Drem face reveal (real!!!) 😳👀🫦

  1. A minecraft YouTuber. The hate comes from 1. His fandom having a lot of insane stans who simp for him and rabidly defend him (even when he’s in the wrong). 2.) his encouragement of his stans and not telling them to chill out. 3.) scandals, for example cheating on minecraft speedruns by upping his luck, and his subsequent reaction (including releasing a twitlonger admitting to cheating which he soon deleted, and a bunch of other ridiculous stuff).

  2. dream reveal if it was real!!!!😭😭😭😂😂😂😎☺️😳🥹👹😘😘👚👚☕️☕️

  3. Anyone who didn’t think Dream was a 300 pound ham beast was delusional. What will all the 12 year old fanart accounts do now? Draw him fat?

  4. This is an edit, some people think he was fat before but I’m pretty sure the old leak was fake. Now he’s fairly thin and average looking tbh

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