I am currently working construction at a new Amazon fulfillment center (650,000 sq ft). This is the fourth of fifth floor. That is fog in the background.

  1. No, this place has monsters. You take a walk down and as you pass a pillar, something catches your attention at the corner of your eye. You walk back and look. On one side of the pillar, you can see something on the floor in the distance. On the other side, you see nothing. Then you realize, as you have walked back and forth across this pillar a few times.

  2. I work in Amazon, a smaller warehouse is already scary specially working nights with the lights activated with motion detectors.

  3. I work for a propane company and all winter long we had to have dedicated routes going there everyday to fill the 7 1000gallon tanks they had it’s incredible how much money they spent on gas for just temporary heat

  4. I’m honestly surprised Amazon is even heating the place. I genuinely thought they just had people wear jackets lol.

  5. Thats dope i go to a place that goes through roughly 6500 gallons of red diesel a week we went back one day cause we didnt have enough and they went through 250 gallons of red in the hour we were gone

  6. Amazon has multiple sizes. 465k, 640k, and 855k sq feet. I work as an engineer and when I traveled to one of the 640k sites, I walked 14 miles in one day without leaving the building. I was there for a week straight and walked about 50 miles that week inside the building.

  7. One of the warehouses I just wired was 1,450,000 sqft. An average distribution center is typically 500,000-800,000 sqft

  8. I work on a lot of logistics facilities, 650k is good sized but not massive. Once you get the 1M+ facilities, those ones are the ones you want a golf cart to drive around in

  9. That's actually pretty small for an Amazon warehouse. There is 1 in my area that is 1.2million sq ft and another being built 30 minutes away that will be 3.6 million sq ft

  10. There's one of these Amazon fulfillment centers right on side of highway where I live and it takes like 10-15 seconds to drive length of whole thing going 70mph.

  11. See… this is what this sub is for… this is legitimately oddly terrifying. Buildings so large they have weather systems? Yeah… that is unsettling. LOL

  12. It's not weather, it's just the render distance glitching because indoor areas were not supposed to get that big.

  13. It doesn't have its own weather systems. The building is under construction, therefore there's probably large areas open to the outside. When we leave the overhead doors open at my work at night, especially in the springtime, fog will roll in. The dewpoint is simply below the air temperature.

  14. The NASA VAB is the tallest "single story" building in the world. They have systems to keep it from storming inside. So wild.

  15. You keep walking and just see more pillars, you turn around, and notice the fog behind you, in all directions. You start walking back, but you keep walking, walking, and walking.

  16. Acres are a terrible unit of measurement. As everyone already knows, one acre equals 4,840 square yards. First off, nobody measures anything useful in yards. Even Americans know better than to use yards for anything more important than a sports field. (The Scotland Yard is not relevant to this problem.) The last time I heard anyone use yards to measure anything in real life was in eighth grade, when Zach tried to downplay my sudden growth spurt by saying I wasn't even two yards tall, and I was at least six foot two by then. Point is, people already aren't equipped to think in terms of yards.

  17. Growing up I pretty much had one nightmare. I don’t get it so much as an adult but occasionally it still pops up. It involves running through a warehouse that seems to never end. You can see the ceiling, the floor, lots of support beams, but no walls or doors, it just keeps going.

  18. I have stressful dreams all the time about trying to leave a place and not being able to. I’m sure there’s some psychological reason behind it but it mostly just makes me wake up feeling anxious.

  19. Too much moisture content in the air for the temperature in a confined space. A freshly washed floor with hot water and cold air conditioning will do this.

  20. I live kind of near where this is being built. We had a bunch of rain and 40 degree days a few weeks ago and it hit 95 two days in a row. The sudden temperature spike always makes this happen at the parking garage where I work.

  21. And it gets even more terrifying when you try to gauge the untold amount of human suffering this place will produce

  22. They are in areas that people will be so it's a safety thing. The all gray ones should be within a fenced area that doesn't have regular human traffic.

  23. This post was sponsored by Amazon that's why you already have your first canned response from an Amazon PR account. You can expect more.

  24. I hated working on these stupid buildings. I was involved in loading the roofing material with a knuckle boom. It was like walking 1/2 a mile to get across the damn thing once to spread material out. That was basically leg day for weeks.

  25. There should be a horror game made around an Amazon fulfillment center, you start at the lowest floor and work you way up but there's something lurking..

  26. About 12+ years ago I worked at company that made shelving for Amazon warehouses. It was most of there business and keeping the place open. I remember thinking at the time once this Amazon stuff slows down what will the company do?..Well I was way off. Don't work there any more but I hope there still getting Amazon business, and it was union.

  27. Amazon built a distribution center across from my FedEx station, it’s massive. Then they decided after it was done they didn’t want the location so now they’re building another one 5 miles away -_-

  28. Correction, I believe that fog is actually the collected souls that Amazon sucks out of its employees.

  29. The wild thing is that while it's really big at 650,000 sq ft, there are multiple existing Amazon warehouses that are over 1M sq ft. One of them is near me.

  30. Ive worked in many Amazon buildings big and small for the last 4yrs. This is a first for me. I've always wondered if there have been any buildings that could do something like this. The only other large industrial style buildings I know of that have this phenomenon would be the Boeing facility in Everett Washington. Where is this located?

  31. Can we stop calling them fulfillment centre’s and start calling them what they are…. warehouses. Jesus christ, damned hippies.

  32. Fuckin place is already haunted before any employees have died from being over worked. You know is gonna he bad.

  33. Extremely large buildings can have their own weather systems. Buildings like this used to be extremely rare like air ship hangers, the VAB that nasa used to assemble the space shuttle in, etc. having warehouses this large is kinda freaky to think about, but yeah I’ve done network designs for multiple millions of square foot spaces…

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