2022 got birds doing crack

  1. Yeah everyone’s saying it’s a “zombie like” virus, poor guy looks like he’s just roughed up with a broken neck

  2. He looks dehydrated. There have been a few video I’ve seen lately of birds having a hard time with these heat waves.

  3. Looks neurological to me. Considering recent events, this might be late stage wild birdflu type H5 perhaps? Or a case of a parasite? Although it looks scruffy, I think its neglect to take care of its own, and not the cause of being hit by a car for example.

  4. I can tell you 100% this is sunning/basking. Lots of songbirds - like this boat-tailed grackle - go into a sort of trance and open up their feathers bask in the sun. The purpose of it is debated but it’s probably to kill parasites. Google “bird sunning” and you’ll see many similar pictures. This instance is extra weird looking though since grackles have a freaky expression at the best of times…

  5. It is extremely rare, but still possible for any warm blooded, non-mammal animal to contract rabies.

  6. pretty sure he flew into a solid object (like a window) and broke his neck. probably not severely enough to kill or turn him into a quadriplegic, but enough to make him resemble a crackhead

  7. The camera slow pans in into the crow’s dead eyes. He starts to let out a small gurgle that almost sounds like words. Against your better judgement, you lean in closer to hear, “We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.”

  8. What is with Reddit’s obsession with CWD lately? The vast majority of videos of deer doing weird shit isn’t even CWD. Most deer with CWD won’t behave unusually at all they just start moulting their coat and will become sickly skinny, perhaps stumble a bit and drool before perishing. The videos of deer doing backflips and shit are because they’ve been shot by hunters and are in their death throes.

  9. I would have called some sort of animal control, if this is contagious it shouldn’t be left there to harm the rest of their flock/population.

  10. H5n1? Fair amount of avian flu going thru the wild bird populations, this is how the industrial chicken operations get it, a wild bird grips down, we had a bout of a avian flu this past winter with pine siskins here in the PNW, I do not recall the type tho.

  11. The bird’s head is barely attached to the rest of the body, must have fallen off a building or something attached it and now is paralysed and most likely in pain, poor fella

  12. It’s just sunning itself guys!! Birds do this all the time, they open their beaks and fluff up and do weird poses to soak up the sun. It helps kill parasites and probably feels pretty good too

  13. Mmmm idk I'm at a loss here on diseases, maybe...just maybe the bird is already dead, has rigor mortis and someone staged it to stand up. This thing looks beyond beat up. I'm surprised it's stranding. Even it's eyes are milky white.

  14. No he just had a bloody fight with another bird and is Now sitting in the sun to warm up and get energy,

  15. A bird similar to this came up in a post a couple years ago and a ‘bird redditor’ came on and said that this is what an ‘extremely dehydrated bird’ looks like.

  16. I have a mourning dove that lands in my yard at least twice a week, watches me INTENTLY for several seconds then caws at me like a crow.

  17. Sun coma! Very much enjoying the warmth of the sun, but keeping an eye out for predators! Australian Magpies do the same thing and it can look very dramatic, but they are ok!

  18. This birds looks like it’s experienced physical trauma; a collision with a window, or maybe a car. The main evidence for this is the “white” eyes. Birds have two pairs of eyelids, the inner eyelids appear somewhat milky, while the outer pair is similar to ours. When flying, birds close their inner eyelids to prevent debris from hitting their eyes. The inner eyelid is translucent enough for the bird to still see.

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