Fireman kicking suicidal people from the window

  1. In sweden, they are not really called "firefighters" anymore, not officially at least. Their services are instead called, translated from Swedish of course, something in the line of "Rescue Services". Fires are just one thing they work on :)

  2. Yeah. Police and Firemen are basically all around stuntmen sometimes. Except there is a weird line that is drawn when it comes to dealing with criminals and dealing with fire.

  3. A job fit for a firefighter, if you bought the police they would take out their gun and start escalating the situation.

  4. Can I come too? Put in a good word for me when you become an orange firefighting peoplekicker, will ya?

  5. I think it’s actually a weight thing. The guy is bigger and if they just nudged him he might just lose his balance and then throw himself off.

  6. Yeah, that’s my thing with this: what’s stopping these people from just…attempting suicide again when the firefighter’s not around, possibly in a different way besides jumping?

  7. Idk why but I see something like this happening on Family Guy lol. Peter learns that firemen kick suicidal people away from ledges, he wants to be heroic so he puts on a fireman hat and starts kicking everyone near a ledge. For safety.

  8. "You know who has to clean your ass of the fuckin' pavement? Me. You know who has to deal with the smell? Me. Get the fuck back in that apartment you stupid son of a bitch."

  9. For anybody who needs to hear it: I want you to be alive. I want you to keep your feet on the ground. I want you to keep your eyes open. I want you to keep breathing.

  10. Great save, next attempt - pills, would like to see the fireman breaking some teeth kicking that out lol. Drop the suicide rate, by drop kicking it.

  11. I don't think it will actually help many of people wanting to commit suicide. It won't cure chronic or terminal illness, for example.

  12. That's awesome more than terrifying. It's terrifying ppl end up at this point but I'm sure that might be enough to make them realize they were making a mistake

  13. Suicide is no one's first choice. It's a last ditch effort to stop your suffering at all costs, often after years of fighting for the opportunity of treatment.

  14. I'm so sick of hearing this shit man. Every fucking problem is temporary, doesn't mean that 20+ years of being trapped in your mind is bearable.

  15. I say this respectfully, but you're very wrong. I ended up telling my mom that I was suicidal -- very casually -- because she said something similar like, "It'll all be better in the morning" type stuff. That's not the case for a lot of people with suicidal thoughts. If you can go to bed and feel better or be shocked into rational thinking, then you're lucky. I've woken up so many mornings and still wondered what's the point.

  16. “Ouch, you kicked me!!” -“Yes, I saved your life.” “It hurts!!!” -“Good that means you’re alive.”

  17. Imagine you feel so low that you don't know if you want to continue bearing through the pain of life anym-BAM! KICKED!

  18. Could you imagine that being your specialty as a fire fighter? Hope all the people in this video got the help they needed

  19. A job fit for a fireman, if you bought the police they would take out their gun and start escalating the situation.

  20. Anytime i see a video like this i think of that opening of The Incredibles, when Mr. Incredible gets sued for saving the suicidal man.

  21. Videos like these always get me thoughtful. Like, we live in a world that the states cut our free dom every single day from the moment we are born till death and even if we should be their owners not the oposite, they dont even let US choose if we want to die. You may disagree but that is a fact.

  22. Little known fact: this is video of Chinese corporate profit firefighters specially trained to keep workers from jumping out of windows and committing suicide at their jobs, their main purpose is keeping profits as high as possible. Think of them as human resource superheros.

  23. I really cannot imagine how it would feel to live with the memory of the emotional whiplash of being this close to killing yourself, only to have a guy come out of apparently nowhere to drop kick you in chest/head to save you.

  24. then their face plants onto the concrete floor, face half torn off, and gets an ambulance called for them. they wake up the next day with $20k in debt and still suicidal.

  25. All I can think of when seeing this is that fireman acting like ninjas might be the reason Naruto wears an orange jumpsuit

  26. oh yeah, just what suicidal people need, being kicked in the back and faceplanting on a probably cold apartment floor

  27. I'm confused, can't the people who are trying to kill themselves notice that firemen and all have arrived at the scene?!! I mean if they really were suicidal then firemen's presence might just expedite the process. Unless all they want is someone to finally understand how hard it is to live with depression and get the required help they need.

  28. The firefighters probably don't arrive with sirens nor would they park where the person can see them. Then they'd get to the top of the building while the person is unaware

  29. What a complete scumbag society this world has. Assisted suicide should be available to anyone who desires it, but instead it's not and you're expected to suffer relentlessly. The elites can't have the wages slaves checking out early.

  30. That dude could be the scariest footballer ever. If his team would win the World Cup, there'd be an actual body count.

  31. I don't understand why we are forced to live? Forcing someone who is truly unhappy in this life to continue struggling through it for your own peace of mind/happiness is the absolute most selfish action you can take. Sorry, i know you hate it here and want to go, but that would make me sad so i will make you stay with me.

  32. So what, you want firefighters to stop doing this and instead just sit there trying to talk them down from the ledge, and then afterwards become their therapist for however long it takes?

  33. That would work! It's one thing to be trying. But when someone actually kicks you, you'd get defensive and "fight or flight" would kick in.

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