His actions speak louder than his bark

  1. Report this to animal control, this dog is going to end up killing someone walking down the street, it’s too dangerous to be loose, you need to take care of this before somebody gets seriously injured by this brutal dog, the owner must be a very bad owner to allow the dog to behave this way.

  2. If you were on your property and your neighbors dog was threatening you like that you could call the vet and have him put down, that dog is too dangerous, if that fence wasn’t there you’d probably be dead or something from the dog. Imagine that dog getting around a child walking down the street or something, it’s already mean enough, that dog is an accident or a death waiting to happen with it’s extremely dangerous behavior, you need to get the vet and police involved, that dog needs to be taken away from its owner and put into an environment it’s not going to hurt anyone.

  3. Maybe, just maybe, people shouldn't own dogs that are capable of and known for doing this type of shit? So what if the dog wanted to "hang out" with my dog? It still tore theough my fence to do it, and is on my property. That's a breach of privacy, and it's friendly until it's not. Thing needs to be put down and the owner fined.

  4. My idiot french bulldog does this. She's totally friendly with the neighbor dogs and anyone on the other side of the fence, but freaks the fuck out. There's something wrong with Frenchies. Probably the fact they shouldn't exist. I inherited her from a neighbor. She's sweet, but wow - weird fucking dog.

  5. from what i can tell in the bad video quality, as the person got closer, it got more defensive. the person shouldn't have gotten closer to the property and reported the dog.

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