Charges: Man lit his camper on fire, defaced own garage to appear targeted due to Trump flag

  1. Or BLM. Those are literally all 3 very different, unrelated concepts, but the fox news crowd just associates them with the "scary radical left", so clearly they're all related.

  2. well, he is still a republican after trump and the coup, ten of them wouldnt have 2 brain cells between them. But also know this is what fox news tells them. That its the right trying to govern. That the left want anarchy. along with the left is trying to suppress the vote and twist the election laws in their favor, and left wing judges are activist judges, and the Biden doj is the most political in history. inbetween claims that illegals are storming the border despite trump judges have not allowed biden to change pretty much any immigration law. and oh yeah, gas going up is bad and biden did it on purpose to push electric cars and it will end up killing us all and gas prices going down is super horrible too as its going tokill mom and pop gas station owners.. who can never even remember gas below 4 dollars. It really is a totally different universe if you never change the channel off fox.

  3. Quite laughable - I have an anarchist friend and I can confirm that which "corrupt lying so-called leader of this rotting society" won the election isn't very important to her. She is ready to cleanse the infection with fire, not a democrat.

  4. As an Australian who uses creative insults like "spanner", "galah" and "muppet". I accept "lunchbox" as a perfectly usable insult. Well done.

  5. I'm certain he will pay tax on his GoFundMe proceeds. Right? He definitely won't skip out there. (Hint: he won't pay the taxes)

  6. Fortunately, like so many other Trump grifters, all of his go fund me $ will go to pay legal fees. And he better not count on trump bailing him out. The insurance company will be taking possession of any remaining assets to cover the insurance payment obtained by fraud. But he’ll get a new home in the local jail at some point.

  7. Most conservative voters I know (the voters in particular) are heavily into projection and gaslighting, just like this guy. I had to cut them out of my life. I'm not sure how one political party has managed to gather them all together. I'd like to say they're just emulating Trump, but this was an issue before Trump.

  8. I do love that the world has this "Antifa" strawman that makes it immediately obvious when someone is 100% full of shit.

  9. That tough, individualist, survival-of-the-fittest, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps Republican faked being a victim. That's pathetic.

  10. If he ran a fraudulent charity (his goFundMe) wouldn’t that be an additional felony and he’d have to pay the money back to the people he defrauded, plus fines and prison time?

  11. So he made himself even poorer, destroyed his own shit, in order to get Trump to Pat him on the head, yep totally not a cult.

  12. In all likelihood his goal was insurance fraud. He just thought that this was a way that he could advance his "ideology". I use that term loosely because it implies that any actual thought has been put into supporting Republican leaders in the US.

  13. Remember when Obama was running (can't remember whether it was the first or second time) and that lady claimed she was attacked by his supporters and had a "B" cut into her face, except it was backward because she did it to herself in a mirror?

  14. An insight into this guy's mind. This is how he wants to treat his political rivals, and he projects that behavior onto imaginary others.

  15. Every bully pretends to be the victim sooner or later. Its like a weird law of physics. If you doubt it, just stand up to one.

  16. Sherri Papini should have been the right's Jussie Smollett, but for some weird reason, no one on the right seemed to have acknowledged that she admitted making up that whole story about being abducted by Hispanic women. She was all over the news right around the time Trump got elected in 2016 and for years a lot of conservatives supported her....but then her story came apart a few months ago and the silence from the media (esp. conservative media) has been deafening

  17. The right had several Jussie Smollett’s before Jussie ever did anything. They just finally had something to point the finger at the left for.

  18. Yeah, I read a bunch of articles, and it just says FBI investigated and found the whole thing to be bullshit, but no specifics on how they figured it out (neighbors’ security cameras would be my guess?).

  19. I can't understand how these guys don't think "If I'm doing this, can't the other stories of "persecution" be made up too?"

  20. While its not exactly the Green Bay Sweep, I am not shocked that a trumper fails to score with a common PPG 3 pointer...of Project, Play Victim, and Grift. However.. I am shocked hes wearing that mask for the safety of the community.. and not to hide his identity. Cause hes totally the type to be wearing a mask outside, as he does every day.

  21. The best part is that his garage and camper are total losses. Insurance isn’t going to give him a penny. Not to mention, future insurance. Convicted of insurance fraud, insurance for anything will be unbelievable.

  22. You could tell it was democrats because they put the "antifa or anarchy symbol" and they're bragging about the election they won two years ago

  23. How do they know it was him who lit the fires though? Not defending him but the article doesn’t say how they found it that it was him who did it.

  24. I presume the police and fire fire department conducted an investigation and the evidence pointed to the fire and vandalism being staged by the guy wo called in the complaint.

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