Texas city shares photo of unidentified "entity' outside zoo

  1. This reminds me of the greatest burn I have ever witnessed. It was the early 90's and I was easily the tallest kid in 8th grade. I went through a growth spurt and was feeling awkward about my posture.

  2. Looks like someone with long hair and sideburns, wearing a cowboy hat, and looking down toward their toes.

  3. 10 gets you nothing it's just a stray femboi catgirl. Remember; catgirls are very disruptive to the environment and should be kept inside at all times. They may complain, but outdoors in no place for them. They face dangers from coyotes and unscrupulous anime peddlers.

  4. Looks like a real goddamn sticky one. Probably lost after some kind of sex and drug bender, poor thing. I'd help it but I'm repulsed by it.

  5. I feel betrayed. He moaned like a sasquatch. Kissed like a sasquatch. Mmmmmmm his touch.. it felt like a fucking sasquatch...

  6. Oh my god boys. We are officially dealing with a fucking samsquantch. It's probably a 10 footer by the looks of that stuff.

  7. I've driven through the panhandle and stopped in Amarillo for gas. That was enough. I'd be content never going through the panhandle again. I understand why meth would be popular there.

  8. My question is why is it just a still shot? Shouldn’t there be a video clip of this thing walking/moving? That way we can easily determine what it is.

  9. The quality does make it seem like it’s standing still. Usually when something is moving on a trail cam, there are blurred pixels following it.

  10. Quite an interesting picture, but this whole thread is just people regurgitating the same jokes. Peak reddit

  11. If the picture looks like a screenshot from a 2005 flv video then it's confirmed to be a supernatural mythological creature, guaranteed

  12. Looks like a skinwalker!! Ugh, gave me chills!! I spent a month in the Utah/AZ high desert in one of those "bad kid wilderness programs." People explained a creature that looked like this, at least in that area. The stories were terrifying, a coyote that takes a demented human form. Don't make eye contact!! Or it's a deranged tweaker.

  13. It’s just a furry. it’s too hot in Texas to go out in the daytime with suits on, so they wander around at night looking for a purpose

  14. I want to believe that, but the shape doesn’t seem to fit that angle, I’m not sure that’s the case

  15. Ofcourse its a black & white and blurred image! Whenever creatures like these or UFOs appear the cameras suddenly turn into a 2mp potatoes. How long can we take any of these nonsense seriously?

  16. “Even a man who is pure in heart, And says his prayers by night, May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms, And the moon is full and bright.”

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