Death stare

  1. Oh that's cuz it's a reddit post of a Twitter post of a Pinterest post of a yik yak of a scrnsht of a paused YouTube video of a pirated limewire download thumbnail of a Broadway musical representation of a whale

  2. From my understanding tilikum was deeply psychologically damaged due to abuse from other whales in captivity. And stress from being separated from his pod in the wild.

  3. You are absolutely right. That and he was constantly in pain from eating a deteriorating pool, and not being able to swim or socialize that way that orcas were intended to. He would get very upset very quickly due to his trauma. I think the violent separation of him from his pod is where it all began, because after that, he was not trying to be involved with humans, and nobody took his first kill seriously.

  4. More details about the story can be found in the documentary Blackfish (available on Netflix). That's quite an heartbreaking one.

  5. If I was one of the greatest and most powerful mammals on the planet I would kill my captors as well

  6. Actually you are the one greatest and most powerful mammal, the top of the pyramid. And ye I agree I would kill my captors too.

  7. No human has ever been (edit:officially) killed by orcas in the wild, they are not dangerous if not harassed or attacked. Orcas are really intelligent and social.

  8. The killer whale thing is a mistranslation of their name in Spanish which was whale killer, cause they kill whales

  9. wanted to say the same! at the end it’s our fault. we shouldn’t lock orcas into small pools, it’s like putting your dog all day into your closet.

  10. Have to be careful with that. Orcas can forget how to hunt or never learn if born in captivity so they'd die and never find another group of orcas. Shouldn't capture them in first place it's so abusive

  11. If I remember correctly, one of the victims was a homeless guy who snuck into the facility and jumped in the pool with Tilikum. They found his body in pieces all over the pool and the whale was tossing the man's testicles around.

  12. They found his testicles on the pool floor. Poor guy thought he was going to get to ride an orca, he didn’t realize he was getting into the pool with an animal that had been traumatized and tortured his entire life inside a minuscule, barren concrete bathtub.

  13. Yeah, that was the second death. Sea world claims they don’t have footage of the event in spite of the whole tank being under video surveillance at all times. One of the more blatant lies a corporation has ever told a law enforcement investigation and completely gotten away with.

  14. The number of people judging the trainers instead of the actual people responsible. The trainers aren’t the evil masterminds y’all think. They’re more often than not ignorant, not highly educated individuals who love the animals they work with. They’re the expendable pawns for the corporation, though obviously not as much as the orcas

  15. If people stopped training them to do tricks they wouldn’t have a show. Everyone involved is as bad as each other

  16. It’s interesting that people decided that marine animals (whales, dolphins, etc) are safer to do these animal shows with.. you don’t see zoo’s putting on shows with full grown lions and tigers… who thought that being in an enclosed pool with an animal that is obviously at the advantage would be a good idea? Isn’t it also strange that the second any other animal comes into contact with someone from the public, they would get shot down and yet Tilikum was kept alive AND put on shows even AFTER he killed 3 people? Sea world is so sick for that

  17. People probably think they are being friends with the large animals and have a relationship, but if Tiger King taught me anything it’s that ego plays a major role. Animal people think they are admired for handling these creatures while others can’t. They think look at me I can control this beast.

  18. Orcas are really attached to their pod in the wild. Some pods dont often have babies and the generations remain pretty tight. Separation is bound to cause anxiety and depression. I dont blame this poor babe hating being kept in a tank when they are meant to explore hundred of miles of oceans

  19. Tilikum, a captive orca, looking at its trainers. Of the 4 deaths by captive orcas as of 2019, Tilikum is responsible for 3.

  20. Tilikum, a captive orca, looking at its trainers. Of the 4 human deaths caused by orcas as of 2019, Tilikum was responsible for 3.

