A drain cleaning

  1. Had a massive poplar tree do that in front of my apartment building; it sank several roots into the outgoing sewage line. We couldn’t run water or flush the toilet for three days, and the board had to put portapotties and a potable water trailer in the parking lot. The next four days we could run water, just not flush, as the city surveyed the damage. Eventually the city just removed the entire fifteen feet of line and replaced it, cutting down the tree. Now the last vertical row of suites on the west side of the building has no tree to shade it.

  2. I worked at an apartment complex as a maintenance technician, and we saw this almost daily. It’s as disgusting as it looks, but the smell is worse.

  3. That’s a big root mass you can tell it’s roots because of the bit he’s holding onto, I’ve pulled a fair few like that out myself but you would typically use a picote machine.

  4. Is that a toilet hole? I thought it was a shower but there’s that low pipe and looks like a air vent on the side wall.

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