k for mine. and you have to look at it as an investment in your quality of life, 2 bucks a day for 2 years? hell ya

  6. Growing up did you hyper focus frequently for long extended periods on things you were interested in while seeming to not be able to focus on trivial things? Did you very frequently struggle to initiate work that needed to be accomplished? Did you have difficulties managing yourself and prioritize what was important and chronically lose track of what you were going and where you needed to be?

  7. Yes that perfectly describes what i was like growing up or even now. Adhd is the conclusion i came up with because ive looked into it and usually answered yes to these questions. The only thing that i know is that even if i do have adhd, i know its not the hyperactivity that i have. Maybe then it would have been mpre obvious as a kid.

  8. I think this is posted in the right sub because depending on what country/province you are in, the process may be different. I had a suspicion for decades that I may be ADD. When I was a student, no one I knew was diagnosed with it but later as a teacher I saw some of my students get treated for ADD and ADHD. Their struggles seemed similar to the ones I experienced. About 5 years ago a friend told me about her ADD diagnosis and treatment. She described the same sort of difficulties at work that I was experiencing: lack of focus, disorganization, struggling to prioritize tasks, etc. I went into my GP to see if I could be referred to a specialist and I was expecting some resistance. Instead my doctor printed off a survey and had me take it right there. He said that he had a number of middle aged men on his caseload with ADD. I left the office with a prescription that took a few months to get the dosage just right. It changed my life. I finally get to experience the focus and approach to tasks that other people have. My work and home life have become much easier. I wish I had sought a diagnosis years ago.

  9. Go to your family doctor. Get a referral. Go to either the ohio covered one or the private clinic if you have insurance/monies. From there you will get diagnosed after a couple meetings

  10. Check out, assessment is $200, it’s new to Ontario and Canada in general, is not covered by ohip, but it’s an awesome service for adults with adhd to get assessed. Alternative is go thru your doctor, some are open to adult adhd and may be able to help or they may refer you to a psychiatrist which is a year wait.

  11. I apologize for not being help of where to find an assessment but I have seen this asked in this sub previously. At the top, there is a search bar, try searching ADHD in there and you will probably find good discussion.

  12. You will prob get a better response in the adhd sub, in Ontario you will need a reference from your GP to see a psychiatrist or if they are comfortable with prescribing medication some will allow a diagnosis by a psychologist.

  13. Don’t a sweat it, some people are just tools and immediately downvote anything they feel like sending a personal (bullying) eff-you to. This is a highly province-dependent question so it’s a fine thing to ask here.

  14. You sound like you're describing depression not ADHD. With the lack of wanting to do anything. The barely talking to friends, losing interest in stuff. That's not ADHD.. You have a Dr. If their office offers services like a social worker, ask to speak to the social worker. The social worker can either confirm or you may have X, but can't diagnosis you that not what they're for, but they can at least ask yeah DR to make a referral to someone who can. These services have a wait list, don't be surprised if it takes 6+ months to speak with someone, this is normal,

  15. Its also good for people to know medication doesn't "fix" adhd it will help treat symptoms depending on severity you will still struggle daily with many things.

  16. Thats a more recent developement. Someone told me that dpression can come from adhd. And its not that i dont want to. Its that i cant. I really do want to, but as soon as i get started i feel like i need to stop.

  17. The problem with ADHD is that a lot of people seem to self-diagnose themselves with it, the symptoms are fairly general and non-specific, and of course some people are simply drug-seeking.

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