  21. Poor Tilikum. It wasn’t his goddamn fault. He was meant to live a good, long life at sea, fathering countless other whales over the years, naturally. After delving into his sad story and all of it’s intricacies, I’m just left with a broken heart and feeling extremely pissed off that SeaWorld and other marine amusement parks are still allowed to exist. What a complete travesty. 🤦‍♂️

  22. If I was abducted by creepy aliens wearing humans suits that made me do a show in front of other creepy aliens I’d hopefully kill a few of them too

  23. Fuck Seaworld, the largest part of the park is the parking lot. That should tell you enough.

  24. IMHO. Animals are never responsible. People are responsible for keeping the animal captive and poor animal is just an animal.

  25. I really hope this practice of captive orcas and dolphins stops, they’re far to intelligent for this prison. But I will admit. I saw them perform 6 years ago and it is an amazing site to see. Wouldn’t go again tho

  26. Me too. Curiosity got the better of me on a trip to Florida. We got free Sea World tickets with our Universal ones. I was against going but I also really wanted to see a whale in real life (I know). As soon as I got there and saw the little tank and the whales swimming around I felt sick, I was actually ashamed of myself for going. When I got home I saw a Facebook post showing how much bigger the carpark is than the whale pool which made me feel even worse

  27. Its really sad tilikums whole life was messed up and he killed those people, if anyone shouldve been killed by him it shouldve been the monsters who violently took him from his pod

  28. Yeah, terrifying because the orca was abused and put into a tiny tank. Orcas are amazing animals, they don’t deserve this

  29. Is this the one Blackfish is based on, They darn stuffed up keeping him in a pool and making him perform and separating him from his mate and offspring. Even though he was born in captivity I'm pretty sure he remembers the trainers he believes mistreated him and eventually drags them into deep waters or crushes them, Karma can be a fickle bitch

  30. Fuck sea world and fuck having such a beautiful animal in captive ( even if you fuckers kill baby whales) keep that body count up Tilikum! Godspeed.

  31. He was taken from his pod, and sold to Sealand of the Pacific in British Columbia when he was about 3 years old. Male orcas bond strongly with their mothers, and these bonds last a lifetime.

  32. I question the sanity of the two people that went in the tank with it after the first trainer was killed. At that point, you can’t even blame the orca.

  33. With the intelligence these animals posses just imagine the monster you'd create if you locked a toddler in a white room with it's only interaction were being fed and trained.

  34. Also punished when he got tricks wrong and bullied by other orcas because all orcas got punished if he messed up.

  35. I think the moral of the story is whales can't be held captive. They're just too big and intelligent. If a wolf dog hybrid needs an acre of back yard to be happy and healthy. Then how much does a whale need in terms of ocean water? Probably way more than what it's provided by these monsters.

  36. It's almost like apex predators aren't meant to entertain us on command. Is that not the entire point of Jurassic Park?

  37. The other orca who killer a trainer was at a marine park in Tenerlife, Spain called Loro Parque. The orca’s name is Keto. Keto was born at SeaWorld in Orlando, Fl and transferred to Loro Parque. Keto killed a Loro Parque trainer in December 2009.

  38. Stop going to these parks. And tell your friends and family to stop doing it, as well. They can exist for a reason, namely, because people give them money.

  39. If I were him, I’d do the same. It’s disgusting how they keep these intelligent animals in these cramped up water cages, so little jimmy can go see orcas with momma Karen.

  40. Well ya he's actually insane. They locked a social, intelligent, explorative being inside a tiny pool by himself. Put a person inside a tiny room by themselves and see how they act. Everyone involved with Sea World is a monster

  41. Generations from now will look back in the way that we look back at witch burnings etc, and this is the kind of thing that will be talked about among many other things we deem "normal".

  42. I dont understand how having any captive animal is permitted for extended periods of time, can you imagine aliens come and kidnap you for your entire life to show to other aliens? I wouldnt blame anyone killing their captor in such conditions, I dont care if im living the most splendid life, freedom has no price.

