This large ice sculpture

  1. Eh it is a snek in winter, probably go up and give it a good hug. It would be too lazy to do anything.

  2. To those unfamiliar with the inside joke here, those of us from Alaska say, "oh, you got bit by the ice snake, huh?" when people slip and fall on the ice.

  3. Yeah, I got rid of the "music" because not only was it obnoxious and irritating, it was obnoxiously loud too. Made me want to stick my head in a hydraulic press.

  4. That's what I was thinking. This is really cool, but I hope they flag it with something bright colored before they leave.

  5. How long did it take to make? Our time it took a minute but I strangely suspect it took a tad longer in real time. 🐍💗

  6. Most liquids get more dense when they freeze into their solid phase but water gets less dense leading frozen water to float on top of liquid water. If frozen water was more dense, lakes would freeze from the bottom up killing essentially all life in them every winter resulting in essentially lifeless, rotting lakes every spring, instead of underpinning the local food cycle.

  7. I don't understand how the shadows in the video aren't moving. This must have taken hours and hours but rhey never budge?

  8. To me, what's terrifying is not THIS sculpture. People are saying that they'd be terrified to see this IRL, but you'd quickly realize it wasn't real.

  9. My dumbass was like "Its an alligator!" then "oh my god, of course it's a large penis" then "ope not a trouser snake but a snake snake"

  10. I didn't see the title at first and legit thought he was excavating something for a second there, what a talented dude

  11. At first I thought he was unburying an ancient piece of sculpture! Since I’m pre-coffee, I didn’t realize he was sculpting it himself 😂

  12. I've heard of them! That's a snow snake. It'll slither up your ass and you'll freeze to death from the inside out.

  13. This is as satisfying as finding a small rock in the ground and finally managing to pull it out of the ground and it’s a huge rock

  14. My apologies. I shall now go back in time and post this with your preferred title. I now understand it's well known that people who make ice sculptures never do any kind of carving in their work. Thank you so much for your correction. I don't know what I'd do without you.

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