The hands of the future King Of England, Prince Charles.

  1. British royalty drinks a lot. That causes kidneys to work less efficiently, causing bloating, and high blood pressure, causing redness.

  2. Well the heart is the easy part, but where the hell are you supposed to get pills made out of water?

  3. Definitely not following mum’s trend of a long reign with that level of cardiovascular health. He may be more related to her than the average offspring is to their parent but it’s definitely not helping him.

  4. these are the hands of someone who naturally should have died years ago.. idk what they do to this guy and the queen in order to keep them around for so long.

  5. He's a big fan of homeopathy, ostheopathy and the likes. Rarely visits a real doctor. So most likely some 'doctor' is giving him placebos against this already.

  6. That's not clubbing is it? Clubbing is a different shape at the end of the fingers, this looks like his fingers are swollen like water retention.

  7. Considering he probably receives some of the best healthcare imaginable, I doubt that if he has a heart issue it isn't being treated/monitored.

  8. Or...using leeches to remove the swelling. Works best if done by a shaman from India who is 102 years old, and high as a kite.

  9. There has been alot of speculation the past few years about his fingers. It has previously been explained as a reaction to “excessive heat” and “long haul flight” but this is British Parliament. Not heat. No flights. So this in a chronic condition. I’m no doctor but heart problems sounds realistic giving his age and lifestyle.

  10. One brother who suffers in excessive heat, another that is apparently incapable of sweating. Most curious.

  11. I met him outside in a garden years ago and his fingers were massive then. It is not heat or a flight

  12. Loving all the Reddit doctors on here. First of all, it's extremely rare to have RHF without precipitating LHF. Second, this could just as easily be kidney failure. Even licensed healthcare providers can't diagnose based on a photo.

  13. Its a metaphor for the responsibility of the throne constricting him and making him unable to do anything with his life

  14. Loving all the Reddit doctors on here. It could just as easily be kidney failure. I'd even argue that it is more likely to be nephrogenic in origin as, I'd assume he's on diuretics but they're not working optimally.

  15. She just missed the state opening of Parliament for the first time in 60 years due to ill health. That clock is ticking!

  16. Also he’s the future King of the U.K./Commonwealth, not England. They haven’t had their own royalty for like 400 years.

  17. Oh man. It just occurred to me that she's the last queen I'll see in my lifetime. It's all Kings from here

  18. For that to happen England would need to be a Kingdom. The Kingdom of England was abolished 300+ years ago when the UK was created.

  19. I actually thought these were prince Williams sausages for many a good minute because I didn't read the title properly and I'm pretty sure Charles will skip this one.

  20. I mean, you can argue whether his job is needed at all or whether the government is just finding justification to keep supporting a family of mooches based on antiquated notions of statehood and thus inventing things for them to do so that they look busy... but I'm pretty sure his schedule is a lot busier than mine and requires a lot of effort to simply be present wherever he's expected to be.

  21. He’s actually a very active farmer. He may not be doing the work anymore, but he has been known to have dirt stained hands, and quite physically involved with his farming.

  22. They look swollen, like there might be a build-up of fluid or something in them. My first thought seeing them was that he's got some weird health issues going on.

  23. It's his signet ring. Back in the old days nobility had rings made up with what amounts to basically a symbol of heir signature, like a coat of arms. They would use that to impress a ball of wax and the impression was a physical representation of a seal or signature verifying the authenticity. This was a while before Docu-sign was created.

  24. I had this while pregnant and with pre-eclampsia, man it was horrible. I could barely walk from the pain and my hands and arms were so horribly swollen it was so frickin painful. How can he still use them being that swollen?

  25. His liver and kidneys are struggling to process a chronic excess of privilege, leading to the puffy, pink, baby-soft hands and feet (we don't see those because they're always concealed within soft little fancy loafers).

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