Don’t know the name of this animal nor do I want to know …

  1. Fun fact about them their urine smells like canibus and several zoos have had the cops called for people "smoking weed near the animals"

  2. This is one of the coolest animals on the planet. What is wrong with some of y’all that everything is so terrifying?

  3. It is absolutely cool. But it totally just triggers primal discomfort and uncanny valley in me. Uncanny valley because it looks very close to animals I know, but those legs make it uncomfortably different.

  4. I saw a post on Simon cowell earlier just because he had saggy eyelids due to having Botox/fillers everywhere but there. ghost noises Honestly wtf? Haha

  5. yup the maned wolf is such a sighting- i mean the fact that they got to see one with their eyes is just amazing, i might never see one. That is such an amazing animal, also look up how their pee smells like...

  6. You should want to know. They are extremely endangered and rapidly declining in numbers. Humans and their amazing awesomeness are killing them off in mass numbers. Thankfully the Tsavo Game Reserve has been helping these amazing creatures fight back.

  7. I thought they were really rare to see them. Correct me if I'm wrong but, wasn't there a time we all thought they were extinct? Or am I thinking of a different k9 like animal?

  8. What?? This is not true at all, stop spreading disinformation. This animal is the maned wolf and they are endemic to South America, the tsavo reserve is in Kenya, a whole different CONTINENT, they don’t have the maned wolf in Africa. Also, the maned wolf is NOT a endangered species, but their natural habitat, the Cerrado, has been threatened by the expansion of agriculture (mainly soy), so it’s important to preserve this biome to make sure the Maned wolf doesn’t become endangered in the future. Lastly, no one is hunting this animal in Brazil, it’s illegal and we don’t really have a hunting culture. It would make no sense to kill this animal for no reason.

  9. Lol right? It’s just a furry animal. I don’t care for seeing animals or even insects here. They’re awesome and fascinating not terrifying.

  10. Sometimes I forget that not everyone skipped class to hide in the library and read the massive animal books with a heck ton of pics as a kid.

  11. Well I thought it was awesome looking since I've never seen one and the legs on it is so long or appears to be :-)

  12. Lobo guará. They're cool, they're just like big foxes but less asshole. I used to live in a place where those would show up all the time

  13. This sub has gone down hill so fast. I haven't seen an actually terrifying post on here since that standing goat video. This is a wolf. Don't ask me what kind, it's just a wolf. It's not terrifying. Not even a little bit. 😑

  14. LOL they eat mostly fruits and plants, with some small animals when they can get them. Pretty awesome species

  15. This sun has really dropped in quality. This isn’t even regular terrifying. Someone really said “oooo a big fox, how spoooooky” fuck outta here with that modern day Stephen King shit.

  16. They are maned wolf and as far as I've heard and seen, they're the nicest, most skittish predatory mammal ever! As far as i know they only eat small stuff, and also eat fruit!

  17. Its a really peacfull tipe of wolf. I dont know its name in english butbun czech its vlk hřivnatý. Its diet mainly cosists of fruits and small animals like rodents. And their piss smells like weed. I acualy work around them at a zoo where i have practical lessons.

  18. A maned wolf. I learned about them to very recently they tend to be very skiddish and can be found in Brazil.

  19. That is a maned wolf, and that kind of mentality is why the species is endangered. These beautiful animals shouldn't be shunned because some people dont like how they look. They are in a complete separate family than dogs and wolves, and are some of the coolest creatures in existence. T

  20. Good god... make it 1am and throw a night vision camera on that thing walking across the street the exact same way and let the nightmares roll in!

  21. Where I'm from wild boars roam around the sidewalks under the flats. Honestly a bigger threat than this heckin good doggo

  22. The best part about them is they smell like weed. once visited the zoo and thought somebody smoked a joint. nope that's just their natural smell,

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