The Salamancas join the chicanery and the Kid named Finger.

  1. He and Luis are really cool dudes, might play a single type of character but they're still good actors and really nice people

  2. It only now occurred to me how I've never heard him speak till now, always pictured him to have this thick Mexican accent

  3. Kid named Finger. You are the greatest mind I've ever knew, but you can't keep shouting, "The One Piece, The One Piece, it's a real thing." So calm down Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, and eat some pie that is boiled or fried. And keep your pants on.

  4. It comes from the "hey class, today were going to finger paint, kid named paint" meme, where comically the author subverted expectations by instead stating "hey class, today were going to finger paint, kid named finger". Furthermore, in the show Jimmy claims as to have "never laid a finger on him" when referring to Ermentraut. So below the comical meme was a picture of Mike, thus he became known as the "Kid named finger".

  5. /uc I find just so wholesome he put the flag behind him, played the intro music, took out the suit and the axe. It really looks like he wanted to please the fans of the show and respects the role. /rc ONE PIECE IS REAAAAAL

  6. This is the best one since the original Hank ones. If you can easily imagine the vine boom sound after his every line, you know its an instant classic.

  7. You just wait, we'll do something even more stupid. I remember the JonTron subreddit tried to reach the "maximum comments in a post" on Reddit during Haitius and multiple people got banned for spam.

  8. After a few more of these cameos, someone should edit them into an episode of a Breaking Bad sequel (possibly Huell's rules) alongside some of their insta/twitter posts and actual clips from the shows. That would honestly be the peak of this sub.

  9. I'm glad he put some effort into it, he wore the suit and all. Other celebs just record from their bathroom with their nose an inch away from the camera lol.

  10. OKBC users try not to waste their life savings to have bravoverse cast members say the most degenerate and nonsensical shit imaginable challenge (difficulty level: impossible)

  11. Gus is too professional to just suck cock. He's a sensual and passionate lover. He probably has a sex room hidden away in his house where even his closest and most trusted security can't find it. Stylish, but not excessive. Rustic dark wood walls, barn wood floor, queen sized bed with velvet pillows, and a small coyote fur rug in the middle. Before the action happens, he asks his lovers to wait while he sets up the scene. He dims the lights, sets up some candles, and puts on some calming piano jazz. Then, he lets him in and that's where the magic happens. They disrobe while passionately kissing. Gus pushes them onto the bed and lays gentle kisses down their body until he reaches their cock. When he sucks cock, he doesn't give that "sloppy toppy." That's too messy. He embraces it, lovingly. He kisses it and licks it, slowly and seductively. Once he sees that they're close to the edge, he takes his mouth away from his cock and begins jerking them until they cum. He doesn't like to swallow or take facials.

  12. At this point, there's no way these actors aren't accepting these requests because they want to mess up with Jonathan Banks with the finger joke lmao

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