The amount of hair my gf sheds in one week

  1. This is a Dane Cook joke in the 1999 Dennis Rodman vehicle Simon Sez. Then he does a Chewbacca impression.

  2. Srsly this is disgusting. I have to use the same shower as my sister bc we have 2 bathrooms and one is my ma's. But i yell at her all the time if she doesnt clean her hair off the wall. One time she told me "I know its there i specifically put it on that spot on the wall", bc i was wondering why the hair is always on the same tile.

  3. This same account posted 6 months ago looking to make new friends because they had just moved to a new city with their boyfriend. Not sure if this post is BS, or a shared account between 2 people or something but I suspect OP is leaving something out here.

  4. I can understand forgetting once in a while, especially if it's a smaller amount of hair but WOW. This is a huge amount! That's disgusting!

  5. Woman here, so much hair accumulates on your hands when you're washing your hair that it's just easier to bunch it all up and stick it to the wall until you're done showering.

  6. My wife does that because she doesn’t want to clog the drain” but then expects everyone else to peel it off the wall and throw it out when dry….

  7. Better than going down the drain. Also entirely possible OP requested a week’s worth of accumulation for the purpose of this post.

  8. Right? I am a woman and after each shower I pick up all the hair, i do not leave a trace besides the wster in the shower, I cannot stand a dirty bathroom, that one is full of hair and gross.

  9. Not trying to be a dick here, but that's just nasty. Not the hair loss, but the fact that she doesn't clean the shower for a full week.

  10. Yeah if there is that much hair and grime on the edges that means they probably never clean. That shower curtain looks like it needs to be changed. If the bathroom looks like that I hate to think how else the house looks. They are both dirty.

  11. Yep. Came here to say exactly this. My missus leaves her locks stuck to the shower room wall sometimes, I will pick them up and pop them in the bin when I shower. I'll mention it to her that I've tidied here mess up, but it's no biggie, she keeps all our bathrooms spotless otherwise.

  12. I started forming a big cock and balls with my wife's hair in the shower. All of a sudden it stopped being left on the walls.

  13. Not even gonna lie, my bathroom dirty but I'd be embarrassed to post it. Even mine ain't got a hairball in the corner tho

  14. Came here to say this. That’s an unnatural amount of hair loss for a week. She needs to see a doctor ASAP because this looks like some serious thyroid malfunction or something worse. she will be bald within 3 yrs.

  15. Yea I'm calling BS this is from 1 week. That tub ain't been cleaned since the start of the pandemic. Absolutely fucking disgusting

  16. That’s absolutely gross. When she gets out of the shower the normal etiquette is to grab a tissue and clean it up and throw it away. Do you shave your beard and leave the clippings all over the sink? This is basically the same.

  17. You've got a disgusting gf that obviously can't clean up after herself. Find another or plan to clean for two.

  18. For real though she either has the worlds most hair or she’s shedding way too much hair for a week… those giant clumps in the corner? She might need to be checked for stuff like nutrient deficiency

  19. I was about to say that my hair sheds more than this and I don’t have alopecia but idk I haven’t seen a doctor in like two years so maybe I do 😂

  20. I do that when I’m showering. It’s much easier to collect and stick on the wall and I prefer that than letting it flow down and into the drain. Of course once I’m done with my shower, I collect it and then trash it. At no point will I leave it like that. This is truly weird and disgusting.

  21. If you've lived with someone with long hair, and no one needs to snake the drain on a weekly basis, it's because their hair was stuck to the wall until they got out of the shower.

  22. Is your gf cousin IT from the Adams family? Also, I’m concerned with her lack of common decency. That’s a nasty lady. Hygiene is just an option for her hahaha

  23. Omg how do you live with that?? I am a woman with long hair that sheds a lot, and this would be completely unacceptable in my house. So rude

  24. Aaannddd... She collect them like this just WHY? It would be better if she can make a toilet carpet with all of them, At least this whole thing would switch to a "weird hobby" and not in a "fucking gross display of my hair loss"

  25. Beyond being appalling to look at, are there any health issues causing her to lose so much hair? That is a whole lot of hair to lose in one week. I am also confused why it is all over the walls of the shower and not just clogging up the drain? Seems very off, beyond the entire issue of not having the courtesy to clean up after herself??

  26. I'm a female, I have long back hair, that grows fast and sheds a lot. Leaving it all around the shower like that is pretty weird man. I mean it's better than clogging the drains but still...

  27. Typically they’d untangle it from their hands as it sheds during washing, and, to save it from going down the drain and causing more problems, stick it on the wall for convenience. Then after getting out of the shower, you’d usually take it off the wall and bin it, leaving the space hair free, though OP’s partner apparently doesn’t clean up afterwards

  28. This definitely isn’t “common” I would never do this 😂 I’d die of embarrassment, and if my girlfriend did this I’d have to say something, because it’s utterly gross 🙈👭🏻

  29. My hair has, and is again, falling out like this. In my case, it's hormones. It happened when I started high school, and after each kid I've had. It eventually lets up, but there are plenty of other reasons it could happen. Especially with long hair. (I always keep mine tied and pinned up to lessen how much gets around the house right now.)

  30. Is no one going to mention that they apparently brush their teeth in the shower? That's as weird to me as the hair on the walls.

  31. Ok 1) She should try to clean after herself. 2) Is she not balding? Maybe visit a Dermatologist to make sure everything is ok, it could be a sign of something else.

  32. This is kinda gross, but if it’s all from one week I might be getting pretty worried. That’s a LOT of hair for just a week. Op ask her to clean up after herself and ask her to maybe go to the doctor to see why so much of her hair is falling out.

  33. I (51M) have really long hair and so does my wife. We keep a small paper bathroom cup in the shower to put our loose hair into. Keeps it from going down the drain or just hanging around on the walls. Then, after a short amount of time we just toss the little paper cup and that works for us.

  34. I hope OPs gf is seeing a medical professional. This is not even close to a normal amount of hair shed. This could be signs of a deficiency or alopecia.

  35. Having lived with a bunch of girls my whole life, a little tip is to put a little open top trash bin next to the shower that she can easily reach, get a hair catcher for your drain, install a detachable shower head. Before she gets out of the shower each time, have her rinse the shower walls and pick up the hair catcher and tap the hair into the trash. It helps to make it easy to have a disposal of things as she maybe doing this to not clog the drain.

  36. I get it with the grossness of leaving hair behind. Nasty. However....with that much hair loss, there could be some health issues - namely hypothyroidism (Hashimodo’s disease). If she hasn’t had her thyroid levels properly checked (i.e., t3 AND t4) lately, you might want to encourage a visit to her doctor.

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