A chessboard from scratch.

  1. Evan & Katelyn (YouTube DIY channel) do that and I love it. When I have the opportunity to have power tools, I'm also gonna do this. It's too cute not to.

  2. There's an interesting phenomenon associated with this, if you get your hand caught in the machines, little black diagonal lines appear above the googly eyes.

  3. Can you imagine watching them jiggle slightly as the machine shakes from your futile efforts to pull your hand free as it inexorably chews up your trapped arm?

  4. Googly eyes are the most underrated essential item that everyone should have. For $11 you can get like 2000 self adhesive googly eyes and the amount of joy I have gotten out of that amount of money is insane. I keep a bag in my purse and put them everywhere. Some framed stock photo of a woman in a grocery store bathroom? You bet your ass I’m googly eyeing her. They’re the perfect crime when it comes to vandalism because they’re so easy to remove and the opportunities to use them are endless.

  5. 10k in tools sounds about right. maybe 13. but he could just be out there hustling garage sales, i seen some people get some absolute steals thrifting and garage sale shopping. and i wish i had the willpower to do that personally. 😂

  6. My brother made a custom chess board for my dad out of hand cut marble floor tile. He joked that by the time he was done, he could have bought a much nicer chess board for a quarter of the cost, and none of the effort.

  7. I prefer if the border is not the same as one of the square colors. The matching corners seem to wash out.

  8. So satisfying to see one of these videos where they're actually taking safety precautions and not looking like they're always about to slice their fingers off 😅

  9. Pretty sure that’s their domino joiner, something you absolutely can rely on considering they’re floating tenons. 1000 bucks is still crazy tho, that’s festool for ya

  10. I read “making a cheeseboard from scratch” and was all about it, but then getting confused about half way in.

  11. You’d be surprised at how strong these glued joints are. I think the good thing about wood is that it naturally has a rough porous surface which makes the glue really cling on and seep through the surface. I think we were using Elmer’s wood glue in our wood shop class which didn’t really seem much different from normal Elmer’s glue.

  12. Love purple heart. You can play with the purple coloration quite a bit as it starts brown when freshly cut and moves into the purple with oxidation and UV exposure.

  13. I had a friend in HS that was making a chessboard. In our HS woodshop we had a room where we put our glued stuff to cure. People would end up bumping your project while trying to get to their stuff. My friend's chessboard ended up getting really messed up. He tried running it through the planner afterwards. The planner end up breaking off a few rows and then shot the whole thing back into his gut as a kickback. I never knew it was possible to get a kickback on a planner till I saw it happen.

  14. I read the title wrong and was like nearly through thinking, “I don’t get it, what does this have to do with cheese?”

  15. I took a high school woodworking class and we made a chessboard and it was awesome! I didn’t realize how good I had it considering that wood and tools are pretty expensive.

  16. I originally read it as “cheeseboard” and kept thinking how much it was looking like a chessboard.

  17. Then no cook actually makes anything from scratch unless they raise/grow all the ingredients themselves, including the eggs and butter? 😃

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