i get told that my art freaks people out but i really don't think they're that bad. picked a few of my favorites, what do you think?

  1. I’ve been told my art is freaky too but i’ve learned to take it as a great compliment. It means your art evoked emotion purely from design and subject matter. Love these btw, keep it up

  2. Dyou know what, your art is freaky, and I love that about it!!! It looks like it belongs in an indie Japanese horror game, like an RPG maker-esque game!

  3. It’s really interesting and certainly creepy, but i honestly want to know the backstory of this character since it looks so interesting

  4. The faces remind of of the faces that TWIST does. I dont find these freaky/terrifying at all. But what freaks one person out doesnt freak another. The puppet one looks like something id see in juxtaposition magazine.

  5. Looked alright to me. I'm more scared of flat animals like mantas, because they look like they have eyeballs from both sides and overall resemble a bedsheet that could bite you.

  6. They're like if an analog horror jumpscare resented their existence. I dig it, would chill with this sad bald friend

  7. Creepy and macabre? Yes. But I like it for that. I think that things that we make ourselves don't look as scary to us as they do to others. Keep it up, because you've got a great aesthetic here. 👍

  8. Not everybody is into the same stuff , I think the 5th one is amazing ! Do you have an Instagram or somewhere where you display your art ??

  9. As strange as it sounds, especially the first picture, I think these would look great as skateboard brands. Imagine these on the bottom of a skateboard and on hoodies etc.

  10. Art is definitely subjective. I find these pretty unsettling (they're still really good tho!). As an artist myself, I love seeing other artists' takes and styles on various genres/subjects. Are you a fan of analog horror btw?

  11. I like this satanic saitama :]. It's quite dark, but not terrifying. Also everybody expreses themselves in their own way, it's up to you what you want to tell and up to people what they are gonna see. Everybody sees art in their own way and the difference between artist and reciever is often the biggest

  12. I can see this character being picked up by fans who create a ton of lore behind it. And then they draw a ton of incredibly inappropriate art of the character being really attractive and hot.

  13. For real though that second image would make a dope sticker, I'd totally put that on my laptop.

  14. Oh yeah, this gets under my skin, very uncanny. Something is off, brain senses danger for sure. 10/10 freaks me the fuck out. Good job. Hate you✌🏻😔

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