one hundred and f'n nine

  1. I’ve seen people around that age that look much better and healthier. I wonder if the person in the video has an illness that’s contributing to how she looks.

  2. No it's a monk who wants to mummify himself. Kinda starve to death and yeah this is pretty much at the end I think. Looks surreal, like a skeleton which is alive...


  4. I’ve heard they basically deprive themselves of most substances to preserve the body before death so it doesn’t erode and break apart, so these monks eat very little and usually stay bedridden

  5. I have never seen anyone alive look like that. their skin looks like it is sucked tight against and back into their skull like there is no muscle, but they are moving their mouth and eyes. some kind of muscular atrophy?

  6. I heard he's doing a living process of Self Mummification. They starve themselves and drink special tea and herbs. I saw that on here about 10 months ago.

  7. I’m pretty sure it’s the practice of becoming a skeleton or something. It’s an old Indian or Buddhist thing if I recall. I vaguely remember reading about it at some point.

  8. Some Buddhist monks through a mummification process where technically you just hibernate. But the diet predating it is very strict and the weight loss coupled with this dude's age will not do wonders for your image.

  9. I look at the self-mummification practices in Buddhism and think, is this an early start? Once he's in site with a bell he would be nearly there. I always imagined people would start the practice with some kind of advanced preparation a la moderna.

  10. He’s a Buddhist Monk that started the mummification process while still alive. That’s why he looks like that. It’s A Buddhist Monk thing

  11. Some monks not all when they reach the end of their life will stop eating. They are aware their part of the cycle of life is ending and are at peace. It will preserve their body, basically self mummification.

  12. It’s a ancient Buddhist tradition as far as I remember from looking into this video before, I believe it’s called self mummification for more info I’d look it up but basically is an extreme Buddhist practice of renouncing all worldly pleasures and observing asceticism to the point of death in other words begging Mummification whilst still alive

  13. My grandmother died at 101. She looked way way better than this. Fat on her bones, head of hair, colour in her cheeks, no sunken discoloured look like this corpse... no offence, but is he/she/it sick...?

  14. The human lifespan is ridicoulous. A monkey can live like 30-ish years and we're out here living to 110

  15. Well they don't just meditate for the mummification. They drink some fluids with embalming effects which kill them in the long term and it doesn't always work

  16. For some reason I feel like this guy is in peace. Not sure if he is in pain or not but I just feel like being at that point in life would feel like a constant state of meditation and feeling your energy merging back into the universe. Just my two cents.

  17. I don't know if I want to live that long honestly. If I ever lose mobility I've instructed all of my children to make arrangements to help get my ducks in a row get me to someplace what im about to do is legal. Maybe someplace with pods.

  18. Tide Pods are not the way to go man. Also losing mobility isn't too bad after you get used to it. Think about all the video games and books you can play. Plus you get to bring your comfy chair with you everywhere are you get buff arms.

  19. Holy shit. That skeleton is alive!! I thought this was a cheap Halloween robot thing for the first few seconds

  20. I knew this old couple who lived out the road from me. They were farmers and ate bacon & eggs every day for breakfast since they were little. He smoked non-filter cigs. They died within weeks of each other. She was 105 and he 104. A couple months before their deaths I saw them weed eating their property like they've always done. It was hot af that day, too. They worked all around the farm every day like that until their deaths.

  21. My great grandmother made it 109, ran her small farm till the very end. She didn’t look anything like this.

  22. That’s… that’s really cute how she just runs up the the other side of the bed and is so happy to see them

  23. What the fuck is going on here. I've seen roadkill that looked healthier than this guy. Someone get him a sandwich or something. Probably weighs like 30lbs fgs.

  24. How tf does this corpse even have the strength to lift its arm!? This is clearly some kind of mummification while alive type process right? How tf are they able to endure this without giving up long ago? Doesn’t seem like this can even be real

  25. What the fuck. I've seen pictures of people that were over 100 and they didn't look like fucking skeletons wrapped in skin with nothing else. Is this real?

  26. Oh my god - when the mouth opened I nearly shit myself 😳 I seriously thought this was a prop skeleton that someone was jiggling the arm around to make move

  27. So is this real? People say because he picks his nose it’s gotta be real but that doesn’t feel like a super high standard of evidence lol

  28. He's a Buddhist monk in South-East Asia. Buddhist monks don't eat after noon. They eat light breakfast in the morning and lunch before noon. Some eat only lunch. Considering his age, perhaps he eats so little.

  29. Omg...I saw this earlier and thought it was some sort of religious thing where the family kept the body of their deceased loved one out to commune with. I thought the little girl was patting her own head with the dead person's hand. 😬😳

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