/uh i honestly hate this guy

  1. Woah let’s settle down a bit, you guys can make jokes, but don’t be trying to start anything. We’re retars not terminators ✅😤❎🤖

  2. uh/ is this khyo guy another one of retar who also clip/talk about things out of context to stir drama/bait views

  3. Out of all the vtuber "news" coverage I'm aware of FakeID (who coincidentally is also associated with LaeDee who does the Kronii voice) is the only one that doesn't make me want to bully the shit out of them.

  4. /uh In recent memory, someone tried to be funny with this on one of the Kiara Ayame holotalk posts, the one with her schedule on it. Seems the message chain got down voted to oblivion and deleted.

  5. /uh i thought this fuker somehow found all the Ayamer meme and took it seriously and i didnt click the vid so idk this mf talking about becuz i dont want to give a single view to this dude

  6. Next he will make a video about the Pekora cosplayer dude and that millionaire onigiriya that planned a cruise

  7. How about the story of Reine being the daughter of a rich family. And she can command a hit job on herself and friends anti.

  8. /uh while im here can anyone explain to me about the ayame hating korean ina thing i know its a meme like suipiss, that i know the context of and very much enjoy but i dont know the ayame one but i still find it funny.

  9. I'm about three weeks into the project and have been strategically disposing portions of old urine, replacing it with new urine, adding slight touches of extra ammonia, expired apple juice (I suspect her urine would have a rather tangy flavour) and trace amounts of nitric acid.

  10. I believe it stems back to Ayame not responding to something Ina said (on Twitter maybe, I honestly can't remember anymore) and from there it spiraled into jokes about Japanese nationalism paired with references to Japan really fucking up Korea during WW2.

  11. The dude’s a vtuber news channel, and, like all news channels, he tends to exaggerate things quite a bit

  12. his next video: Fauna SUPPORTS Suicide By NOT STREAMING?? Hololive NEGLECTS Mental Health of Viewers!

  13. /uh can someone explain the "saplings are needy/separation anxiety/suicidal" joke? I don't watch Fauna so I'm entirely ootl here.

  14. uh/ ...Is this gonna be another Robfart situation again? Took a completely unharmed joke on this Subreddit/4chan and make it like is their jobs to correct it? But this time instead of just make a whole ass paragraph about it on Hololive subreddit, they instead put it on YouTube in the name of NeWs VtUbErS?

  15. Sad asf to know that there is a circle of "controversy" junkies that defended this guy when he was getting called out cause they were scared of people going after them if he went down.

  16. /uh I went and watched it. Apparently someone took the based Ayammers memes and went WAAAAY too far with it by taking it as fact over the birthday art thing, and then went further by going on about how Kiara & KFP are basically Hitler and Nazis and then claimed that Kanauru believes and supports the same things because of Dan Dan video etc etc. From what I can see this person actually covered the topic very fairly and even said these kinds of memes are fine to be kept in their own little bubble but shouldn’t be brought to the public forefront like this random person did, but he is clickbaiting the shit out of it for sure.

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