Well that's not a good sign

  1. I got diagnosed with seizures a few months ago. One of the first questions he asked was “do you suffer from deja vu?” When I said yes he made a note. That was pretty oddly terrifying exchange

  2. My Dad is prone to seizures, he says that every time he gets Deja Vu he thinks it’s a seizure as it can be a trigger. I don’t think Deja Vu is specifically caused by epilepsy but I believe there is a correlation.

  3. So I used to get these episodes a few years back, I'd get the strongest sense of deja vu, to the point it would make me feel really sick and I'd have to steady myself until it passed, then i would be incredibly tired afterwards and yawning continuously. Never went to the Dr's and they seem to have stopped, they were happening at a very stressful point of my life so I kind of put it down to that. After reading your comment, I'm wondering if they were small seizures?!

  4. I've had it once when I fell out of a tree as a kid. When I was staring back up at the branch I had fallen from, it felt like I had been there before. I remember that distinct feeling over 30yrs later.

  5. when i was 15 or 16 i smoked some weed and had a deja vu for 2 hours straight.(really fucked me up) After that I had deja vus like every day. A few months after that i had my first seizure and the deja vus continued. It got better over the years

  6. Sometimes when I enter in a room with too much new things, I get the kick out feeling that the brain gives when you sleep and a déjà vu. Is it okay?

  7. Not epileptic but I also have seizures, and also experience deja vu. I always thought there was a connection but didn't want to press it.

  8. Friend of mine has deja vu as his aura. Luckily he only has absent seizures. He was really good about telling me when it happened so I could go find a quiet place to chill until he came back around.

  9. What does deja vu have to do with it? Curious because I get it every so often, moreso when I was younger, but I've never had seizures.

  10. And thanks to this comment and all the replies, I'm suddenly worried that I need to look into why I get deja vu so often

  11. Huh weird I’ve heard that that’s a sign for some people. I started getting seizures a few months ago and just immediately black tf out.

  12. The deja vu is how an aura manifests in some epileptics. I hear music prior to mine, some smell things, some taste things. Generally people with seizures have a recognizable aura prior to having a seizure. I have them really bad when not on meds and just prior all other sounds fade away and a radio starts playing in my head. It’s generally several songs playing at once then I go black.

  13. Deja vu isn’t caused by epilepsy or vice versa, however the sensation is often a precursor to a seizure (often called auras and can include other sensations) or a seizure in itself. These types of seizures aren’t the big convulsions people often associate with epilepsy, but a simple partial seizure.

  14. Person with epilepsy here. Can confirm from many neurology visits that Deja Vu is tied. They ask me every time if I’ve had it recently. Whenever I have deja vu I just let my wife know, and then try and take note of what I feel like, just to be sure I’m okay. Had one major seizure in 2019 so I’m the lucky few to not have a ton of seizure activity.

  15. The City Council announces the opening of a new Dog Park at the corner of Earl and Somerset, near the Ralph’s. They would like to remind everyone that dogs are not allowed in the Dog Park. People are not allowed in the Dog Park.

  16. I thought we lived none SCP parallel universe. Or do we actually live in SCP world but we have taken amnestics pills that makes us forget all SCP encounters we have witnessed?

  17. This is what I first thought. Director Fayden putting up health and safety warnings to reduce FBC agent injuries/fatalities. Actually pretty satisfying.

  18. This is gonna make my friend’s day (actually it also made mine). They worked on the story to that game, and although I haven’t played it I’ve been spruiking it to everyone I know. Stoked to find others enjoyed it! 😊

  19. i’ve been singing this while reading all the comments… 🎶you have the right to remain silent🎶

  20. Does anyone else get Deja vu about having Deja vu? Like, not only do I feel that these things have happened before, but it feels like I've had Deja vu about it before.

  21. If I had a nickel for every time this was posted on this sub, I would have 7 nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's obvious when people repost shit.

  22. I remember seeing this post a while back. Its not a gag poster. There was actually a surprisingly practical reason for it. Whatever they’re working with, when exposed to, gives you an effect that’s similar to the enigmatic feeling of déjà vu

  23. That doesn’t seem true at all. There is no information to back that up anywhere. And even if there was an area that somehow gave you the feeling of deja vu, why would it be so serious that you have to leave and report it to someone? What is the MTA? I swear people these days have no critical thinking skills

  24. Please tell me how a sticker ia supposed to tell if a specific worker has walked by a specific spot before or not. Everything I can see says this is related to art, SCP, or Control.

  25. This is for the safety of people frequently visiting generic-looking office or government buildings. Deja-vu feelings in such areas can increase the chance of noclipping to the back rooms.

  26. My panic attacks come with overwhelming deja Vu. I feel like I've seen everything around me before in the exact situation I'm currently in, and specifically that I saw I all in a dream for some reason? It causes so much existential dread. If I saw this sign while having a panic attack, I would lose my mind.

  27. What the hell is that ? And like…why ? What goes on there that so many people have de ja vus where they felt the need to set up a sign ? And tell whoever is having a dejavu to tell an employee…?

  28. This sign is terrifying because as a kid around 10 I had a deja vu that lasted so long I could tell exactly what the person talking to me would say next I have literally no clue how that worked and then my brother through a cookie cutter at me...

  29. For me, this is serious déjà vu. I designed the icon in the middle of this sign, and I posted it to an SVG marketplace. It’s so wild to see this creator’s work keep popping up.

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