This dog's meal.

  1. Our last dog lived to 19 years old and was the oldest dog in the county when he died. My vet asked me what we fed him I surprised him with “whatever was on sale”! It’s the truth and there is something to be said about dogs eating a wide variety of foods just like people.

  2. A lot of people get friendly with local butcher shops, hunters, and farmers to get food at a discount when it comes to feeding raw

  3. Nah I switched my dog to raw beef diet (at trainer suggestion) and she immediately shat diamonds, ultra compressed solid shits like a coyote. Unfortunately she also broke out in hives eventually so we went back to kibble. Also also she refused to eat fruit and veggies so I couldn't balance her diet

  4. Ya mine would liquid shit at 3 am while we slept, know he did a “bad thing”, try to eat the evidence and then puke that up. On the couch. Because, dogs.

  5. I'd also like to point our that this guy likely left all the bones inside the fish and bird. I doubt bones are good for dogs.

  6. Lmao my my mutt mix ran the streets as a Houdini dog that could get out of ANY restraint even as I was watching him as a kid...and come back two weeks later reeking of garbage, skinny, exhausted...he lived to be 18 years old

  7. True, however it can be classified as cacti because the seeds of a dragon fruit grows a cactus and dragonfruit is the fruit of a type of cactus

  8. I’m curious what is satisfying about this and why it’s on this subreddit? It isn’t to me at all but I’m genuinely curious why someone else would think it is.

  9. I'm with you there. This is not something that I would consider oddly satisfying to a general degree.

  10. If you think that’s excessive, wait until the dog spends the entire evening farting every three minutes and proceeds to spread liquid shit all over the living room in the middle of the night.

  11. Raw is fine. Cooked is the problem, because they splinter. If they're raw, they just sort of...grind into meal during chewing? (This is told to me by my vet. It's possible she was wrong, so do your own research, but that is what she told me.)

  12. Depends on location. A lot of the animal processing plants here practically give hearts/livers/kidneys away since no one local buys them and shipping would cost too much. I can buy a beef heart for $5 and it’ll make a massive pot of chili (after trimming and throwing it in the blender) that’s lasts a couple meals and it’s delicious. I can only imagine how many meals it would be for a dog

  13. I hate this. Sorry for being needlessly negative, but I have to say that for me this is the opposite of satisfying. Not only stupidly wasteful and overdone, but the sound of the dog eating and licking the bowl was also gross.

  14. I’m surprised that the dog actually eats it. I ever accidentally dropped a sushi on the floor and my cats were hardly even attracted to it. And i’m living in Japan.

  15. I’m guessing this person lives somewhere where the dog can freely shit outside/in the large yard/ in the woods/etc and they aren’t picking up liquid mush off the city sidewalk while 50 people walk by

  16. Doggo’s sense of smell and taste being how many times keener than humans means he/she’d know every one of those flavours as they’re going in and be able to appreciate the finer nuances of them all.

  17. And now I’m cleaning up a shit streak down the hallway to the couch and back to his kennel. I find him, he looks down and away with pure embarrassment saying, WTF did you feed me.

  18. There is a website that does a meal delivery service for dogs that I have seen. It’s like the farmers dog or something. It was like 6 dollars a day.

  19. Each week I boil 2 chicken breasts, shred them up, add basil and dill and then add whatever veggies I have a shit load of (usually carrots, celery, beets) after they've been steamed. Mix in with dry kibble each meal. My dog has turned into much less of an asshole on this new diet.

  20. Will be a vet soon. As far as I know, the answer is no. Some people swear by raw diets like this one, but all the evidence is anecdotal at best. Most studies I've seen haven't been able to make a definitive conclusion as to what is better.

  21. My husky is far too fussy to eat half of this. I literally go without stuff sometimes in favour of spoiling him rotten with the best ingredients - some meats I've never even tried myself, and if he feels like it, he turns his nose up. The nerve honestly!

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