1. Imagine giving this not funny comment a $50 Reddit award. Own the libs by giving a company run by libs money, conservative logic right there.

  2. Imagine spending 50 bones on something that has absolutely no value outside of reddit, and even on reddit there isnt any value.

  3. They never said anything about the LGBTQIA, they were talking about the LGBTQRSTWXYZ, it's completely different.

  4. Crazy opinion. But personally, i think the dudes who who want every not-white person to be executed by firing squad Is not the same as people who dont wanna be hatecrimed because of who they love or the gender they identify with. I know. it's a really wild statement to make.

  5. Too crazy for me, sorry. I honestly don't know how anyone could not see how lgbtq+ and nazis are interchangeable. /s (just in case)

  6. LGBT people sometimes die. You know what else involved death? 9/11! Now, I’m not saying that LGBT folks wanting equality is the same as 9/11. But I’m not saying that it’s not.

  7. Hell you can’t blame him for making the same joke over and over again, he doesn’t even know the alphabet, you know that he’s running on double digit brain cells

  8. You know I will give the comment this, from what I’ve seen this is the first combination of the onejoke and centrism shit. Fascinating

  9. the people who did horrific experiments on children and attempted to exterminate or otherwise subjugate several ethnicities are just as silly and kooky as the people who kiss people that have the same parts

  10. mass genocide of ideally almost the entire world and authoritatian command over a millitarisric state vs change gender

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