The way this guy plays the Speed of Light game

  1. There's a Kung Fu Panda game at the one near me that offered 1000 bonus tickets, and I got it on my first try. Way easier than what this appears to be.

  2. That's why you play it like 6 times in a row slow AF so you get the 50 point bonus every time you "beat" your score.

  3. Yeah, but he gets this 50 every time he plays and judging by this video, he probably spends all day on it.

  4. Just looked up that video to see what you were talking about and holy fuck that’s amazing! Plus the fact that the chimp only had to look at the numbers for a split second before memorizing them. Absolutely incredible.

  5. I was thinking this exactly while watching. Cult classic. I quote “did I break it” all the time. But no one knows what I’m referring to.

  6. I remember a while ago this person was bragging about how fast and accurately they could do one of these things. Turned out that he had worked there and memorized the patterns

  7. You can tell just from the way he's moving that he's remembering a pattern, not reacting to stumuli. I'm confused how anybody sees this and thinks he's just super fast.

  8. As a tall person who has played this game. He definitely has this memorized. You can't see the ones below you without actually tilting your head down to see the lower lights especially being that close.

  9. Enlisted in the military with the secret operation to pilot an alien technology that requires nine arms and one brain. Little does he know he’s competing against another nine year old child from China who is enlisted for the same reason. The American and Chinese governments are now in a arms race to control this technology, and the pressure is getting to him, increasingly isolating him from his family and his son with a disability.

  10. ah dave and busters. reminds me of the time when i was like 12 and there for a party with family and friends. i was at one of the giant claw machines and my friend jokingly said “push the magic button” and pointed at the coin release. so i pushed it and played, ended up getting two giant stuffed animals in one grab! 12 year old me and my friends minds were blown lol. then my mom made me give them away to other kids at the party because it was rude to not share. i’m almost 23 now and i still have not recovered from the damage.

  11. If it was random, it would be too hard. The customer base for these games play them because it looks impressive to people and it is hard but if you dedicate time to it you can get as good as that guy. Time that costs money.

  12. It's actually super fun. I think it only looks boring because he's stupid good at it. In reality it's completely hectic the whole time.

  13. I actually have talked to this guy before. He plays at Dave and Busters in Houston. He’s so good at it he actually has to slow down. He was telling me that the game checks to see how fast the buttons are hit and if they’re hit too quickly it won’t give you the greatest amount of points per hit. That’s why when you see a bunch of people playing the game they are never able to get a nice score.

  14. It’s crazy how smooth he stays while doing this. I’d be an absolutely spastic mess, and he’s over here looking like he’s doing Tai Chi and shit.

  15. There's a piano game at an arcade near my house and I always go in and get 116, I'm starting to think that's the highest you can get. Never seen a high score over 109 before I got there either.

  16. This game is half broken at the D&B near me so half the buttons don't turn the lights off so you end getting a reeeeeaaaly low score.

  17. Very impressive, I definitely have worse visual memory/reactions than him but even if I had the same I literally wouldn't be tall enough to do it quite like this XD

  18. Wait, he's clearing them in order of appearance? That's nuts. He must be bypassing his cortex ang going straight to monkey brain.

  19. If this game had existed at my D&B when I was a teenager, that would have been me. Instead I was the guy tearing it up on the dancing game (Pump It Up, not DDR).

  20. When I go to the arcade the buttons on this game are always cracked and broken from people hitting it too hard.

  21. Going to depend on wing span and peripheral vision. Bigger the wing span less movement of body faster to get to the edges. Vison important to see them pop on other side.

  22. Looks like an assignment algorithm. Assign a column a hand and each section a number and when you see a dot move to it via (hand) (number)

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