My mom found this in A thick line in front of her front door this morning. Made police report, no idea what it is or where it came from.

  1. I'm going to drop one possibility here as I haven't seen anyone else mention it. You said it was found in a line? I'm part of an international running group called the "Hash House Harriers". They have a "hare" set out and lay a trail that the "Harriers" have to try and follow. These trails are often laid with biodegradable powder. Often flour, chalk... In the winter they will use Kool aid to make it more visible in the snow. Now I'm not for sure that this is what you saw but it's I'm the realm of possibility that this line was part of this "hash house harrier" trail..more info on the group:

  2. Well it's not graveyard dirt... doesn't look like salt... This is fascinating. Let us know if you figure out what it is. Kinda looks like... Funfetti Cake Mix?

  3. It's for removing stains on clothes it would have been in a package that had a hole in it and when they were coming back from a trip to the grocery store it would have leaked out in a trail lol

  4. I don't understand this thread at all. This is literally the least interesting, least terrifying thing I've seen on the Internet today, yesterday, or ever. Everyone is like, "if I saw this I'd blah blah blah ..."

  5. looks like diatomaceous earth to me. used in pool filters. We also use it here to stop scorpion's from getting into places they dont belong.

  6. It’s definitely not drugs. Might be old soap, the red and blue specks are giveaway. I’m talking years old.

  7. Is it Borax? Borax is a common way to kill or repel ants/pests, which would explain why it was in a line outside.

  8. That's just Grey cocaine. You can turn it to a more familiar White cocaine if you can get it to fight a Balrog in the depths of Moria.

  9. Made a police report about powder on the ground... it's definitely strange...but if she was truly worried about it being dangerous to contact police ,why did she collect it into a bag,disturbing the particles and potentially exposing herself? Not really a reason to get police involved..AFTER she touched it...

  10. Yeah, if I found a thick line of strange powder on my porch, I'm exiting out the back door and calling police and whoever else to investigate. I'm damn sure not about to sweep it into a bag.

  11. She said it cap'n crunch pancake mix. Like how would the police find exactly what kind of pancake mix it was? Why not just say pancake mix lol. This post is fishy af

  12. Also used to keep fleas out in Midwest. Here in northern MI.. so many goddamn squirrels with them, the bastards just leap their way across my sandy yard and into the house if I don’t put this outside my doors.

  13. total shot in the dark idea but might have been ashes of someone who lived there previously and the family was spreading them? that’s what came to mind EDIT: or it’s funfetti cake mix

  14. That’s what I was going to say. My mom passed away this year and was cremated. Whatever this is in the bag looks a LOT like my mom’s (or anyone’s, I imagine) cremated remains.

  15. Look into or google brick dust in door ways. In Santeria and Voodoo practices it was used to keep email from being able to enter or leave. Remember not all bricks are red.

  16. Makes me think of boric acid powder. Is it an apartment building or condo? Boric acid is put down for pest control and it wouldnt be unusual to place it across a doorway.

  17. I had someone pour a tin of soup all over my door step. I think potential robbers leave a mess outside to see if it gets cleared up soon. If it doesn’t they assume its empty and they can break in. Also I’ve had chalk markings on my wall outside - it’s burglar code, thankfully when I googled it it said my house probably has nothing of value 😂

  18. I detect bullshit, no way you picked it all up off the floor, tampered with evidence, and somehow left out all the dirt it would've picked up

  19. that’s diatomaceous earth. People use it to get rid of ants or other pests. All natural alternative to pesticides. Somebody probably saw a bunch of ants and put some down to help you. My mom uses it all the time and she gets weird looks sometimes from people walking by because they don’t know about diatomaceous earth.

  20. Even tho Its content is already known, to me it looks like grandma’s ashes. I got a little baggy to process into a small art piece and it looks somewhat the same.

  21. Is it that powder used to draw the lines in a sports field and maybe some kinds are playing around with it ?

  22. Does it have a smell? It doesnt look like coke or heroin. Maybe some explosive mixture? Why would someone put that in front of a door. Maybe some voodoo shit? Someone playing a sick joke? Try lighting a lttle see if its flammable.

  23. If you lay a line of captain crunch pancake mix on your door seal it will make it impossible for count chocula to enter your house.

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