Why no Hitman 3 Hype?

  1. I don't know why it's been so quiet overall... I know my first reaction to the announcement after reading through it I was a bit worried about the two handed grenade throwing; it just seemed telling that the port is going to be a bit bumpy.

  2. This is a stealth game, believe me, you don't wanna 100% realistic thowing. Most of things you thow are not grenades, are things to knock out enemies. What they have done seems the optima solution for a VR stealth game.

  3. Aiming with the opposite hand actually sounds quite good to me, they may have a really good/ accurate throwing mechanic on their hands. Im pretty excited to try it out.

  4. You should add Alien: Isolation to your list of stealth shooters. It works quite well. Only major issue I have is with the camera im cutscenes.

  5. It’s gonna be another PC only game? Ugh. All the good ones require a 2000 dollar computer. Like I got an $800 gaming laptop from my brother and is STILL says it’s not good enough.

  6. That poor game has always been underrated and under hyped, I’m absolutely amped for Hitman VR and Hitman is a truly fantastic series

  7. Managing hype is the best way to never be let down by a game, and thus keep your chosen hobby a very fun and relaxing place.

  8. Cautiously optimistic. It has a chance to be incredible, but I've yet to see a flatscreen game come to VR that actually plays and looks good.

  9. Skyrim with all its display mods is amazing in VR. Probably the most fun of all the VR games I’ve bought and I’ve bought most of them including Alyx and Boneworks

  10. Since you’re asking: I found that in VR I do not enjoy realistic violence with human characters. For some reason, Robo Recall is ok with me but beyond that makes me want to put the headset down. So that’s why I’m not hyped for Hitman 3 VR.

  11. I have not played any of the hitman games, but the idea of playing a character that is a straight up murderer in VR doesn't have the best appeal to me. Is it just a murder simulator or is there more to it with a story and some type of justification for just going around killing people? Like are all the npc you need to take out horrible characters that deserve to die? I play plenty of violent games, but its usually ones where the character is trying to defend themselves and survive.

  12. I definitely have my eye on it and will watch some reviews/gameplay vids before I decide if I want to give it a try. I think many people are like this, as PCVR always comes with a bit of reservation in the "hype" department as you have to find out if it's done well AND if your system/setup will run it well. Mindless "hype" feels like it's more of a console gamer thing where people feed off each others excitement, unhindered by hardware or setup differences and it quickly leads to unfounded expectations.

  13. I own all three Hitman games so I'll definitely have a look. I think the environments will be cool to explore in VR.

  14. It would be cool if they told us what the system requirements are. Hopefully my rx 6600 can run this, even if it is on the lowest settings.

  15. I played it on psvr and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I’m hyped to play again coz finally I can see my reflection in the mirror !

  16. Well it a port of old game , well not new , and no quest port , so yea , not so good, we will see ok future how it playout but I think a lot of peoples just wait and see how it will work out

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