I technically lied about being raped

  1. Hey i know me saying this won't change anything but i just want you to know, that it's ok, you messed up, and no amount of sorry won't change the fact that severe damage has been done due to a misunderstanding, but the real rapist deserves to rot in hell, i think you should speak up, about the Bastard, and let the world know, it can be tough, but u will pass through

  2. Thank you very much for that. He actually came to me wanting to talk it out and still be friends like we used to. We both lost a lot at the time and he felt alone. Said he was going through the pain of losing me as a friend and then losing many other friends. At one point in my senior year, a mutual friend of ours died in a car accident. After the funeral is when he approached me. He said she would've wanted us to talk it out because he couldn't take anymore losses. We ended up not becoming friends but we did talk it out and forgive each other eventually.

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