Oh deer

  1. Did you notice him stomping his foot as he snorts? Very cool moment to capture on film. Congrats!

  2. I jabbed myself in the calf with an antler dragging a buck out of the woods and it hurt like hell. I'd hate to imagine taking a 200lb, 30 MPH charge right in the abdomen.

  3. It might be mating season. You might want to Leave before you get [email protected] up or you get [email protected]

  4. Any buck showing that type of aggression is in rut. Hell, any deer besides a baby that lets a human get that close is likely in rut.

  5. To me, here, the "oddly" component is that the vapour is partially red-tinted. As if he was spitting flames. I'm totally with you, a charging deer is nothing short of terrifying.

  6. Been there seen that. It has to be encountered in person. Words can’t describe how awesome the sound is and see the massive buck staring you down.

  7. I don't know too much about deer but I hope that was drool and not foam because if it was the latter uh... be careful around there, don't want rabies

  8. I was charged at by a buck once just walking home from school. I didn’t see it until it started to charge. Had to have been maybe 20 to 30 yards away from me initially. I stopped walking that part of the woods after that.

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