Body sized shallow hole/grave behind my new house

  1. This happens when someone is buried in a natural pine box, or without a box at all. The dirt settles, and the natural wood decays and gives way. I've been to alot of old graveyards

  2. 😬 UPDATE Authorities came and looked at it and said it’s “odd, but probably nothing” but they don’t know what it is. Said not to touch it just yet and they will check their records (which they said they already did). So now I’m just waiting until they come back

  3. maybe a previous owner wanted to be buried on their property? i used to live in a house that the previous owner was buried at

  4. It's how a friend of mine once found a body. Wound up being his landlord buried a parent in the backyard b/c he was too cheap for a funeral.

  5. A friend of mine’s dad owns a few acres in Pennsylvania. There are a couple of civil war graves located there. Weird to know people are buried on your property from 160 years ago.

  6. What you’re saying is true but in the case of no box at all, it’s the body decomposition and the dirt filling in the voids that causes the settling.

  7. very likely that it is a "perc test" location. basically they dig a hole that looks like that, fill it will water, and see how long it takes to drain to determine your septic needs.

  8. Septic was exactly my thought. Correct me if I'm wrong but also simply installing a tank poorly will cause this.

  9. I’m a plumber from Australia, we learned during our license test on how to do that kind of testing to determine your septic needs

  10. So I'm a history nerd/relic hunter that lives down south. That being said I've run across a number of cemeteries, including those for the enslaved. This does look like a grave. Most burials are oriented east to west, so look at that. And if you live on or near a historic property it may be related and nothing to worry about.

  11. I just see something like this and think of Poltergeist. “You moved the gravestones but didn’t move the graves!”

  12. Was it a bargain? Change your locks in the doors and in the windows. It is relatively cheap and easy to do by yourself.

  13. While you're at it, change to security hinges and install a deadbolt. None of this will deter a truly determined attacker, but it eliminates most non-destructive routes of gaining access.

  14. And after they mark it as innocuous on their file, murder someone and bury in the same hole. This way when the police investigates, they'll skip this grave.

  15. Think of the Alyssa Bustamante case. She dug a bunch of ones just like this in preparation of killing that girl. I guess she wanted to have a bunch of possibilities in case other people were on the trail or whatever.

  16. I worked for the forest service and one night we were camping out in the desert, before heading up into the forested mountains. We found 2 holes, side by side and very similar to OPs, except about 4 feet deep.

  17. UPDATE Posted this before bed last night and woke up to it with a thousand comments about calling the authorities, so I did that and now I’m waiting for them to come out. They don’t seem in a hurry, but I’ll keep you guys posted here

  18. They probably don’t care much because it’s most likely not a body. Like other said— there’s plenty of logical things it could be, such as a perc test. Trees and large bushes can also leave behind holes and hills called pillows and cradles when they fall down and decay. The roots take the dirt up with them and it spreads out next to the hole as the roots decay and let the dirt go.

  19. I have been looking at the comments on what it could be, if you call the PD can you give us a update on the situation OP?

  20. Most things like this I shrug at on this sub….but this one actually looks pretty sketchy. I’d be giving the local PD a call.

  21. Hey! Funeral director/embalmer here! This is exactly why vaults are required in cemeteries (at least where I live) to prevent the ground from sinking like that. It’s super common in old graveyards for there to be indentations where the casket lies beneath. That is a little terrifying that this is behind your house though. Best of luck!

  22. I used to live there. Not a dead body, I promise, so you don't need to dig or call the police. We don't really need two dead bodies there. I mean...

  23. If big trees fall over they pull up a lot of ground with the roots, and after it’s rotted away you end up with these sunken grave looking holes

  24. unlikely to be in this shape though. they are generally more round and there is a "pillow" on the other side where the roots would have made a mess and dropped all their stuff

  25. It's only terrifying because you choose to cower from it.. dig it up and put an end to silent thoughts or forever be haunted by them.

  26. I've seen old slave graves in North Carolina and that thing looks legit. I would definitely call that thing in. Are you in a state that had slavery? You might also get an unsolved murder solved.

  27. After the body decomposes, the empty space where the body was would fill in with dirt, leaving the sinkhole. I'm guessing anyway..

  28. When you dig up dirt deeply it disturbs the natural structure of roots and organic material and it settles back in more deeply than the undisturbed dirt around it … how long have you lived there? I don’t think it’s a perc test because there’s not a pile of dirt that dig out. The dirt was put back in the hole… yikes

  29. there was a park near my house that had a bunch of these and when i was younger me and my brother would use them when playing with nerf guns as concealment

  30. Go to the County Court House and look up land records and death records and cemetery plots for the last 200 years. And get a land survey.

  31. I'm a gravedigger, this quite often occurs with recently interred coffins, the weight of the soil and rainfall can cause this.

  32. It’s okay, just put a big ol’ rock at the head of the hole. If they wake up they’ll bonk their noggin and go back to sleep.

  33. Just dig it up. Maybe there's priceless jewels or gold on the corpse. Then report finding the remains. Otherwise the cops will likely pocket all of the good stuff.

  34. I've seen lots of body sized depressions in terrain like this. Could be a body, but likely is not. Have a professional come take a peak. It will be the highlight of their day, trust me. Unless they find a body. Then it will be one of the highlights of their career.

  35. How long and wide is it? It totally looks like a plot. Maybe hopefully it's a dog and not a human! Not implying it's better. Only possibility! You must update with a new post, please

  36. So, is this the new "I found a safe" post of the month? I read the "update by best" edited update, that doesn't seem final to me, or is it

  37. Why assume it's a grave? Why assume anything at all? What you have is a depression in the ground. It wouldn't kill you to grab a shovel and root around.

  38. Definitely a large man-made hole. Don’t call it a grave until you’ve dug it up! Might be buried treasure!

  39. Can't really tell from the picture, but take a look at the roots on the downslope around the edge. If they look like they've been chopped through and regrown, there's a decent cause for concern, especially if all the downslope has an irregular semi-circular pattern rounding to the outside.

  40. Well, maybe my friend’s backyard sinkhole will ease your conscience! It may not be a dead body, but a deep cavern of mystery!

  41. Either it woke up.. or a meteor hit long ago and that was its track! Get a metal detector and check both ends or iron nickel copper contents!

  42. Considering you obviously have a lot of oaks & stuffs, this could have very well been a log that decayed in place while rain water eroded the soil around it.

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