Warship hit by monster wave near Antarctica

  1. Imagine being in this sea state trying to shower in berthing with cum drenched shower walls trying not to touch anything but your soap bar.

  2. Dinner was chilli, and you knew you would have some indigestion. You decide to head to your cabin to wait for the worst shit you ever will take. About 29.3 minutes later, disaster strikes. As you lie on the floor, molten diarrhea erupting from your buttocks, you hear it. The alarm. At first it is quiet, but then the entire ship begins to rumble. You can hear the hull creaking as the craft begins to sink through whatever massive wave has just hit. An intense knocking can be heard at your door. When you don’t answer, the door swings open to reveal your friend; Jim. His face contorts, as the wave of stench enters his nostrils. Only then do you realize your surroundings. Your bunk, the walls, everything is covered in a brown film. Jim tells you to clean up, before going to see your captain. After you have donned partially not feces saturated clothes, you make your way to the bridge. Once there, the captain informs you that you will be immediately removed from the premises due to your indecency. As you board the life boat, you take one last look at your crew. Jim is waving goodbye. .4 seconds later your tiny vessel is dropped unceremoniously into the water, where you begin to notice leaks, before promptly sinking into the icy depths of the Antarctic waters.

  3. Every time I see videos of rogue waves or waves like this it just makes me sit in awe of the people that travelled on wooden vessels a quarter of the size of this ship in olden days and even now.

  4. Many of them didn't make it. I was watching a documentary about the cape of good hope. Tons of ships final destination was the bottom of the sea.

  5. RMS Queen Mary in WW2, almost capsized by a 28m Rogue Wave with over 11,000 people on board. Absolutely insane to think about even bigger ones hitting ships and it's the last thing they see.

  6. So the possibility of being sucked into the freezing ocean without the ability to do anything about it is, somehow, oddly terrifying?

  7. Is there a longer version of this video? I would love to see any other videos of this! It's amazing!

  8. Imagine being an ancient Polynesian, seeing this and knowing about it, and going out into the ocean with a wooden boat anyway. And then living to tell the tale. Ancient humans were insane.

  9. Idk, seems like a pretty good boat. It didn't sink, as evidenced by the video making it back to shore. I'd get on that boat. If I'm going into Antarctic seas and I get to pick my boat, I'm picking this one.

  10. I believe this is one the NZ navy ANZAC class frigates - either Te Kaha or Te Mana? IIRC they were patrolling for illegal toothfish fishing in the Southern Ocean

  11. Close, is NZ Navy but was actually one of the Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) about half the size of the frigates

  12. I legit ducked to avoid the water. I don't know if I'm dumb or if it was just reflex but that shit scary as hell.

  13. Nz navy patrol down there a lot to monitor for illegal fishing. Also moving supplies for the antarctic program

  14. Pretty normal for cargo ships to encounter these waves as well. Lots of videos on YouTube. Everyday stuff if you ask a merchant sailor

  15. Am I the only one that finds it slightly more terrifying that the ship just...took it? Like it didn't even bat an eye. Massive wave that could probably topple a building? Mild inconvenience for this ship at best...the things we as a species have built are terifyingly awe inspiring.

  16. Not a rougue wave, just a build up of swell that's gathered slightly larger than the rest. I used to love trying to predict which one would send the boat upwards enough to come crashing down like this - usually around every 7 or 8.

  17. OMG I couldn’t breathe when the wave hit. Then I realized I was holding my breath. That’s enough Reddit for today.

  18. Question, I don’t know ships well, what stops the water from getting in the ship from every nook and cranny, or do you not?

  19. Honestly I'm less terrified and more in awe that we as a human race are able to build such contraptions that can withstand hundreds of metric tons of water hitting it and it doesn't even budge. Just tears right through that thing like a butter knife.

  20. Imagine sailing, you know, a thousand or two thousand years ago. It’s fucking insane anyone ever made it alive anywhere. The ocean just wants to kill you.

  21. I capsized a 22' Catalina, obviously my fault shouldn't have happened if I was paying any attention, but think about the ballast on these things!

  22. Totally thought the ship was gonna break in half like that one other well known video or some crazy shit like that.

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