  43. There's a really simple solution to this... Don't put one of the giants of the ocean in a fucking teacup and make it beg for food.

  44. I don't blame him. He was like an abused dog. All he ever knew was violence. There are some animals that just don't belong in captivity, let alone be used for entertainment shows like he was forced to do. Orcas can travel 100 miles in a single day. All he had was a pool. I imagine it was like solitary confinement in a bathtub for him. It must've done immense psychological damage to him.

  45. I would hate those fucking people too Tilikum it’s okay. I like how we blame the animal instead of the humans that brought the dangerous animal out of its natural habitat for show. Also Tilikum sounds dirty.

  46. Let’s keep a creature in a bathtub for 33 years just torturing it psychologically and then look at it like a monster of legend when it acts out

  47. this is wrong on so many levels and I hope this industry will be banned in the near future since these animals are suffering greatly. I'm strongly against zoos in general...

  48. No it’s not. It’s thought to be a reaction to more surface time and not being able to spend time at any real depth.

  49. Wow, captive you say? And he’s reacting violently you say? Hmmmm, there’s a connection somewhere, if only I could put my finger on it…./s

  50. If these " trainers" are dumb enough to keep " training" then I have no sympathy for them. Enjoy being whale food.

  51. I’d be terrified and pissed off too if I was trapped in a tiny pool enduring a fuck ton of abuse on a daily basis after being ripped from my pod in the natural. I’d kill my captors too. It’s incredibly sad those trainers lost their lives. I feel for all of their loved ones who suffered from their loss. Moral of the story? leave animals tf alone and you won’t get dead

  52. not rly sure what u expected from an animal that lives in a box all his life and is only fed when responds to a command. imo they asked for it 🥴

  53. Ummm maybe because he is a wild animal and they are keeping him confined. I’d be pissed too. Free him. Shit is sad. Just so a bunch of tourist can ohhh and ahhh at this amazing animal.

  54. There’s a reason why orcas don’t attack humans in the wild, and yet this one has attack 3. Watch blackfish, amazing doc

  55. Maybe if we didn’t take some of the most intelligent animals in the ocean and abuse them into doing tricks for people, orcas wouldn’t kill their trainers. Fuck sea world and any other place that does it. If it’s injured and needs help yes you should bring it in and rehabilitate it but not just go capture them and force them into doing shows while living in awful depressing conditions. If I were an orca I’d be so depressed that I would kill anyone that came into the water with me just so I could be euthanized, it’s a very sad possibility as to why they do this. I’d say they are definitely intelligent enough to know that if they kill enough people they will have no other choice than to euthanize them

  56. Are we even close to the point of not keeping these things in captivity? Who is still going to see their shows? For the love of God people, see Blackfish.

  57. When you keep a highly intelligent mammal captive in a literal fish tank after snatching it from its mother and keep it doped up on antidepressants then you better believe it's going to fucking kill you.

  58. Orcas are highly intelligent and social creatures and the fact that it’s legal to permanently keep them in captivity is, in my opinion, sad and almost disgusting. Same with dolphins and other intelligent/social creatures that are frequently kept in zoos and such. I understand that in certain circumstances animals are brought from the wild because of injuries and such to heal and rehab and then it’s not deemed viable to release them as they would likely not survive but I think what actually goes on goes far beyond that. As I recall with orcas at least sea world was either outlawed or simply decided to stop their orca breeding program and once all of their current orcas die they will no longer keep captive orcas. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on any account)

  59. The untold part of this is that he watched his mother get killed by humans and he was kidnapped and abused by humans almost his whole life, orcas aswell as elephants and some others are animals known to remember those who do them wrong and actually plan retaliations.

  60. It's not meant to be captive - it's meant to be out in the wild. The environment (captivity) is bringing out the worse in the Orca - just a thought to reflect on, for us humans.

  61. Set him free for the love of God! Disgusting. Orcas and Dolphins should NEVER be in captivity. Humans are evil.

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