Pay Pig

  1. Did he send you payments yet? I usually get weary if someone is self identifying as a pay pig but hey it could be legit. I usually tell them to send a legit payment to my cashapp (and if it’s less than 50 forget about it).

  2. It’s highly dependent on the person… My only pay pigs have been finsubs that want to be degraded, humiliated, want to buy me things for other men to enjoy with me, or other tasks like edging them with censored photos of me, spitting on the camera, things like that. It’s always different from the normal content I sell. It’s likely the guy you’re talking to wants SOMETHING in return even if it’s not nudes or sex. Just talk to him more about it. You can tell him things like to reimburse your dinner, or to send every morning for your breakfast, you can ask for smaller daily sends and also tell him to send you $300 to go shopping or whatever.

  3. That’s kind of what he said. He said if I ask for an amount he can’t afford he’ll tell me. But if I want lunch or to go buy something to tell him. He said he wants to be financially dominated. And when I ask he wants me to act like I shouldn’t have to ask like he should have already sent it.

  4. Typically these are not transactions where they receive something for their tips. They want you to be a bitch and use them as a doormat, so don't offer anything as a condition of them tipping. If you want to send them the occasional little freebie tell them how grateful they should be to get anything at all.

  5. Thank you! He did send an initial tip via cashapp. And he did say that if I ever ask for something he can’t comfortably send me he’ll let me know. I listened to a podcast about this randomly today and the findom gave $$ ranges that seem pretty decent in terms of what to ask for. I also move my money immediately out of the cashapp I get payments too (and the acct I receive money too isn’t connected to my bank account) so I’m not concerned about any charge backs. The sugar daddies who have approached me online before always want my bank info or PayPal which to me is a red flag. And they won’t age verify. This guy didn’t have an issue at all with my conditions so I feel good about his legitimacy.

  6. Idk why you’re getting so many negative comments 😆 yes some people do just send people large amounts of money. The term paypig is silly to me but yea, some people do just like to spoil. Especially if they aren’t asking for anything in return I don’t get how anyone can find that sketchy

  7. I dont think our comments are negative its not like we’re hating on her like its nothing personal, we’re just trying to save a fellow creator from a potential scam!! Having someone reach out randomly, say they make x amount per month (this isnt something an established/wealthy man would just go around and tell anyone) and offer to send a decently large sum of money and ask for nothing in return. Like i said before, if it SOUNDS too good to be true, it PROBABLY is. If he’s legit then thats great im happy she found someone like that its amazing but Im just getting major red flags here.. thats all!

  8. y’all are being way to negative for me a lot of y’all aren’t even addressing or answering the questions that she asked in her post 😭 i know it’s tons of scamming assholes out there but be fr y’all paypigs are a thing not every guy who claims to be a paypig is a scammer and i’m sure she knows the risks and possibilities behind it y’all don’t have to keep commenting it smh

  9. Thank you! LOL. I’ve had guys try to scam me many times. I am too smart for that shit. LOL. FinDom (financial domination) is real and I think I might have just got lucky

  10. This sounds like a scam tbh, i’d be interested to know more details but in my experience if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. How is he sending money?

  11. It’s not. He already age verified for me w his ID and a video which is what I require to sell. And sent the money via cashapp. And I don’t have to send him anything for it

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