A planthopper nymph that looks and acts like popcorn

  1. Young planthoppers can jump about three feet (a meter) in a single bound. They employ gear wheels—complete with teeth that interlock with grooves—to coordinate their hind legs during high-speed jumps, ejecting themselves into the air at about ten feet (three meters) per second.

  2. I imagine a future where humans are exploring the galaxy, and we land on an alien planet and send home video of some bizarre looking creature. At first, everyone is amazed but then some biologist is like, actually we have bugs that look like popcorn on Earth, too.

  3. Unless you’re a Killer Klown from Outer space, I don’t know of any popcorn that walks around like that

  4. Haha, I love it. I've never seen a popcorn act like this, so now I know they are afraid of me and probably play dead when I'm around ;)

  5. Great, now I'll have an eternal existential dread of eating one of these while enjoying a bowl of popcorn.

  6. Curious to understand why evolution chose this design - feels like a bird would be quick to snag this lil guy off the ground mistaking it for popcorn / a seed?

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