A bodybuilder with possibly too much muscle?

  1. I did this with my MLB "road to the show" character and it's ridiculous. So much so that in certain cut scenes (when I do something good) they elongate him back to be equal with the other teammates, just for them to switch back to a replay where I'm a 4'6" Gimli looking dude who's thighs are so large, they engluf my body.

  2. I came here to say the exact day thing. He looks like he was originally 6”2’ but is now 5”6’ in this pic

  3. He looks like he’s not even aware he’s at the gym. Just unconsciously lifting through a strange feeling of being lost

  4. Is it fucked up that I really wanna poke them with a thumb tack? I feel like his legs bleed like how a cartoon boat shoots out water when it has a hole in the hull.

  5. Pants off, underwear off. Wrap the seat of the exercise bike in TP. Get on the bike and do a few hundred meters.

  6. There are tools for people with limited range of motion. Basically like a litter picker that grabs TP. A large body builder can't even touch their own face or head without leaning their head down towards their hands - and even then it's a maybe. It becomes a self selected disability really.

  7. ive also wondered this but with young ronnie coleman. not that question but something like is he able to move completly? like the muscles on his back and the ones sorrounding the chest are way too big, ive watched a vid of him on the gym and got scared because he doesnt seem to be able to do things a not bulked human being can. idk thats me

  8. LOL was hoping someone else would mention this. He looks like a lil kid wearing his big brothers shirt or something.

  9. For some reason the giant oversized tees are really popular among bodybuilders, even though they hide physique that they're trying so hard to build

  10. It's funny. You normies think bodybuilders don't openly talk about their PED use. Only those shitty influencers claim fake natty to sell their dogshit meal/workout plans. This is Nick "the mutant" Walker. Guy is a monster and would never deny he takes anabolics. He's also never claimed being natural.

  11. He talks on a podcast all the time about gear and his experiences. 90% of the ifbb pros admit they take gear.

  12. Dysmorphia is defined by internal feelings. The winner of Mr Olympia makes $400,000. That’s a pretty good motivator too.

  13. Dude reminds me of things I’ve read in the autopsy report of another bodybuilder. Among all « has almost no fat », « the blood is so thick it’s viscous ».

  14. He may be as self conscious as an obese person but he doesn’t have the protective armour that obese people do. It’s socially incredibly rude to make fun of someone for their obesity but this is fair game for some reason

  15. Yeah, I love lifting but I've never understood people who chase that sort of mass. I don't want so much muscle it interferes with my range of motion and honestly it just looks freaky. Most women much prefer the Brad Pitt from Fight Club look to the my dad was a gorilla look.

  16. yeah i mean bodybuilding the way it has evolved is crazy. It's not about simmetry and the overall look anymore, it's all about size. Basically just about who carries the most amount of muscle whilst having the lowest body fat.

  17. Not saying all bodybuilers are like this, but when you get to this size i would not be surprised if its some kind of body dismorphia, its kind of the same but the opposite as anorexia. You could ask him to draw himself and would draw himself much smaller than he actually is and that he isn't happy with how "small" he is

  18. Yeah i watched a documentary (cant remeber the name) on youtube talking to ex body builders talking about their unhealthy obsession. This one bloke about 60 is sat there cryin in this ridiculous skin sack cos the skin doesnt shrink when the muscles do. This bloke is proably gona look like a naked mole rat by the time he gets to 60

  19. The winner of the Mr Olympia gets over 500k. And it's an annual show. I'm sure other top competitors of their own sport train just as hard. They just don't look like this.

  20. Ladies…. Is this attractive? This seems like the direct opposite of attractiveness to me, but I’m a straight male so I’m willing to be proven wrong.

  21. Nope. Most women are attracted to lean/athletic build upto dad bod guys. I'm honestly worried for him not making it 'till retirement. His heart is not going to make it.

  22. Yeah weird double standards going on here. If this was an obese guy, shaming him would be considered distasteful and ppl would jump in to defend him. But because he’s muscular, it’s okay?

  23. People in this thread are rough. This guy obviously loves what he's doing. Why are all of you trying to bring him down with comments about his bathroom habits, his shirt, the longevity or lack thereof of his life etc.? Grow up.

  24. What does this kind of muscle weight do to someone’s bones? I’d imagine human body isn’t build to carry this much weight around, right?

  25. Sometimes I forget that most people aren’t into lifting like me where when people are like “woah” I’ve seen this so much/so often I am completely desensitized lol

  26. If you get that big you are juicing hard.. you are forcing your heart to get blood to all that mass because it is not natural. It is the equivalent of red lining an engine.. I had a lot of power lifting friends in the late 80’s they were between 20-35.. they are all dead due to massive heart attacks. I took the advice of a guy that was built ( not as big as the other guys) but never juiced .. I’m glad I did

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