The last photo ever taken of Michael Rockefeller. It’s believed that the Asmat people known cannibals who beheaded their victims ate the unlucky explorer during one of his trips.

  1. It's kind of a mystery tbh. His body was never found. They found his boat and a bunch of "art" that he had collected to take back for an art gallery that he was supposedly starting up. It's a very interesting story. If you want to learn more about it, the podcast "disappearances" on Spotify is pretty good.

  2. My theory is they formed a ring around him and forced him to fight to survive. Probably killed 2 or 3 warriors and he won the right to live so he did. Pulled that out of my ass tho

  3. Pretty sure there's another photo that keeps circulating too of a white man dressed in native garb with like a spear among them and it's widely believed he wasn't eaten, but rather embraced by them and he joined their tribe.

  4. I’m really surprised that no one has recently investigated this in that area. Even if he were dead, DNA could be collected and analyzed. If he lived there would be stories and descendants.

  5. Apparently a translator later overheard people in the tribe saying to each other not to reveal what happened with Michael. So it sounds like either they killed him and want to hide them or let him join in but for some reason don’t want to reveal that

  6. “November 17, 1961, Rockefeller and Dutch anthropologist René Wassing were in a 40-foot (12-metre) dugout canoe about 3 nautical miles (6 kilometres; 3 miles) from shore when their double pontoon boat was swamped and overturned.[4] Their two local guides swam for help, but it was slow in coming.[5]

  7. Thank you for getting this story straight. I had a whole class on “cannibals” which to be honest was incredibly uncommon despite common belief and it’s kinda wild how far the cannibalism fear stretches

  8. Yeah out of the 3 possible ways he lived/died, drowning when attempting to swim about 14 nautical miles sounds very likely to me.

  9. “Hade he arrived” is doing a lot of legwork here. He was trying to swim ~12 Nautical miles in a current pulling him away from shore. He drowned.

  10. Imagine being beheaded by people who don’t speak your language. I wonder how long it took him to realize what was going on

  11. I mean. He was not killed by the people in the picture. If he was killed he was killed by a separate tribe who were mad af about white people because some white people had killed some of them, so I really don't think he'd have been confused.

  12. Ive seen comments and articles about his possible death being for revenge, but I would almost assume the tribe would almost know the difference between who did and didnt attack them? Based on language, or sound of the language Michael would have spoken (if they didnt understand English).

  13. They only do it to waring tribes after a battle out of respect and to gain their power,they don’t just eat people!

  14. Again the everlasting cycle of reposting this pic and story in all subs every few months for karma farming? Omg.

  15. OP avoids saying that anybody in this photograph killed him. OP avoids saying this because they didn't kill him. The people in this photo were his friends. OP implies they killed him because that's what gets you more upvotes, but in reality this was literally just the last photo they had of the guy (supposedly; someone else said that's a lie) and it's unrelated to how he died (we don't even know he was killed; he might have just drowned).

  16. I remember reading somewhere that they thought he was a spirit and they were told by god to eat him to consume the spirit and make it apart of their soul. So yeah they ate him and used every part of his body for either food or some other use which is why his body has never been found.

  17. When they announced that it was almost dinnertime and he was the guest of honor, he didn't realize that the role of guest of honor was very different in their culture.

  18. There’s footage on YouTube of him rowing with that tribe to war im not joking it’s pretty nuts he’s alive and living with that tribe we don’t know for sure but I believe he’s alive since he’s seen in a vid with the tribe

  19. There’s also speculation of him being taken in by the tribe! Bc there was an unknown white man pictured with them at one point

  20. There’s a LOT of theories. He joined the tribe. One he was eaten. Another he joined tribe and he was eaten when he died. There’s a pic of the chief that allegedly ate him (well helped anyway):

  21. He looks like that gay guy from rammstein, who was left in the exact same situation in the end of the clip for the "Auslander" song. Now i wonder if it was an easter egg or a coincidence

  22. He disappeared from society. There are videos after he "disappeared", which show this same tribe, rowing in a boat, and a single white guy, similar to him, which further reinforces the theory that he started living with this tribe, and not that it would have been devoured.

  23. There’s also a photo of a white man rowing a boat with em a few years later I would honestly say fuck it I’ll be in your tribe

  24. If they killed and ate him. How was the picture taken and how was it brought back to be put on the internet, those tribes people don't look like they have computers or phones.

  25. There was a man with him on the expedition. He survived. It was after this pic that they were on a boat heading back when the boat overturned. He chose to swim back to shore. One story says he drowned. One says he was victim to the tribe there.

  26. That’s right. They didn’t because the two of them left the village by boat. The boat capsized. One man survived, one didn’t.

  27. Of course they ate him, when your only option is dark meat and suddenly white meat is on the menu you go for it.

  28. I've always wondered, when this story pops up, who do they eat when no clueless explorers come around? All the natives share quite a bit of DNA; so how on Earth do they decide who's getting eaten next out of their own kin?

  29. Is this where the “savages” perception came from in indigenous tribes? Why’d he not just stay away and let them be? He’s so dumb 😭 He knew they were cold murderous cannibals and he still tried to hang out with them 🙄

  30. I've heard theories that he was eaten or they let him join the tribe and he never looked back. The later is optimistic, dont know if it's realistic though.

  31. Holy shit! I actually thought this was posted in R/fakehistoryporn untill I looked to confirm my thoughts. That's scary.

  32. honestly Michael seemed like one of the few ultra elites who genuinely didn't want any part of it. I hope he just disappeared to live his own life. I know it isn't likely, but it's a nice thought.

  33. Carl Hoffman’a book went into detail about his killing, where villagers and tribal elders admit to Rockefeller being killed after he swam to shore in 1961. No remains or proof of his death have been discovered, so we can only go off the tribe’s word.

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