These people live in your neighborhood

  1. The headlights are actually hard. I thought ramming it would have cracked it open, but seems like both head and headlight are strong and didn't crack open. I'm surprised

  2. Just saw a post earlier where someone and his grandpa witnessed an antler ram his head into a rock untill his brain started to splatter, then apparently licked some of that brain juice till he stood up, walked to a nearby river and died. Either the redditor trippin or its a deer with CWD. Eitherway this reminded me of that

  3. I see this shit in Lansing michigan every fuckin day lmao Had some dude the other day jump on my car while I was getting gas and scream crush their SKULLS and then take off.

  4. As someone living in L.A., which has the highest homeless population in the nation, I concluded wrong. Meaning, I thought I'd seen every crazy, psychotic dance move, crack attack, & bizarre act, so nothing would shock me.

  5. The sad facts are many less fortunate folk are used as Guinea pigs by being paid to try experimental drugs. This is just one of many I believe. Some turned into cannibals….. but They won’t tell you about that 🤨

  6. Maybe meth? Watched a tweeker beat the crap out of his truck just using fists and feet before finding a tree branch and swinging it lazily at the side of my apartment while his body was slack.

  7. I wanted to see what happened after he got up... Ram something else? Keep running? Or fall over from the severe head trama...

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