Feet on a plane

  1. Or you know those snack packs make epic amounts of crumbs. Be a shame if some of them fell the floor.

  2. Ya I mean not a feet person but some feet are not that bad even slightly cute when painted but this…. Nope you know these are gross get them away from me as far away as they can go just no. This is far more then just feet I’m my space.

  3. Someone tried doing this to me on my last plane ride so I faked sneezing and spit all over their feet. Super effective I must say lol

  4. I had someone not too long ago that claimed that the space beneath their seat on the plane was theirs for storing their crap (so where I would put my feet). She was really shocked and upset when I removed her bag and handed it to her. Did people just forget how to be around others during Covid? She was a normal looking adult, but really clueless.

  5. This was my initial thought lmao, I’d still stamp or pretend to need the toilet like someone explained. Go to stand up and boom, sorry sir, didn’t know your handfeet were on my side!

  6. Easy solution here. Stand up and go to the lavatory. Remember to apologize. "I'm so sorry! I didn't see your feet there. Are you alright?"

  7. No you just look them in the face an say move your fucking nasty ass feet, people do shit like that because they have never been confronted by anyone before, like who would really let that happen. 🤷‍♂️

  8. That’s exactly how I’d go about it. If the carpet’s soft you may not even notice you accidentally stepped on something.

  9. Sorry my friends, but appears you've got a role in "Orcs on a Plane" don't worry, Sam Jackson will be on board somewhere disguised as a Hobbit

  10. Looks like an old persons feet riddled with arthritis. Instead of listing to the people above me and “stomping” on em; try mentioning the issue first. If they act fucky then stomp away 🤟🏻

  11. I would chew some food (crackers, whatever) and just say out loud “I don’t feel so gooo” and then make a vomiting noise and spew all that stuff you chewed up which is all nicely mixed with your saliva right on top of that vermin’s feet.

  12. [Samuel L Jackson voice]I have had it with these motherfuckin feet on this motherfuckin plane![/Samuel L Jackson voice]

  13. Resist the primal urge to stomp on them. Use the brain evolution gifted you and get a cabin attendant to sort it out.

  14. You can step on them once and get away with it. The person obviously put them there not thinking you'd notice. I say a little stomp gives them a painful reminder why they shouldn't do shit like this.

  15. I'm just, "what is up with that ONE toe?" Because you know, it's shorter than all the other toes. It's itching at the back of my skull. Is there a reason it's shorter than the rest of the toes?

  16. Stomp them ,,,if they were pretty feet it be great but it figures they would be gross ,,and the middle toe looks like it was jammed in back in 1980

  17. I don’t even recline my seat on a flight out of courtesy (and lots of social anxiety). I couldn’t even fathom sticking my goblin feet into someone else’s space.

  18. so OP got toxic avenger toes encroaching into their space, but instead of being a trooper, OP decides to digitally encroach on all of us, so that we may share in their misery. sick.

  19. I am a heavy guy. I would pretend to have to go to the bathroom and step on that food with my entire body weight while standing up. No regrets.

  20. Accidentally repeatly stomp on them. You cant help beeing the type to stop and laugh at the funny movie you see on the plane

  21. Imagine pretending to watch a movie while exacting the most pathetic revenge on an absolute stranger. If your hypotheticals are this fucking lame, you must be an even more epic cringelord in real life

  22. Should I point out that with the postage-stamp size of airplane seats these days, this person might not even realize that their feet are sticking out? And that maybe the right thing to do would be calmly telling them and asking them to please move their feet back? No, we'll just skip to either yelling or stomping on them? Alright then.

  23. Eeew whatever happened to these feet looks super disgusting. And why would that person take off it's shoes in the first place... Nah I just don't wanna know.

  24. Ist something murmuring "my preciousssss" and stuff like that from the seat behind you? If the answer is yes, you might want to check if you destination changed to "mordor".

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