Yes, please normalize this very specific subset of the population

  1. We've normalized bisexual introverted leftist former gifted children with depression who drinks ice-tea and sleeps till noon. I don't think society can handle this yet.

  2. I did not give anyone permission to describe my bisexual introverted leftist former gifted 18 yo child who has depression and lives on iced coffee and sleeps until noon. How do you dare??

  3. yeah being a gifted child fucks you up. i speak from experience. my only sense of identity as a kid was being smart since i was too socially anxious to make friends. and my fear of losing my only sense of self in school made me pretentious and scared to make mistakes or challenge myself. even now, i struggle with feeling like a failure if i don't make perfect grades which led to me dropping out. very hard to separate my identity from my grades even years later.

  4. Because being able to recall mathematical formulas and facts about the war of 1812 isn’t super helpful in project management jobs that depend on consistency and non-procrastination for success.

  5. It’s because they had so much anxiety always feeling pressured to perform in gifted and talented and STEM classes they dropped all the g&t and went for regular classes.

  6. im a former gifted kid cause i had undiagnosed ADHD and probably a bit of autism too, and in middle school i would read books all the time as escapism and because they were one of the few things that held my focus, so i got a good vocabulary because of all the reading i was doing and could read tougher books, and got put into the gifted and talented program, and then my parents raised their expectations on me for the rest of my life and i had to hear tons and tons of lectures about "you're such a smart kid, you would be getting A's in every class if you would just put in the work" while i was getting burnt out because executive dysfunction was making my life miserable and i couldnt figure out what was wrong with me and i got depressed and suicidal for most of high school until i finally realized it was ADHD and not just me being a failure

  7. I thought it was also because Gifted kids also tend to be neurodivergent and then “crash” into adulthood, and not all of them new it was because they were neurodivergent.

  8. Everyone on Reddit is a former gifted child who was too smart for their own good, got to high school/university and faced a shock when they couldn’t just breeze through like they used to do and now have to get accustomed to not being the smartest in the room

  9. we’re former gifted kids because the 90s had a huge surge of parents telling their children they’re super smart and special. we now know that this isn’t good for kids developmentally and you should praise them for their actions and their effort, but they thought they were doing us a favor back then. and there’s a fetishization in our culture (that’s still around) of like, the mad genius, the idiot savant. if you actually did have a fairly iq but then also were a weirdo or seemingly neurodivergent in some way, you had authority figures constantly telling you that you’re inherently brilliant, which studies have shown is really not great for future mental health. on some subconscious level, these kids start to believe life is about innate attributes; you’re praised for how effortlessly things come to you, and life starts to feel like you don’t actually have any agency over anything, you just have to keep proving to everyone that you were born brilliant because that’s what you come to associate with validation and worth. & it’s easy, when you get older, to fall to the outskirts society, become an addict or some sort of idk broke bohemian because people often mold towards whatever’s expected of them. they never saw themselves as like making a comfortable 70k at a 9-5 selling insurance but they also didn’t make it as a rocket scientist so now they just do drugs and rant to everyone about david foster wallace.

  10. I would feel personally called out. Except i only drink frappe style coffee, not iced coffee, like a fucking pleb.

  11. I can confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that there's at least one of em in this comment section, won't be saying names beyond it starting with a B

  12. I’m not sure what to put in your open mouth, because this post describes so many mouth-based pleasures that you enjoy.

  13. This subreddit is such dogshit. If it isn't stuff that is just very clearly not 'oddly specific', it's weird, hateful shit like this. I've literally seen this exact same post half a dozen times this past week or so.

  14. Normalize? I’m pretty sure this is like 80% of the social media content that my millennial counterparts churn out.

  15. What a bunch of little children. Get on the heaviest dose Ritalin that you can't be described and yet still be able to sleep up to 18 hours a day or sometimes it's just a whole 24 hours if you don't have any responsibility. Oh and be over 35.

  16. It would be better to clarify noon in which time zone because this description is too general for my liking.

  17. As a self diagnosed dreamsexual drepressed adhd dyslexic drug addict emo goth man-woman alcoholic at 12 years old who sleeps until 1:30:327.5 pm leftist and drinks lukewarm tea I feel extremely excluded.

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