Madonna's hands

  1. So on one side you have a braying crowd going after her for having naturally old looking hands and then another group lambasting her for getting surgery to mitigate ageing on her face. Being in the public eye would suck.

  2. Their paparazzis already took hundreds of thousands of photos that'll be edited and released over time as freshly taken .

  3. Every time I see these celebrities cosmetically destroy their natural features I think of the Bill Burr bit where he says he’d rather look like an old human than a young lizard. Now THIS is part of her legacy forever.

  4. I’ll have to disagree. I work with the elderly and most 60 year olds who didn’t work manual labor outside have better looking hands than this. In fact my mom was a teacher and is now in her late 70s and her hands look better than this.

  5. Yeah not sure why people have to comment on the only thing that is normal for her to have. Then act like that’s the problem. Never mind her face looks like it got into a hive of bees.

  6. Not quite…hers still looks somewhat organised…mind you, it is early days…her plastic youth…give it ten years and she might get ‘the slapped cat’ look.

  7. It’s shocking that even someone who has had such a career and demonstrated her talent for so long still succumbs to the self-worth sapping pull of the beauty is young media. If Madonna can’t generate enough self confidence to have faith that aging naturally and gracefully wouldn’t damage her career then imagine how much pressure “normal” women must feel.

  8. I feel it a lot. And am constantly reminded of it daily by simple things such as popping on Reddit or at the grocery store when walking by magazine stands.

  9. I mean, I remember the articles from when I was a kid that she always dated 20+ years younger guys than her, so I’m guessing she just rejected the idea of getting old with dignity

  10. I think it's the opposite really. Being in the public spotlight and having the entire world judging you on your looks is a lot more pressure than your average woman. I'm starting to age and I literally DGAF anymore because who the heck am I trying to impress? But if I had my face plastered all over the world and people making reddit posts about how disgusting my hands were or how old I was would be absolutely destroying to my confidence and I'm sure a lot of people would develop body issues and do the same damn thing as she's done.

  11. You really think her status wasn't partially from her looks? Of course she has an appearance complex, any long term pop star develops one.

  12. A lot of older women look really good for they age with not too much make up, not 30s, but it can bring you to late 40s-50s and even then, who cares if they don't even do make up? Everyone knows how aging works. But this, this literally looks like she is doing the opposite of what her goal is.

  13. I’m 64 ( same age as Madonna), with arthritic hands and even they don’t look that bad. I have got good legs and feet, but unfortunately, not got Madonna’s money to sort my face ha ha!

  14. This reminds me of that creepy af Tiktok she made a while back trying to be sexy and mysterious, but came off looking like a Muppet.

  15. Her hands? What about her fucking face? It's HORRIFYING. She used to be GORGEOUS, then she ruined herself with plastic surgery.

  16. I wish I could stay young forever too. at some point u got to realize. just accept your fate. enjoy life's stages. if u dive deep u will find fulfillment in the stage you are in. change is inevitable.

  17. Isn’t it sad how the lion lady wanted to make herself look like that purposely and she received so much attention because of her choice and now celebrities are having work done and unintentionally look like her, trying to get something back that they never will???

  18. My grandmother's hands were like this. She died at 72 but the last 10 years of her life she had hands like this. She was also an addict who did hard drugs for 40 years before getting into a drug maintenance program at 50 but she still got high by abusing everyday prescriptions. I still remember her hands.

  19. You think they’re terrifying because deep down you know they’re coming for you and one day they will be your hands. Everyone gets old. You will too. …Boo!👻

  20. I have a theory that people who she hangs out with have to sign a waiver they won’t post any photos unless sanctioned by her online. And that all photos must be filtered and pre approved first. She must be livid this photo is floating around after the hours she spends photoshopping herself…

  21. Am I the only one thinking “that’s probably what her hands should look like at her age. It’s her face that’s oddly terrifying.”

  22. You’ve got to be really sad and insecure to do all that to your face to avoid the natural process that is aging…

  23. I wonder how she would look if she never had surgeries and other procedures. Like what if she was a freezer repair woman? How would she look then? Can someone have a computer program show us that??

  24. So her hands look her age, Jesus Christ let women age. This is literally why so many women are getting fillers and shit put in their face like this. Aging is normal, leave us the fuck alone.

  25. Looks like she should be holding a poisoned apple and giving it to Snow White with hands like those.

  26. She should finally accept that people get old and embrace her natural beauty without filters.. tho u can't undo all those plastic surgeries ofc. It's just sad to look at..

  27. Women/men really get plastic surgery without thinking of the repercussions it takes having all that shit sit in your body at an older age…

  28. It's crazy cause only 5-6 years ago she basically looked normal. Some MAJORLY bad plastic surgery happened in that time. Very sad for her.

  29. She doesn't look anything like herself any more. It's so sad that people feel the need to do this stuff to themselves.

  30. yeah.... she's 64. I think the more concerning thing is whatever is making her face look like that is probably unhealthy.

  31. I'd be more afraid of her face...GOOD LORD. You can't stop time matter who rich you are..You don't look like YOU anymore. Bless her little heart.

  32. Madonna‘s hands? I’d say it’s Madonna’s everything nowadays. I just don‘t get it. I mean eventually you reach a point where it’s noticeable that you had stuff done. So you will not only look older but also look like you cannot accept you‘re getting older. Sad.

  33. She looks like she's headed the way Donatella Versace looks... her face literally hurts to look at; and there's not much you can do about aging hands tho...but STG I don't understand the mentality of these aging people who think that this kind of surgery actually looks better than just natural aging?

  34. imagine getting a handjob with one of those colds bastards when she tries to slip one two of those boney digits up your ass

  35. I’m surprised she isn’t wearing her fingerless gloves. I thought she did that for that exact reason. She’s 64 what do you expect?

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