1. It’s okay. In Canada it’s the same and the dispensaries are all owned by the guy in high school who sold the weed and is now just incredibly excited to talk weed and educate everyone who walks through the door. They’re all the nicest sales people you’ll ever meet. No confusion at all. They’ll be like “what kind of high you looking for and what kind of candy do you like?” And then they’ll give you exactly what you never knew you needed. 10/10 experience at the weed store.

  2. They're used to confused customers. They'll ask what you're looking for and it's okay to answer "uh, no idea". They'll hear that every day and they keep the conversation going without being pushy or overbearing. At least the popular shops have decent sales people and a good atmosphere.

  3. Hahaha well, get it from a coffeeshop next time and not from the third class drugdealer in the alley

  4. Buying unregulated edibles here in Canada is the same way, which is pretty much all edibles since the government doesn't readily have them available to buy (and when they do they're weak as piss and expensive as fuck). So we mostly go to unregulated stores, and you'd be lucky if the guy/girl selling it to ya even knew where it came from, lol.

  5. It’s surprisingly easy to do so. I use the instapot/pressure cooker method these days as it does decarb & infusion in the same machine & doesn’t smell at all. The butter machines they’re selling now are the same but I already had the cooker so…

  6. Dispensaries in the US are so sterile that they actively make me uncomfortable. The guy at the counter was asking me tons of questions about type, strength, format, etc. I got to the point where I was like "dude, I just want to get fucked up, give me whatever and I'll trust you". I miss the days where smoking pot meant that some older guy your brother knew would show up with a bag of yard clippings that you'd all smoke from a dirty joint and then you'd wake up a few hours later and eat old pizza. Bring that back.

  7. There's a couple dispensaries in my home town, two of them make me extremely uncomfortable because the people are so judgy like it's your job to sell me weed don't judge me for wanting to get fucked up. The other one though is a delight. All the workers know me by name at this point and they ask me for my recommendation on shit. Instead of trying to talk to me about terpentines and what not. Like I've been smoking for 12 years now kiddo I know what I'm looking for

  8. I moved from the Netherlands to the US, and the dispensaries make me sad. The coffeeshops I would go to back home had this super friendly people, baked af, and would just grab some nugs from their trays and dunk in this plastic, thc stained container to weigh it and then pour it in a baggie, and that's that. Smoker lounge, dive bar feel, and usually some reggae playing.

  9. I had a space cake from the original bulldog and ate the full lot in one bite.. Next thing I know I sat in a chair looking like Stephen hawking's

  10. Remind me of this trip to Amsterdam to see a concert with friends. One of my friend being an early bird, went for a morning walk, he then decided to buy us breakfast and "space cakes", came back to the room and dropped everything on the table before going to buy some souvenirs for his family and we were suppose to meet up later during the afternoon.

  11. Protabs prescription strength. They’re expensive, but one of those had me on my ass for a solid 13 hours. Like I passed out and woke up 10 hours later still too high to walk. They’re 100mg per pill and I said “fuck it, let’s try it.”

  12. Before it was regulated in California there was a company who sold a 1000mg edible. My friend was high for two days.

  13. Most wrecked I’ve ever been was a muffin a co-worker baked. She was all, “Eat it all in one go, it’s no big deal.” My ass it wasn’t a big deal. Outer space all afternoon.

  14. My uncle and his husband went to Amsterdam in the 80s, and got so high at one of the coffee shops, that they left their bag with passports/eurail pass,etc.. employees had it waiting when they showed back up hours later.

  15. I remember taking edibles in Amsterdam asking the guy behind the counter how much would be the recommend intake to consume. He just casually said to go ahead and eat the whole thing. That was 10g of shrooms.

  16. the difference between legalization and regulation cannabis is an illegal drug in the Netherlands but sale and consumption by and to Dutch people is permitted in licenced coffee shops. I don’t get it either.

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