"Competition" lol

  1. I just did livechat and straight-up said “look, I don’t want to pull the customer-for-15 years” card but I’m not confident in the service and your package is too expensive. I’m offered deals (at one point I was paying $29 for their 500 megabit) and then removed without being told how long it’s for. I simply said I would swap both services and I couldn’t afford to pay their price anymore (a lie).

  2. I believe the fibre network will be open to other in 2024 ….. once bell and Rogers has had time to choke the small telcos out

  3. So fun story I had recently with Rogers. I went to look to upgrade my internet (knew I was overpaying, and had an old modem). I signed into their website and it offered me a deal on a better plan than I had for less money than I was paying. I thought great! So I tried to sign up for the deal, but after going through the entire signup process it would always fail at the end or at different stages and gave a vague error. "Try again later." Multiple days in a row still the same thing.

  4. That’s what happens when a company gets tons of money just for being there, complacency and inertia with no one answering for it to the customer. The letter from the Rogers CEO after the system wide shutdown was a bunch of hot air, I’ll bet he’s buddies with Galen Weston.

  5. I can add to your short story there. I've never used rogers except my parents cable back in the day. We ended up on their security system in an office I ran.

  6. We are paying $170 to Rogers for gigabit, TV and a landline phone. It used to be just over $100 when we were under the promotion.

  7. I was with Teksavvy until Bell came by offering 3gig internet with full upload speed for ten bucks more than Teksavvy's gigabit. Then on top of that they gave me a promo rate for 2yr that dropped it down to $80/mo.

  8. ??? Fido is $40 for 150/30. That’s the price you can get with a phone call or two. I’ve been on it for years. Someone I know got it last week. No idea why you’d pay that much.

  9. Many people I know are paying between $40 and $60 for Gigabit packages, from either Rogers or Bell directly. Check RedFlagDeals for info on the deals.

  10. lol my fiber is like 110 a month, but I'm in the Soo vs somewhere more civilized like Toronto, Ottawa, or hell even Sudbury or Thunder Bay lol.

  11. Got the 1.5 Gb at Christmas from Bell for $65. My aunt works for them and says to wait till Christmas they always have the best deals at that time.

  12. This. A friend of mine kept switching ISPs every other year or so because they kept jumping between cheap gigabit deals. Not a bad strategy at all and the savings add up.

  13. Well, if you go with Rogers sale, you definitely are richer than you think sir, whopping 12 cents + tax…..aren’t you a cleaver one.

  14. What's hilarious is you go to other places in the world like the UK and their phones and internet cost about 70% less. I remember 5 or 6 years ago, I went to the UK for a year and my cell plan cost about 15 pounds for 40gb of data, unlimited texting and calling.

  15. Another small note: Bell ping is really low in fibre optic and the upload speed advantage over cable.

  16. Its been like this since I was 20. I am 33 now. nothing has changed since other than smaller competition burrowing from those two monopolies. If nothing changes in 7 years, then we deserve it at that point for being so docile.

  17. Nothing's going to change. The only thing that could really make any difference would be if Rogers, Bell, Telus, Shaw, and all the other underlying telcoms were forced to spin off their infrastructure to an arms-length government corporation that was only allowed to sell wholesale to the public facing providers and charged solely with maintaining and upgrading that infrastructure.

  18. I'm so thankful I have a small ISP that services my condo building. Shame that they can't do the same for single family homes though.

  19. I called bell argued with them for a bit and basically got a deal for 1GB download and upload fiber optic for 85 bucks a month

  20. If they’re going to be the same price, your best strategy might just be to host your home Internet on the opposite of your mobility. An important lesson learned during last summer’s widespread Rogers outage.

  21. The part that gets me is the "up to" bit. Like ya ok I get that it fluctuates based on demand but there's also nothing stopping them from setting the speeds to 50 Mbps for the gigabit package

  22. That's pure legal CYA. If they didn't include "up to" then they're potentially opening themselves up to a class action lawsuit every time something breaks and some area can't support proper speeds for a few days.

  23. I have guaranteed gigabit and it costs $1500 a month. The guarantee is 99.999% uptime at 1 Gbps up/down or else I am refunded for the entire month and in the 8 years I've had it, it's never gone down even during a power outage (they have backup power). Of course I have it for business purposes, but the truth is you almost certainly don't need guaranteed speeds like this for anything other than business.

  24. Happens all the time in the US when there is only one provider in the area. Once another shows up then all of a sudden people get faster speeds

  25. My dad has 0.5gig from Bell and it's 0.5gig up and down. It is insane. I have 1.5gig from Rogers and I'm lucky if I get 900mbps down and 50mbps up. I run a Plex server and would kill for more upload.

  26. More companies that own 100% their own fiber are needed for competition to be real. beanfield is an example, I'm in a new building who only had Rogers when I moved in. 130$ a month for 1gb.

  27. let me know when you start one up.. its obvious they are needed but there is a reason they are not here... not profitable in one form or another...

  28. Avoid signing for internet package online. I got the Robbers Ignite 500mb/s download with Disney Plus included for a year, all for under $85. Belus offered to give me Fibe 1.5gb/s with six month Crave subscription if I bailed on that contract. Point being, talk to a sales representative and ask how they can improve contract.

  29. Beanfield = $50/month 1gb up and 1 gb down. They supply the fibre modem and 1 wireless access point

  30. Meanwhile in the province next door I pay $50 for 120Mbps down, 20 Up, unlimited usage. It's a promo rate but even the regular rate for new customers is $53.

  31. Rogers has a promotion in for new internet or existing cell clients. $70 for up to 1.5gps. I called Rogers to get this deal. They couldn’t do this because I already have internet, but no phone. I told them bell is across the hallway at the mall and they’d be happy to take my money. After a transfer to retention I now pay $54.99 for that 1.5gps. This price is guaranteed for 12 months and I’m not on a contract.

  32. actually I got a few deals with Bell I got Fibe 1000GB for $80 a month no other packages you have to call them and tell them "I know you have deals give them to me" and ask for in mail instead of email then they actually show them instead of letting you be ignored of deals last one I remember was in November 2022

  33. I was with Rogers for 20+ years. I called them every 6 months (on a day I was already feeling pissy enough to deal with them) to "review my account". The goal was always to get to the final level in customer service ...CUSTOMER RELATIONS.

  34. Well, even in "fair" business, your prices are going to be pretty close to your competitor prices, unless you want to lose your customers to them. Like, muly local bait store sells stuff for about the same price as national chains.

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