What do you do if individual doesn't buy their custom? 🤔

  1. If he’s a regular, I would just send a message… something like, “hey! Hope you’re doing well! Wanted to remind you that your custom is ready. Are you still interested?” And if they aren’t, I’d just cut my losses on it (because they are normally a regular buyer) and maybe charge half upfront next time he wants something. It may be that he had something unexpected come up in his life… car troubles, job loss… 🤷🏼‍♀️.

  2. I have a few of these - I upcharge them a lot if it’s something specific I can’t resell - otherwise I just send it as a PPV and if they read the message and just don’t buy it I send it out to all my subs as a cheaper ppv (I do go through and remove the person who originally asked for it though so they have to pay the agreed upon price)

  3. Unless I trust a sub fully I always make sure they pay for the video beforehand. I never film it unless I’m paid first cause I’ve had a few that do that

  4. This is really helpful, luv! Thank you so much! My intuition says he's juvenile... like, literally a teenager 😅 It's only been 12 hours since the PPV has been sitting. I'm tempted to wait a generous 24 hours before revoking?

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