1. In all seriousness when this person comes to leave him it's probably worth having another person there with them...

  2. Do you remember what triggered him? Or what started his thing with dead bodies? 8 years is a long time for you to not notice any signs, I’m just curios how these things begin.

  3. This is exactly why I was terrified to date anyone. Low key I’m still scared, but I’d like to think I trust my boyfriend enough. Then again you did. For 8 years too 🥲


  5. Three questions. Does your boyfriend torture or kill animals? Does your boyfriend enjoy playing with fire? Last and certainly not least does your boyfriend still wet the bed or have a history of wetting his bed?

  6. That’s outdated, they don’t use that as signs of a potential serial killer anymore and those signs have been proven to be linked more to cptsd and not the dark triad anymore. The only one there that could be a sign of sociopathy is killing animals but even that doesn’t = being a serial killer

  7. yes, and uploaded to a subreddit for things that are genuinely terrifying and not oddly terrifying. I swear this sub is all shock content nowadays

  8. If he never acts out or plans to carry out his fetish then it isnt a crime considering he didnt commit it. He defintely has some serious mental illness tho

  9. Sooooo I just watched a thing in Netflix last night and learned that there are actually people who will consent to being murdered and then butchered and eaten, they're called "long pigs" and apparently it's a thing in cannibal circles.

  10. What about rape fantasies where the fantasizer is on the recieving end? It's a fairly common fantasy among women. It's obviously different than actually wanting it to happen, and plays more into the sub/dom relationship than anything. On a deeper level, that type of roleplay relies heavily on trust, respect for your partner, and of course consent (which is why kinky couples invent ridiculous code words to indicate they are actually no longer comfortable).

  11. It is a fetish, technically, it's just not a legal or ethical one. Psychological help is very limited because fetishes and sexuality in general are at some point essentially "baked in" for the vast majority of people (we don't know when or how they get solidified/uneditable). If a person likes feet, they will very, almost certainly, remain a foot fetishist until death or the discovery of, say, another fetish or other satisfying sexual activity.

  12. It is entirely possible to be turned on by something you would never act on. It's part of that whole critical thinking people are constantly forgetting to do.

  13. I agree. This should probably be reported to someone who can provide him professional help, or arrest him for having illegal pictures on his computer.

  14. I feel like if the smell is going to put you off, you're not super committed to the fantasy of having sex with a dead body. Anyway, sounds like the one time that snooping on someone was the best decision they've ever made. Run far away and don't stop running.

  15. This is more likely porn addiction. In ANY addiction you will search for stronger stuff, it works exactly like any drug. There's a line between extreme fetishism and doing it for real, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to draw a line

  16. One of my best friends from school is currently in prison for possession of child pornography, and that is honestly how he described how he got into it. Unfortunately he was also heavily abusing drugs, particularly meth, and that just intensified that need for stronger and stronger things. He never actually acted on it (that I know of or that he was charged with), but even just the description of some of the tens of thousands of images and videos he had was appalling.

  17. For what crime? Police aren't allowed to do anything about someone being creepy without breaking laws in the privacy of their house.

  18. I had an ex in high school who I think was into this. He made me watch some footage of a cartel beheading, and then in the silence afterwards, said, "can I tell you something in confidence? The hottest scenario I can think of, is, I think it would be hot as hell to be fucking a girl, right, and then--CONSENTUALLY, you know--just slit her throat and cum as she bleeds out. But CONSENTUALLY."

  19. Leave and report him to the police. He needs to be locked up before he does hurt someone. And this is not "oddly" terrifying. This is appropriately terrifying.

  20. The only thing I notice is it doesn't say ex boyfriend. If there's ever been a reason for breakup imo it would be "I'm afraid he's going to kill me for pleasure."

  21. It's an odd reaction to exposing a serial killer... to be outraged and disgusted at their behaviour. It's probably the only reason she's not victim no.7.

  22. I remember a couple years ago they had a subreddit dot such a thing and hearing it got banned was all over for a little of time

  23. Uhm… maybe contact the FBI. Dude needs serious help. Unless u don’t mind being the fleshlight some day. And Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink… could be a real headache.

  24. Um...I would RUN!!! This is not a stable person or someone who is able to be reasoned with. His attractions are bizarre and extreme and you would do good to put as much distance from him as you can and never look back.

  25. If you still have access to the post, please advice her to leave him immediately and call the police so they put him under surveillance.

  26. There should be a way to report this to authorities and put him on a watch list. Sounds like a fucking creep. Ditch him and run. Hell file a fucking restraining order

  27. To be fair- and I'm in no way suggesting this is what's going on- plenty of people, me included, have plenty of fetishes that are either impossible in real life or I would never put myself in that situation in real life. If he's a nice guy otherwise, it might be a good idea to get into a safe situation and talk to him about it (like, literally people you trust in the next room on neutral ground). The psychology of fetishes is complex and nuanced and deeply personal, and sometimes its about meeting some inner need or desire. But yeah, sometimes its about a compulsion towards violence.

  28. In my opinion, nobody who fantasizes about raping and killing women is a "nice guy". I don't care if you never act on it. The fact that this excites you instead of sickens you proves you are a bad person.

  29.  "The only motive that there ever was was to completely control a person; a person I found physically attractive. And keep them with me as long as possible, even if it meant just keeping a part of them." - Jeffery Dahmer 🔪🔪🔪🔪 high pitched violin dissonant chords.

  30. Then the dude says “I would never actually do something like this so it shouldn’t matter.” Or “it’s a way to cope”as if that makes it ok to jack off to dead people…

  31. It’s worse he hid it. I know someone similar but they know it’s wrong and they never wanna act on it and they told me about it. I’m so sorry you found out that way.

  32. If he doesn't behave violently or causing any sort of damage and he genuinely loves you and people that are close to him, then I don't think you need to worry. There are more twisted fetishes than, let's be real, necrophilia. But if he does go overboard with let's say, thinking about it and sharing it with others, then he might need some sort of medical attention.

  33. Now is the time to report him to the police! And just to make sure, tell them he might come after you and do this!

  34. The cops wouldnt be able to do anything since it isnt illegal to search up gore. She could probably get a restraining order but those are irrelevant when it comes to dealing with violent people.

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