Her water preferences are oddly specific

  1. Absolutely OCD, maybe a little paranoia mixed in but the meme doesn't talk enough about WHY she won't drink tap, or drink from a bottle, drink warm water, or why she's refuse to drink to the point she is hospitalized. That might go beyond your run of the mill OCD.

  2. Speaking from experience this sounds a lot like OCD. There was a point in my life where I was really caught up in a compulsive ritual where I’d refuse to eat any fruit or fruit related projects. Luckily I was able to get over it with therapy but my health definitely took a toll.

  3. I’m on the opposite end of this problem where I’ll do something relatively normal(like have a pet peeve about people not washing a whipped cream nozzle after use bc it gets all dry and crusty if you just leave it there) and someone will call it OCD and I’ll go “wait what how” and then I’ll look at posts like this and just

  4. So, I actually have some real input on this. Growing up (elementary school age) I grew up in a house that the landlord basically abandoned and the tap water came out brown. I'm 22 now and I still have to basically force feed myself water. It can't be tap at all and if there's a slightly off taste to it I won't drink it.

  5. The need to drink extremely cold water is a symptom of diabetes insipidus. Usually the result of lithium therapy for bipolar patients

  6. Well, depending on WHY she feels the overwhelming need to do this specifically, might be a lot of things... If it's a compulsion to stop an obsessive thought (must do this or world will burn) - it's likely OCD. Although in OCD the compulsions are most commonly very simple. They also have nothing to do with the obsessive thoughts thematically and are egodystonic, meaning the person DOES understand the meaninglessness of it all. If she's "avoiding alien trackers" or some other bizzare reason, might be delusional disorder or schizo, depending on other symptoms. If the emphasis is on getting others to do a very specific thing for her, it might be a personality disorder, like histrionic pd. Obsessive-compulsive PERSONALITY disorder - which is distinct from OCD - is also not off the table. Yeah, a lotta variables depending on her reasoning for all this.

  7. Most people with OCD can tell that their compulsions are probably meaningless, but not all, and the degree of insight runs the gamut. You can check the DSM for confirmation.

  8. Maybe she’s craving alkaline water due to having acidic pH and craving ice cold due to lack of calcium, maybe it’s a pica

  9. It’s called a 15th century European royal being run over by a horse drawn carriage and being isekaied to the modern day where she’s a random middle aged woman but she still feels like she should be special

  10. My friend’s mom had this weird ass water aversion issue. She eventually died of kidney failure in her 70’s.🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. you spelled severe mental illness incorrectly: "She has been hospitalized 15 times for severe mental illness." You get hospitalized for dehydration when you are rescued from your stalled car in death valley.

  12. Not nessisarily. I lay in hospital although not overnight, getting infusions for dehydration, caused by just mild stomach bug and summer heat. Dehydration is dehydration and can be serious no matter how silly the cause might be. Also dehydration is a common cause for old people to get into emergency, just bc they don't drink enough.

  13. I'm used to it cuz it's what I always drink since I was born. And I'm used to it to the point where for me, pure mineral water tastes funny for me.

  14. That VERY much depends on your location. In most of western Europe its fine, even pretty nice in some areas. Not a fan of Florida as it has a sour flavour to me but even the bottled that a similar flavour there. Japan the tap water tastes super minerally and unpleasant but the bottled is fine

  15. God this sounds like me. I can't drink water from the tap... It has a taste. I can drink any kind of filtered water, if it's room temperature on a warm day I can't, if it's too cold, I can't. I have dehydrated myself on several occasions. I have stickers all over my house saying "drink your water" I have a filtered water dispenser, I have a million kinds of water bottles, and it's still an issue. I am add, and I've always suspected a little ocd. This is not the only example of that.

  16. Kinda understand his mom tho lol. Aside from the glass preference and all I much prefer distilled water. I live in the Philippines. And the water has some chemicals mixed in so never gonna drink it.

  17. False. Most people with actual learning disorders as well as Autism, Down’s Syndrome, etc, still know enough to drink water so that they don’t die. Whatever this woman is, it’s not that. And please don’t use that phrase as an insult.

  18. OCD maybe. Not Social media “I’m so OCD ha ha” ODC, but real OCD. Probably not but something similar. Maybe just raging narcissism.

  19. I’m no doctor but it sure sounds like Menopause to me. Either that or she’s psychically linked to her dead twin who’s now a queen of hell.

  20. Sounds like your mum is a cunt, okay if you have crazy desires on the verge of insanity, but expecting someone else to do ot for you? Yeah, just die then

  21. To be fair, Ice cold alkaline water does taste like you just drank water from the water gods titty. That shit is fucking fantastic. But this OP example is fucking extreme.

  22. OCD and ARFID. I don't drink water unless I'm really sick, it's not logical, there's no reason to it other than that annoying OCD feeling of "BAD THING". When I'm less anxious and stressed, it gets easier.

  23. Sounds like my mom. She refused to drink coffee unless it was someone else preparing it for her. Gotta love waking up on a saturday to a barking piece of shit demanding I prepare her coffee because god forbid she actually makes it herself.

  24. I would never, ever drink from the faucet. I live in WV and like ten years ago we had a huge chemical spill in our water and no one could use the water for about a month. That happened when I was a kid so it kind of just stuck with me over the years.

  25. I just got raging mad reading the full description. I’m sorry you have to deal w it - mental disorders are a bear to live with.

  26. Distilled water no longer contains any natural salts or minerals, so yeah, if that's all you drink, you'll definitely be more prone to dehydration.

  27. This disorder is being fucking stupid. It can only be cured by a hammer. You hit her every time she’s stupid. This also works for Karen’s, Kevin’s, police, annoying relatives and turtles throwing bombs at you.

  28. Pretty sure Code but you all take it literally 😂 😂😂. So funny you take some weird random post at face value coming from them/it/we! 🤦‍♀️

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