My mom found this while raking leaves in the yard of our new house. Does anyone know what this is? We named him Geneva. Help.

  1. this toy is basically a colectors item when it comes to fnaf toys, you need the entire set to get this, the original owner seems to only have had 2 of the set, the leg and torso

  2. He's just trying to find someone to scoop don't worry. And he probably found someone now. It won't hurt for long

  3. Thanks for figuring out who this dude is, guys! Y’all are the best! Mystery of his identity is solved, mystery of why the duck he’s in our yard is still unsolved :)

  4. He has escaped the facility by hijacking someone else's body and has now been released into the outside world

  5. If you're familiar with FNAF lore (which I high likely advice to stay out of) you should know that it has to be burned.

  6. dont get to close to him,hell scoop out ur guts and wear u as a skin suit or smth idk i forgor what happens in that game

  7. We’ve taken to hiding him around the house, as a cute little way to spice up daily life. Geneva is truly one of us ❤️

  8. It’s Ennard from Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister location. He’s an amalgamation made from the collective conscious of the children who were killed at the pizzeria and the destroyed animatronics

  9. It's a character named Ennard from a indie-horror videogame series called Five Nights at Freddy's.

  10. Reminds me of sweet tooth ending in Twisted Metal 2, where he asked to live out his days as a venomous insect in the garden with hopes of killing the old lady eventually

  11. This is literally the most Hilarious post I've seen all day. Terrifying doll found which ic actually from Five Nights at Freddys lmao!

  12. it's a figure of the character Ennard (a play on the word Innards) from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

  13. That is an incomplete ennard doll from the FNAF: Sister Location figurine sets. Find whoever lost it, it’s ver special

  14. That's Ennard from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, it's a figurine. I will say, it's surprising to see people who don't know Ennard, but I do find your reaction hilarious.

  15. lmao thats an ennard toy from five nights at freddy’s. i have the same one, he would come piece by piece with the other figurines in the set

  16. I just realized how horrifying this might be to someone who isn’t familiar with FNAF lolol oh dear

  17. In Switzerland they celebrate a type of Halloween and this guy is like there boogie man…. Wierd you named him Geneva because that’s where the festival started…. His name is actually pronounced “bil-eee Boog-nish”. But I don’t know how to spell it….

  18. Don't trust those comments saying that this is ' ''''toy'''' from ''fnaf'' ' this is an goverment spy drone filled with explosives

  19. Oh no! Poor Ennard! I'm glad you guys found him and are nuturing him back to health! I'm sure Geneva loves his new home and family :)

  20. Wait .... you named it? Its time for you to find yet another new house. You've given the doll a soul from naming it and now that soul is tied to the house ... forever.

  21. That’s the thing that’s going to haunt you at night and chase you through the halls. That’s the thing that will watch you poop and smile whilst doing so.

  22. Why would you bring something like that into the house? Apparently, you lack the wisdom that comes from watching horror movies. 😂😂

  23. I don't know what it is. But my guess would be to bury it deep into the earth with some sort of holy person present lol

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